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Today is the day in which I definitely take on something more challenging, not because it’s a hard topic to decipher, not because it’s even particularly controversial, but because I expect it’s going to dispute a prevailing narrative which has been accepted by many spectators, and also defending people who typically, I’d have no interest in defending, but here we are, half a year later, and after a fair few controversies, I think it’s high time we have a discussion.
This is Zoella, and this is Alfie Deyes, they are a pair of British vloggers, they are partners, and they are both relatively successful. Zoella is a lifestyle vlogger, who focuses on a variety of vlogs, primarily leaning towards the more beauty sort of content, make-up tutorials, item recommendations, all that jazz. Alfie Deyes, also known as PointlessBlogVlogs, makes videos on a broader range of topics, covering all sorts of things going on his life, which clearly appeals to some demographic.
These guys are proper classic US-first stars, back from the early 2010s, they’ve been around for a while. I’d heard of them, especially Zoella, she’s kinda inescapable, but have never taken sat down and watched one of her videos. I’m not quite her target audience.
They’re smiling, and happy, and often they’ll do collabs with other people who are smiling and happy, and everyone’s laughing, hahaha, joy to the world, isn’t everything fantastic?
In case you haven’t gathered, I don’t like them very much, nothing personal of course, but it’s no secret to those in my inner circle that I’ve loathed most vloggers for a while, their saccharine levels of glee seem extremely forced, and I find most of the content so vapid and meaningless. There is a video of them just messing around with a swimming pool, it has one million views, I mean I’m not gonna knock the views, but imagine spending your day sitting down watching someone set up a swimming pool. For me, it just seems like content for other people to live through, and although it can be cathartic in the short term for an audience, I’d always just encourage going out and grinding to afford a swimming pool yourself, this content always seems to leave a void for me, maybe that’s just who I am, but who I am affects how I feel.
However, that’s not the topic of the video today, I just wanted to get that off my chest, but now my chest, my abdomen, my rib cage, my trachea, my lungs, my bronchi, are completely clear, and we are ready to rock and roll.
You see, Zoella and Alfie Deyes are part of the British vloggers, crew, and here in the UK, we have a very nice little niche for them, not just in the vlogging community, but in the commentary community. It’s no secret that the British vlogging scene has kinda gone, many of the people like ThatcherJoe, Marcus Butler, Oli White, even the ones we’re talking about today, are “stagnating”, I was gonna throw Caspar Lee into that mix too, but since he made a video on the KSI drama, it seems he might just resurrect himself, but I guess we’ll see what happens on that matter. And ready to dance on the graves of these people are the commentators, which is something I’d normally welcome with open arms, I mean, who doesn’t love the chaos of calling people out for doing terrible things.
And in this instance the main targets were the titular characters of this little tale, good old Zoe, and Alfie here. Firstly, Zoe for her ill advised Christmas calendar that came in at a tasty 50 quid, and secondly Alfie, for another little stunt in which he quote “survived” on one quid a day, spoiler alert, he didn’t exactly play by the rules.
In these little escapades, it’s quite easy to see why people dished out the criticism fairly heavily, there were plenty of embarrassing moments to pick apart, especially when you’re going in with the level of precision that many commentators do. As I’ve said in previous videos, people in different communities have never been held to the same standards that we in commentary expect, so when commentators felt ravenous, the vlogging community was a buffet.
However, is it possible, that in spite of all the legitimate criticisms that could be levelled against these individuals, that mistakes were made. Admittedly, when the first lot of drama transpired against Zoella, I was completely on board for the ride, obviously I wasn’t making videos about it at the time, because it wasn’t really my thing, however, I lapped it all up because it was entertaining, and there was a feeling of righteousness. However, as the months went by I began to question whether it was all worth the passionate vitriol invested into the numerous videos, and by the time the second set of drama came around, I was convinced that this was a very neatly orchestrated ruse, how did it happen though?
