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For those who didn’t know, I used to, myself be a fairly political commentator, I intertwined it with media friendly topics, and even covered trending topics from time to time, but I was pretty political. I’m not gonna go into that much depth, mainly because I will likely save it for a special video, and I expect to be asked it for a Q&A, but there’s some stuff I stand by, some stuff not so much, ideas evolve, if you care about it you can DM me. If I was still political, I think today’s topic would definitely be of my interest, however, we are running with it on my new format, because I think it’s embedded in US-first culture enough to appeal to many of you.
So it’s a bit of old, bit of new. And anyway there’s an equally prominent reason that I’m doing this, because, probably to the surprise of some of you, I used to watch a lot of Angry Joe. I wasn’t crazy about the streams and so on, however, I’d always tune in to one of his more longform reviews, and even some of the film reviews, you know, the one with Other Joe and that bloke with the beard, yeah, you know. And also, as a person with OCD levels of pedanticism, I love lists, and in around 2014, at the turn of the year, Angry Joe would drop 3 or 4 big fat lists for me to dig my teeth into. Delish.
I really enjoy a lot of review channels, they definitely encourage critical thinking, and as someone who had always dreamed about being involved in the creative industry, it gave me ideas of things that I might or might not want to do if I ever followed those arrows. I haven’t yet, though there’s still time, and I’ve ended up here. What a place to be, anyhow, central to that was Angry Joe. He didn’t always provide his criticism in the most constructive way, but he never held back, I mean, it’s in the name. What else would I expect? I enjoyed his passion balanced with delivery of valid criticism, and he also made his name as a huge proponent of consumer values, which, in spite of my criticism of certain people in the past, I’m still a huge fan of people getting their value for money.
So he definitely played a fundamental part in my life. Another thing that I followed was his politics. It always appeared that he fell into the moderate but passionate left, while still being empathetic towards other views. It was a few weeks back, I was browsing the internet for the latest spice, and decided to see if there were any new Angry Joe videos. I don’t watch them on a particularly regular basis at this point, mainly because of my own commitments, University and US-first equally take up their fair share of time, and I’m still expected to be social to keep up appearances. However, I noticed that one of his most recent videos had a particularly poor like to dislike ratio, that being this cheeky bugger.
Now, at first, this didn’t surprise me hugely, he’d done other videos in the past that had been poorly received, particularly the ones where he just ranted impromptu at a camera, at the time I moved on, I was just looking for videos to watch. However, a few hours later I heard that it was something a bit more contentious, and then someone messaged me, and then videos came out. And so I was like okay, what is the spice then lads? Well to understand the spice, we have to go to the root, so let’s take a little trip.
This is Battlefield, I assume most of you know Battlefield, I sure know Battlefield, I personally played Call of Duty more than the franchise, but that was only because at the time, most of my mates played Call of Duty too. “Oooh The Right Opinion played it because his friends did”, shut up, I was 13 and had to manually decipher how socialising worked. I went through a period of copying and pasting highest rated insults off a website onto my Facebook page, they were dark days, alright? Alright…
So yeah, Battlefield, it’s a game, that people played, and gaming a few years ago, was in a sticky situation. You see, there’s this thing with Call of Duty too, where both games are released fairly regularly, annually for the CoD franchise, now whereas many games typically wait years to have sequels, if they have sequels at all, this idea of a game a year was properly ingrained into the culture. However, like with every progression, you need new ideas, and so there was a chronological movement, typically forward, and with these series we gradually, or quickly, moved into the future, and honestly, in many people’s opinions, it was a bit bad.
Not because there was anything bad about the idea, but for many people, the overwhelming amount of gadgets and flashy visuals seemed to replace player skill. It just became all a little silly. So Battlefield, noticing this, smartly decided to go back in time, to World War I, for Battlefield One, which, was given great praise by many critics, which, in spite of the slightly short single player campaign, was supplemented by an excellent multiplayer which had some pretty cool features...