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Aug 19, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH: Note that at 16:23 text indicates the video was called “Surviving off”, when actually it was “Living on”. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS ! - J Aubrey: us-first.info/more/YvEb6iLPxLPZTe6NcUUUeA - Yellow Syrup: us-first.info/more/yO3xkG_UgG4zLeyeNJev8Q - Slacker: us-first.info/more/gRR_nHXj4fZ_QjRzhBqOKw - Coleo: us-first.info - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade, Charmed Skull, Colin Hart, Taylor Leibel, Hunter Antonelli, James Bryan, ColossalKiwi - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Part 1 References - Jonathang Zoella video clip - us-first.info/player/video/rrh8qJZ3oquko2A.html Zoella video in reference - us-first.info/player/video/rrh8qJZ3oquko2A.html Alfie Deyes Swimming Pool - us-first.info/player/video/nKiUq5BmfoeenZs.html Caspar Lee KSI - us-first.info/player/video/b7GMoZmGoZhrrWA.html Zoella Christmas Calendar Explanation - us-first.info/player/video/h8yeo6Gidn-EiIE.html More Calendar Reviews: us-first.info/player/video/aJeUl4GBeneZi30.html us-first.info/player/video/bNSnmZ-CaYuRhZM.html us-first.info/player/video/hqiLp3xlp4eAhJc.html us-first.info/player/video/gNSPpJFpoHuTeZc.html us-first.info/player/video/q5l4noOaonlnjqM.html us-first.info/player/video/bMp-ZKioZ4qahXE.html us-first.info/player/video/d7aEnK10ZYyihok.html us-first.info/player/video/a7SfaX-aYmmGhXk.html Alfie Deyes 1 Quid video: us-first.info/player/video/n7uurKBfiZxzbac.html Part 2 References - YellowSyrup Zoella Christmas Calendar Explanation - us-first.info/player/video/h8yeo6Gidn-EiIE.html Caspar Lee - us-first.info/player/video/hqiLp3xlp4eAhJc.html More Calendar Reviews: us-first.info/player/video/aJeUl4GBeneZi30.html us-first.info/player/video/bNSnmZ-CaYuRhZM.html us-first.info/player/video/hqiLp3xlp4eAhJc.html us-first.info/player/video/gNSPpJFpoHuTeZc.html us-first.info/player/video/q5l4noOaonlnjqM.html us-first.info/player/video/bMp-ZKioZ4qahXE.html us-first.info/player/video/d7aEnK10ZYyihok.html us-first.info/player/video/a7SfaX-aYmmGhXk.html With regards to calendar items totalling 20 quid: twitter.com/YasmineSumman/status/929468553857830912 www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4904545/zoellas-50-advent-calendar-goods-20/ Zoella Merch: us.feelunique.com/brands/zoella-beauty www.superdrug.com/microsite/zoella-beauty-range Zoella response to HelloWorld: twitter.com/Zoella/status/924341885770063872 Hello World: www.wetheunicorns.com/news/zoella-hello-world-backlash/ Part 3 References - Slacker Alfie Deyes 1 Quid video: us-first.info/player/video/n7uurKBfiZxzbac.html Videos on Alfie Deyes: us-first.info/player/video/kMqWeYqHYa5zq4U.html us-first.info/player/video/fryljYqgh2d3hJc.html us-first.info/player/video/rLJ8hp6fdaqmep8.html us-first.info/player/video/rc6cdXmciaSedoU.html us-first.info/player/video/itmZqqx9ZouVeIk.html Rich House, Poor House: us-first.info/player/video/bKxpmoqTiX-kZok.html Part 4 References - Coleo JaackMaate on Zoella: us-first.info/player/video/qKZuZHmTeoyLhac.html JaackMaate on Alfie Deyes: us-first.info/player/video/sLJ-hK2mc4KXaJs.html JaackMaate old video on Alfie: us-first.info/player/video/aKiGjaZkoqZflXk.html National Minimum Wage Statistics: gyazo.com/a1dcc23b62cc860444544f7cb2b15217 Example of reply to Alfie Deyes’s Tweet (make sure to highlight time): twitter.com/OllyBrookfield_/status/1007748623218724864 JaackMaate’s Tweet (highlight time in comparison): twitter.com/Jaack/status/1007696348693528578
Lina Holmström
Lina Holmström 5 months ago
fookin reee
fookin reee Year ago
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna 2 years ago
The Right Opinion Hey TRO I just found your channel and I agree with your opinions except this one. A man who is an expert in reading body language (he studied psychology and human nature) analized her video frame by frame and he had some interesting points in the video. Here is the video if you are interested us-first.info/player/video/eZVtdHuBkqyYfJs.html
jan lay
jan lay 2 years ago
You hate vloggers, but what are you doing "vlogging" you are trying to make money by using the Zoella and Alfie tag. They popular because they have what it takes and you do not, your vlogging in bad in fact useless. Not only is it badly written but badly narrated too. Stop trying to make money from popular vloggers....you sound like a snobby horay Henry !!!