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Sep 25, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH, GO CHECK THEM OUT: Freudian slip at 6:48, meant Battlefront 2, did correct it on screen but got blended in partly with the background. Firstly, really sorry for this being late, I had the hurricane, which I wasn’t too affected by, but my head editor (who was also meant to edit a part) was called out to the National Guard, bless him, but at the end of the day, a video’s a video. Just like to say that although there is footage, I’m not directly implying anyone unless vocally mentioned. I might be saving some direct implications for a future video ;). Also, you will see a spelling mistake if you pay close enough attention. Do not fear, the editor responsible has been sentenced to 40 lashings. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS ! - LegendaryAlex: twitter.com/LegendaryAlex4 - Lucas: soundcloud.com/yungveritas - ColeoIsCooleo: us-first.info - Blunderly: us-first.info/more/vGNl_iR19qLadAEIOouFAw - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Discord of person who assisted scripting: discord.gg/m6BYCd - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade, Charmed Skull, Colin Hart, Taylor Leibel, Hunter Antonelli, James Bryan, ColossalKiwi - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr References - Part 1 - Alex Angry Joe Video in reference: us-first.info/player/video/nJl-q6OGiHasaHk.html Battlefield 1 Trailer: us-first.info/player/video/mZyjhYt4Yoihq4E.html Battlefield V Trailer: us-first.info/player/video/nMdmgIlqZY14g5M.html References Part 2 - Lucar Good article on Loot Boxes: www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/04/17/ea-now-seems-legitimately-terrified-of-loot-boxes-after-battlefront-2/#f553ec5648e5 Angry Joe videos on Loot Crates: us-first.info/player/video/pMppdqWrfoxrg2Q.html us-first.info/player/video/fZaArHBff6SJrZ8.html us-first.info/player/video/mNKonoaclZh3f2A.html Video with corporate commander in: us-first.info/player/video/ipxtdoFjfYeGpJs.html Anger vs Disappointment Study: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022103109000912 References Part 3 - Coleo Angry Joe Video in reference: us-first.info/player/video/nJl-q6OGiHasaHk.html Battlefield 1 Trailer: us-first.info/player/video/mZyjhYt4Yoihq4E.html Battlefield V Trailer: us-first.info/player/video/nMdmgIlqZY14g5M.html References Part 4 - Blunderly Angry Joe Response Video: us-first.info/player/video/hZWud3lmqIKXbHk.html Soderlund article: www.theverge.com/2018/6/12/17453728/ea-women-in-battlefield-v-backlash-response
darrell salyers
darrell salyers 4 months ago
zelda and chill
Shadowryuu Year ago
No link to the Rags video you showed at 12:25?
Comrade - Not a Commie - JenJen
Will you be doing a 250k Q&A ?? One of my top five channels, I'm always fascinated with your analyses!!
Hey Paulman
Hey Paulman Year ago
do you actually GET to your opinion on the matter? or just talk forever?
InternetMan InternetMan
Remember when you were only 50k?
Audrey Belrose
Audrey Belrose 10 days ago
the lead woman is not the problem, never was, its the blant fake virtue signaling
The Average American
hundreds of millions of men died in that war (on all sides even if some women did, the amount of men is astonishing) so it just seems wrong to throw in a woman...maybe my opinion is stupid I dunno
Shaded Gamer
Shaded Gamer 28 days ago
from angry joe, to depressed shill
Nick Month ago
I never had a bad opinion of AngryJoe until he started calling people who disagree with him racist.
Toberumono Month ago
Honestly, the idea that it was, “we don’t want girls in our game” being a commonly-made argument came a bit out of left field for me (obviously, some people would make it, but not a significant number, I would hope). Having said that, the argument that I heard most often was, (you = game company) “if you want to put women in your WW2 game, and you want to have your game be historically accurate, you have options. So why’d you put made-up women in your game? It looks like you’re trying to play the gender card, which is absolutely not okay.” Which seems pretty reasonable, especially when paired with examples of women that actually fought in the war.
Eccomi Month ago
I love the editors notes. True works of passion
matt baber
matt baber Month ago
I think a lot of these disagreements would be resolved by the introduction & normalization of advanced character creation
Sarutta A
Sarutta A Month ago
I love love _love_ the fact that you include screenshots of word definitions in your videos(whether due with sarcasm or not). I honestly don't know what some of these words you use even mean and I'm learning new vocabulary, amongst other things, from your content. So thank you so much for that.
ortegaUSMC Month ago
i dont like angry joe as soon as he started asking the people for more money like a rich beggar. but i paused your video at three fucking minutes becuz it doesnt make sense... you might be on joes pay role.
Marianne Shepherd
Marianne Shepherd 2 months ago
I'd love to see a WW2 video game based on the book Lonely Courage which tells the different stories of female spies in occupied France.
Winted Roted
Winted Roted 2 months ago
mac miller
Jet Klaatu
Jet Klaatu 2 months ago
Good well thought out video! Makes a change rather than have an opinion yelled at me like Angry Joe even if I agree with it (and in this case I don't. I think AJ was out of order).
Peachy Gloss
Peachy Gloss 2 months ago
Angry Joe Mama
Alexander Hood
Alexander Hood 2 months ago
It strange to called yourself a historian yet you fail to noticed something part of history that you will inevitable find that are lady doing awesome and exciting stuffs?
Alexander Hood
Alexander Hood 2 months ago
Isn’t there females throughout history doing awesome and exciting stuffs especially on both side of the war if you take one glance at history of world war 2 you will see plenty of lady during awesome and exciting stuffs during both good and bad stuffs risking their lives for the what they see as the greater good.
Spencer Ricker
Spencer Ricker 2 months ago
Once Joe started touching on movies my respect dipped down, he shows how poorly educated he is in that area and honestly that attitude he had has spread to his video game content.
Aristotle Simone
Aristotle Simone 2 months ago
sometimes i put my sisters hamster, Hambone, in a sock and then throw it in the freezer for her to find. Lol
Sweet&Sour 2 months ago
You're sick.
Derich NC
Derich NC 3 months ago
I never understood the controversy with thae game. It's a piece of historical fiction. It's allowed to have some artistic liberties. Gamers are so damn entitled. Which is sad to say considering I too am part of that community.
Kailah Butler
Kailah Butler 3 months ago
My cat was lying on my desk while I was watching this video, and when "Angry Joe" made the noise at 15:05, she jumped. Hee hee.
Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune 3 months ago
A large part of the problem people had with the Battlefield WW2 game, was with Battlefield 1, they went historically accurate... to a fault. There's one mission/scene where you play a member of the all black "Harlem Hellfighters" during a charge. You die... a lot. The point of it being that during WW1, death was just around the corner. When Battlefield V was then announced, people started noticing some inconsistencies with reality and history. You had vehicles that never saw combat showing up, people that couldn't have served in any position with certain militaries (not so much the female aspect, but the missing arm), in key positions; and then as if to add insult to injury, you have one key campaign that centers around the player destroying this key Norwegian plant. The story features a lot of death and tells the story of a mother and daughter, and ends with a submarine. Problem is, while it's based off a real action, in reality the commandos in question didn't kill a single person when they set out to blow up the plant. Later, they sank a ferry... not a Uboat, to stop the Nazis from getting an atomic bomb. Every step of the way, Battlefield V's developers thumbed their nose at history, and even went so far as to attack the people who were pointing out that they couldn't very well claim that the game was historically accurate, when they were doing things in it that were the furthest thing possible from being accurate. Michael Bay movies are more historically accurate than Battlefield V.
Victoria 3 months ago
my vocab is expanding rapidly
Solid Coal
Solid Coal 3 months ago
What I think in the whole woman in games is that they can be added but you have to add them with reason, lore and creativity and this goes the same with men but because men usually get represented in everything of course your gonna see a lot of them. horizon zero dawn does this perfectly it’s not just a thrown together character it’s a person that has a reason to be there and if more games were like this we would love them more.
Cj V3NOM 9 days ago
But that argument falls short too needing a reason to having a female character
MforMovesets 3 months ago
Not enough of a target to be wiped off the internet though. :/ So he will keep being dumb and loud with a high follower number. When will he be president?
The Northlander
The Northlander 3 months ago
So in the end Joe didn't really do anything wrong but accidentally played into the hands of his haters.
Skysky Nomnom
Skysky Nomnom 3 months ago
My grandmother was an aviation cadet in wwii. Women served. I mean, hardly any, but there were a few.
Warlord1981NL 4 months ago
Joe is definitely a shill. Not for company conduct but for SJW nonsense.
Dod o
Dod o 6 days ago
He’s just a battlefield fanboy, he called out cod ww2 for its redicolously inaccurate online , but said it wasn’t a big deal with BFV
J O 4 months ago
Could you give an example of SJW nonsense? Or is it just whatever you dont like?