poppy b
poppy b 2 years ago
@Alex Orion yeah I was just like god aaaahh
Solar Lion
Solar Lion Day ago
HELLO! Been here since 200k! Nice job :D
Andrew 27 days ago
The right opinion, as always my bruvva 👍🏼
Alex DuRain
Alex DuRain Month ago
12 door calendar, 12 days of Christmas... How did people miss this?
Loyal Theorist Girl 101
Dude do poor people even watch him? Like they wont care because they wont see it
Sapphire K
Sapphire K Month ago
While I don’t think the level of anger towards the two is warranted, I don’t think they’re clear. Zoella has continually created products that were cheaply made and expecting near luxury prices for them. Alfie has a habit of being morally grey and then coming in as righteous and angry against criticisms. He made a rather hostile video with creators nearly a decade younger than him as a chance to yell at and steamroll them.
Sarutta A
Sarutta A 2 months ago
i wonder why no one's come out to blatantly say that deyes was getting so much hate because of jealousy. People are clearly hatin on him because he's a rich white boy who lives in a mansion and is a youtuber. his lifestyle screams privileged, and people hate seeing other people well off/
Some random 12 year old in his mum’s basement
34:26 my man really went out with this rhyme
J H 2 months ago
19:51 that caught me of guard i actually jumped
Azby 2 months ago
I'd never head of Zoella before the calendar debacle, but at any rate I can completely understand everyone's ire because: a) The design of the calendar is shockingly unattractive, and b) To see people willing to fork over £50 for any calendar solely because a popular US-firstr's name is on it is shockingly frustrating. I was able to see both interpretations in Alfie's controversial video contents at once, so I didn't find it bothersome. However he is not, as you said, the sharpest knife in the drawer.
R 2 months ago
Do u like her or something?
Marianne Shepherd
Marianne Shepherd 2 months ago
I recommend Tiffany Ferg's video 'your not relatable anymore' in which she touches on Alfie's video as well as a few other bloggers etc x
Cooper L
Cooper L 2 months ago
A lot of the time the editing on these videos annoys me, not that it's not good or that the jokes aren't funny but I feel like there's times where the point of what he's actually saying might not be getting across like when he's trying to be fair to someone yet the editing is mocking them. I guess it's just because when I talk about something I want to make sure my intentions are understood. I don't actually have any criticism on the editing though like I said I just thought it was an interesting perspective maybe
Vapid 2 months ago
alfie deyes is got treated like a malicious dude with 120 iq when he's a dude who has a iq of 90 and is fine
Liam 3 months ago
jaackmaate is such a fucking chav lol
rose emily
rose emily 3 months ago
who eles had to serch up 50 quid in blank ( aud etc ) ps love your vids!
Link 3 months ago
JaackMaate sounds like one of those porn ad websites about whacking it off with other people online
sarah smith
sarah smith 3 months ago
he would have been better putting the £1 coin under his table leg to stop it wobbling !!!
gfgf gfggfgtf
gfgf gfggfgtf 3 months ago
And until then its just an opinion. THEEEE RIGHT opinion. Thanks for watching. Would have been so fitting.
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
As someone who grew up incredibly broke and still don’t have a lot of money, I’m not offended in the slightest by his video. I don’t see the problem. He wasn’t making fun of people below the poverty line, he wasn’t telling them to get a job and work harder, he wasn’t laughing around like “I’m rich, I only have to starve for a day” or trying to flex his shoes or house. Get over it, this is US-first after all.
verymelonman12 3 months ago
Hey, title drop!
Miss Vidzy
Miss Vidzy 3 months ago
The most horrifying thing about that calendar wasn't even the price of the things in it, it was the fact that some of the items people received in it looked used, and people were thinking she might have filled the calendars with stuff she had gotten as pr and didn't like.