RubyKDC 4 months ago
MrBrucelee117 4 months ago
Joe is a huge narcissist. Surrounds himself with weak, submissive friends he can dominate and manipulate. He reacts extremely passive aggressively to any criticism. Everything is a competition to him and Joe can’t stand his friends having different opinions. It makes him mad and they all walk on eggshells around him. Other Joe is the biggest submissive little minion to someone I’ve ever seen. He’s like AJ’s little slave who gets degraded by being told to dress in women’s clothes and dance embarrassingly.
Aaron Hackett
Aaron Hackett 4 months ago
What we really needed was a Battlefield set in The Spanish Civil War
Dod o
Dod o 6 days ago
Not a bad idea at all. I liked BFVs original idea, of going through each and every major theatre and front
Aaron Hackett
Aaron Hackett 4 months ago
Battlefield 1: *unfinished expiremental weapons all over the front lines* Gamers sleep Battlefield 2: *wobman* REAL GAMER SHT
Soham Chatterjee
Soham Chatterjee 4 months ago
Joe,in short,is gullible as fuck but will try to act like a strong boy....
Logan Braveheart
Logan Braveheart 4 months ago
joe is also a simp
Simon Marshall
Simon Marshall 4 months ago
From what I could tell about the Battlefield 2 backlash, a lot of the anger was purely from a historical standpoint. And I do think there WAS some sexism in there, because women did exist in the wars and you can still push the boundary to involve female characters, but mostly it was the female amputee in combination with the pure ridiculousness of the rest of the scenario and a lot of people just disproportionately focused on the female character.
X N'Triq N'Titty
X N'Triq N'Titty 4 months ago
This was terrible, I could not sit through it, I usually like your videos, but 90% of this was about childish bullsh and nothing to do with the targeting of Joe. absolute waste of time!
the beast
the beast 5 months ago
Yeah I dont know what this dudes Point is but yeah not all his reviews are the best but he is very good with games and some movies
Alkerae 5 months ago
This topic always makes me feel a bit uneasy, but I don't actually think either side is in the right... like, at all. On the one hand, you have a one armed badass with blue makeup in a hero position acting like this is final fantasy or something, and on the other hand you have "historical accuracy" as a lame excuse because for some reason everyone believes that women never did anything in the past... and I just kind of hate both of them, and I cannot personally justify why I thought the trailers looked like pandering bullshit, just that they did. Maybe they checked all the wrong boxes but I honestly don't think anybody was able to put how it made them feel into words.
Dod o
Dod o 6 days ago
Historical accuracy is an incredibly valid argument, for a campaign, for multiplayer not really
AngelDust: C-137
AngelDust: C-137 5 months ago
"why is this game not selling? it cant be that its exactly like every single one of the 5000 other historical war FPSs". i mean, how much variation can you get out of war FPSs, they all look the same just with better graphics as tech improves
Dod o
Dod o 6 days ago
You’ve clearly not played them then
Prussian Potato
Prussian Potato 5 months ago
Well I’m back a year later. EA fucked themselves with this game.
mikey 5 months ago
28:10 i had a heart attack at that bottom black lines. wasn't paying attention, thought my phone we broken. 😭
DoubleZeta04 Gundam
DoubleZeta04 Gundam 5 months ago
I need money so I'll talk incoherently for 15mins - get to the fucking point !!
Jrezky 5 months ago
If people are wanting historical accuracy, why the hell do they expect to get it from COD/Battlefield? This wasn't about historical accuracy, snowflakes just got mad that a videogame character didn't look like them (the irony) and chose the dumbest hill ever to die on because melodrama runs their sheltered lives. If they wanted historical accuracy, they wouldn't be looking to get it from COD/Battlefield because they would know how much other shit those two games did wrong aside from a single anachronism. Anyone interested in historical accuracy who plays COD/Battlefield has already decided to shut their brain off and just enjoy it as a fantasy. Judging by how many people got upset over the female in Battlefield, you would think war reenactment would be a nationally televised event 24/7. Everything is political. However, corporations exist to make money. They don't push an agenda unless that agenda means they make more money. Corporations follow trends. If a corporation wants to appeal to liberals, it's because they believe there are enough liberals that they can exploit for money. Corporations don't care if you're on the left or the right beyond how best they can advertise to you. Anyone who gets upset about that isn't fighting anything but capitalism. And now you're in my wheelhouse, comrades.
Q 5 months ago
It was a game made and marketed around being historically accurate. The campaign tells stories about the war and the multiplayer teaches you about what happened and what could have happened during that time. If it was just a game based around WW1 without the intent of being historically accurate, there wouldn't be a problem. But, they chose to make a game that was going to be historically accurate and then they added a cyborg female sniper in the frontlines. That's fine, in fact it sounds awesome, but don't put that in a game marketed around being historically accurate and then get mad when people call you on out on not being historically accurate.
CC 1987
CC 1987 5 months ago
They told people not to buy it. So people did what was asked of them. www.theverge.com/2018/6/12/17453728/ea-women-in-battlefield-v-backlash-response
Paul Stargasm
Paul Stargasm 6 months ago
Over 20 minute video and didn't address Joe's video until after halfway in. Thanks for wasting my time.
Lilithia Abendstern
Lilithia Abendstern 6 months ago
on the soviet side there were definitively women as soldiers in the military - maybe if they had decided to pick their side as pov in the game, at least than this would have had more historical justification - overall playing from the Russians point of view could have been an interesting concept all in itself maybe?
Hattie Sea
Hattie Sea 6 months ago
Honestly, I'd happily listen to him telling me why I'm wrong... With how awesome he is he could propably convince me anyway. I just love this dude
Christiana Shaw
Christiana Shaw 6 months ago
shrtlink.ca/17210vess0l0xxx ‘Love to answer all your questions, really would
Randy Kirkland
Randy Kirkland 6 months ago
Easy way to lose an audience ? Produce more video’s like this yawn
I know you are reading my username
Wait lmao, I nodded off at 6mn when I heard "without further ado, let's get into this". *OH.*
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
Playstation created tomb raider to attract guys into trying out the ps1....she was the most popular video game protagonist at one point...guess how many chicks had that game or console? I'll give u a hint this was late 90s early 2000s....my point is the sex of a protagonist doesn't mean anything. Feminist tried to make it mean something and the problem is that a lot of gamers let it mean something when it shouldn't of
Juli Fe Ka
Juli Fe Ka 6 months ago
i think the most lamentable thing there, is that if you wanted a female leader Y=OU COULD HAVE PICKED ONE out of a history book! there were a lot!! and awful lot! spyes, assasins, pilots....
BigKiy 6 months ago
It’s not the female character that destroyed it. It’s the narrative they pushed with it.
Con way Cruiser
Con way Cruiser 6 months ago
Omg it’s like you never get to the fucking point
one punch god
one punch god 6 months ago
Enjoy the Dislikes
Alana Banana
Alana Banana 6 months ago
I haven't been watching him since his review on Fable 2 years ago. I guess they could have added female spies and stuff to be more accurate? I don't know it just looks like a generic ww2 game to me. Bioshock was the first game that I enjoyed playing and I still love it but I also like 2 and Infinite because they are all different and Elizabeth is an interesting character to the series.
Sarah Dayle
Sarah Dayle 6 months ago
I love how US-first has become its own city such that it has citizens of its own that unless tour in the “city” you won’t know anything about. And these people have shaped this culture and such that there is now full channels of people dedicated to reporting on these dramas in the moment like news but also reporting on it after like you would a documentary or on a historical event. The msm is worried it can’t keep up with the youth but honestly I think that instead of reporting on US-first as an outsider, maybe they should do so as an insider. Like “US-firstr X made Y claims” and The article is a piece that covers the drama like it would any other person or celebrity or politician. Rather than acting like you tubers are one unit. Much like the pew news app was but as an actual thing that reports on more than one youtuber
Laughing Lizard
Laughing Lizard 6 months ago
Joe's argument is so dumb and he basically gave EA a pass. If Battlefront 2 had a Soviet female sniper, I would be interested in buying it. I love WW2 games about the Eastern Front.
RULE34DOGZ 6 months ago
battlefront 2 ??? you mean battlefield 5
Bigfloppy with a side of fries
capital g gamers are the most pathetic pieces of shit i've ever seen. they're even in these comments lol
Aphelion 6 months ago
"Without further a due, let's get into this..." *Laughs in AdBlock*
Eddie Dingle
Eddie Dingle 6 months ago
TRO on Sardonicast, when?
SuperT Man
SuperT Man 6 months ago
I for one desperately want that slow and depressing world war 2 game lol.
Marco Bering
Marco Bering 4 months ago
OG WWII Online was that game.
TacticalBBQSauce 7 months ago
Never had an issue with the female character myself, but I take issue with any character that has WW2 era prosthetic's running around like John Wick, that doesn't make any sense. Also it seemed like a bit of a cash grab/attention seeker
Count Piffting
Count Piffting 6 months ago
I don't think many people had issue with the historical inaccuracies, what they (and I) had an issue with was the conduct of people who were associated with the game, they had disrespected their audience and then told them that if they didn't like it then they shouldn't buy it.
Van Arts
Van Arts 7 months ago
the wrong opinion
Racine YoUtube
Racine YoUtube 7 months ago
Boop us-first.info/player/video/kLydpG6ddWp5nKM.html
dernwine 7 months ago
I'll be honest, I'm one of the people who didn't buy Battlefield V because of the female lead. And to be honest, it wasn't because "Battlefield V had a female lead oh no." but more it was a protest not buy because I see it as this large scale trend in media that I do not want to be a part of: The trend that they are trying to wash away and hide the geniuine inequality that existed in the past. To deny that inequality existed and to bombard us in everything we consume with the idea that the past was always rosy and everyone could be anything is to deny the geniuine struggles and sacrifices of the people who had to achieve that equality.
Manchesterz Finest
Manchesterz Finest 7 months ago
big up eight thoughts
Bob Longusbongus
Bob Longusbongus 8 months ago
Am I watching a video bashing angry Joe or a battlefield review?
Bob Longusbongus
Bob Longusbongus 8 months ago
Just get to the point, jesus
MarkaVar 8 months ago
outro song?
Kat Howard
Kat Howard 8 months ago
He looks like an angry, edgy hedgehog
Steve Skonberg
Steve Skonberg 8 months ago
You provided a lot of information...but very little about Angry Joe as your title suggests.
Blahblah 8 months ago
Angry Joe is and always was a dipshit who's nowhere near as intelligent as he thinks he is
Sir Daniel Fortesque
What the choir song one the "Preaching to the Choir" change over?
Giver Sinner
Giver Sinner 8 months ago
I generally like what you do, but in your videos you attempt to perform rhetorical criticism that I find comes across as very shallow. I think it's a unique and fruitful way to talk about youtube drama, such as talking about the drama in terms of discourse, conversation, language, the rhetor, audience, and etc.. But, you seem to struggle to say anything other than the blatantly obvious, and it's frustrating.
Michael Estelle
Michael Estelle 8 months ago
50k in this video and now you have 635k subs ? Nice job!
Dog Bro
Dog Bro 8 months ago
If you talk negatively about SJW or LGBTQ be prepared for the cult attacks that will follow. Both of those groups are cults and want you to think like them.
Charles Bean
Charles Bean 8 months ago
I'll be honest never watched Joe's video on BF and to be honest I'll only watch it if I want a laugh, want to see his opinion, or whatever. When BF came out with the trailer first thing that caught my attention wasn't just the woman. It was her fucking prosthetic. There were very little women in WW2 in combat roles, those that were however, were so damn dangerous they earned their spot in history. German Female Snipers, Russian Female snipers and select few. Now I'll say this, when my too far left to hear reason brother heard me say "wtf she shouldn't be in battle." He lost his fucking mind. People who are so severely injured were not allowed back on the battle field, they are still to this very day sent home. (With a few exceptions happening.) Could say my gripe is how the lied about an accurate war game, surprisingly enough I don't fucking buy war games because of how inaccurate they are. Could even say I'm Joe supporter trying to sway opinions. Which is funny because Joe's a grown ass man dude will be alright with people saying whatever just so they cab keep their US-first accounts going on the premises that makes them popular. I just hate war games, companies that lie about making realistic war games and so on. Final statement don't look at what critics rate it as, look at what users rate the game as. Cheers 👍
gamer thoughts commentary and ideas
Because that... was the right opinion
gamer thoughts commentary and ideas
Angry Joe made all of those points in his videos and really seemed more saddened and disappointed about it then angry I really think you probably only watched one or two of the videos having to do with the subject and didn't actually get his full opinion on it and the full scope of what was going on hope you consider changing your opinion
gamer thoughts commentary and ideas
In the spirit of your channel I'm going to be honest to the point and polite sir you have a moderate idea of what you're talkin about I will also admit that I just could not listen anymore after 21 minutes and 44 seconds of this so maybe I'm wrong and you actually did address this but I'm going to say of course obviously the marketing had a good bit to do with it that game was literally marketed so poorly that I didn't even know it existed and when I saw it on the Shelf in GameStop I thought it was an expansion pack to Battlefield 1 number to the women in the game Angry Joe which he stated because you're clearly only looking at a very small fraction of what he had to say about this was talking about the fact that if you want to have women in this game there are plenty of actual real stories of women in combat resistance Fighters and so on but they don't use any of the real stories they make up100% fantasy and his most important point which I wanted to see if you got to address it by the end of the video but once again just couldn't stand to watch any more was that the missions where you raid the heavy water facility was not done by some random women and it's incredibly disrespectful to the soldiers that went on what was essentially considered a suicide mission to have their history completely female washed
arlo stein
arlo stein 9 months ago
I'm hoping people realised he's a man child that thinks using "badass" is a good descriptor and that's just bad optics when you're over 16.
kush 250
kush 250 9 months ago
Does he just talk down everyone? Specifically everyone who has more subs? That's all I can hear.
tiptipkitten 9 months ago
I typically am more inclined to enjoy a game that I can play someone who reflects me, and most of the time shooters like this don't provide anything like it. That and i'm gay and in love the design for that girl lol
Feak 9 months ago
Could I suggest you get a pop filter? I love your content and watch when I can but I have a mild form of autism that means the s sound gives me massive anxiety. I understand if you dont, you really dont have to, it costs significant money and I'm just one person but I thought I would ask.
Alex Stucky
Alex Stucky 9 months ago
I always hated joe. He dosen’t really seem to give fair and calm criticism and always comes across to me as that one guy who spends 3 hours arguing on Twitter.
ProxyPwns 9 months ago
I usually enjoy watching TRO videos, but man this one was painful. I can't finish it lol. Only one that I've not genuinely enjoyed though.
Ryan 9 months ago
I couldn't care less if you want to have women in your game, but dont change history. There's plenty of stories during both WW1 and 2 that are central to women and show them fighting but dont change history. And I haven't played the campaign so I dont know if it's supposed to be historically accurate but I've heard from a reviewer that it is, so if it's supposed to be historically accurate than make it like that
Muerto 9 months ago
I didn't understand why people got mad about the woman. She wasn't the main character of anything other than the trailer, I can't recall in my maybe 3 days of time played in BFV ever seeing her.
aquaphazed 9 months ago
waaaaaaaaay too much wind up in this video. I was 111 minutes in and couldn't even detect your argument. I like your channel, but don't waste time like that.
Robert Lindstedt
Robert Lindstedt 10 months ago
how did you say so much without actually saying anything...youd make a great politician
Rickety Cricket
Rickety Cricket 10 months ago
Man, first shitty video that meandered like crazy and I have to thumbs down. Disappointed, but hey, shit happens when you bait AJ watchers I guess. 💤 Get to his clips and make a point ffs. 👎 Boring and limited af. Don't clout chase in the future. I happen to like your channel. Stop f*cking that up with filler like this.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 10 months ago
stonergamer davis
stonergamer davis 10 months ago
The first five mins ah intro wtf
Hardlydan 10 months ago
The Spice must flow!
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 10 months ago
Such a boring video, "slow and depressing"
TheGoldenKing 10 months ago
fuck i fell asleep.
Quacktics are Go
Quacktics are Go 10 months ago
The reason I was so annoyed by the female character was that there is actually a really interesting WW2 story to be told in the form of the Soviet's female snipers. But EA decided to just make shit up rather than go with that.
lol tool
lol tool 10 months ago
i dont think the problem was the historical inacurasy but how the games main focus was a strong female lead and it was evident that was the only thing they cared about.
Ed 10 months ago
this battlefield just had a weird agenda to it that you could smell from the game. and then they released it unfinished to the point it was frustrating. like i was willing to look past the problems i had with the campaign but... to release the game in the state it was released was just insulting to everyone
Big Boss
Big Boss 10 months ago
Sjw's ruin everything.
razweibo 10 months ago
True my guy