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson 3 months ago
I'm glad they still teach the language proper, along with fundamental Western reasoning somewhere in the world. Unclear language and fuzzy reasoning have brought on some miserable days here in the States, though ,from what I gather, the Isles are hardly bordering on a social utopia these days, either. I've only become familiar with this " community" with the free time provided by lockdown, and I've concluded that, - well, - I've been missing very little.If a blogger aggravates you, or you click pursuing some bait, - just don't bother.Suffice it to say that there are idiots in the world, and there are those who just make mistakes.If it is not teaching you something, but rather, just reinforcing something you already believe, - your time is better spent elsewhere. So, over the last months, I have subscribed to a few things, - and I am impressed by the reasoning here, even if the subject matter is often not my bag.Still checking in, undecided.
28:33 Just a personal time stamp for me, carry on.
Muriël den Biesen
Muriël den Biesen 4 months ago
I feel that the outrage around Zoella was also partially caused by her having been in scandals before surrounding her merch. Her books were ghostwritten while she said writing had always been a hobby of hers and releasing a book had always been a dream. She basically lied to give the book a better branding. Then when her advent calendar was disappointing she lied again in her explanation video saying she didn't set the price when she very much did. If it was really just a mistake she could've simply owned up to it, but instead she tried to lie her way out of it.
Justme 4 months ago
More like Robella
Marie Settonni
Marie Settonni 4 months ago
Can you find something better to do then talk negatively about other people . You must have a boring life
Lilybun 4 months ago
On most days I spend no money simply because I don't get around to doing a damn thing
e g g
e g g 4 months ago
i think i use to watch zoella, did she use to do voice impressions?
MS C 5 months ago
but caspar is so boring:( josh is the only one amongst these folks that genuinely has ideas about their jobs, bad thing he isn't so active recently
Maria Tnarg
Maria Tnarg 5 months ago
I didn't have a problem with the premise. I had a problem with how Alfie executed that premise. I mean after don't we all have magic free food cards? Besides if it was really a challenge of only spending one quid on food like you say...why does he have a problem using the water filter or ice? By that choice he frames it as a "living on" challenge rather than a "spending only" challenge. Also He could make coffee and eat food at home rather than going out but that doesn't even occur to him. Unless he has no food at all at home. Mostly I think he just did this to get attention which is the life blood of some youtube creators. Mission accomplished.
bed head 06
bed head 06 5 months ago
‘The commentators’ *PYRO AND MINECRAFT SWORD*
C B 5 months ago
Never heard of this Zoella chick, but what a pair of yams. British yams. Do you guys even eat yams over there? You know what we eat here that is gross? Sweet potatoes with mashmallows. Makes me gag thinking about it. But yeah, might need to interrogate the witness with some British yams.
C B 5 months ago
@StreetFightingMan Oh you know.
padowo 5 months ago
Idk man, as someone in the working class I was offended greatly by Alfie’s video, and Zoe really did deserve all that backlash. They’re just so isolated, so ignorant to outside struggles. And it is?? a half calendar?? never seen 12 doors be normal. The fact that you have to shop at particular places to see that be normal kinda proves the ignorant middle class thing that Jack hates. Parents in the working class go to lengths to make their children happy, my father for example taking a loan out to take me on holiday that took him years to pay back. It’s not too tall to consider them buying an expensive calendar that their child wants. Usually I’d say you have the right opinion but this is too subjective. Jack’s video on “My Britain” is amazing and I enjoy how vocal and passionate he is. There’s a tonne more points I disagree with but cba
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas 5 months ago
I feel like criticising her stupidity is fair, the point was more that even with the design and the brand on the notebook it still seemed overpriced (from my vague memory)
Lisa amaechi
Lisa amaechi 5 months ago
I loved the movie Alfie .The old school version that is.
Chip Hebert
Chip Hebert 5 months ago
Back when there was only television, and only 3 channels, the culture must have been so much more unified. Everybody got his news from Walter Cronkite and his entertainment from Dick Van Dyke. You might disagree about conclusions, but at least you drew your conclusions from the same agreed upon basic information. Now, we have countless contradictory news sources and countless little entertainment cultures and we seem to be divided up into an ever greater number of mutually hostile groups, each living in distinct universes with a different set of facts, and there's no overlap between them whatsoever. No common ground. And the fact that this is so entirely unprecedented in all of history doesn't seem to occur to a lot of people, especially the young who've never known it any other way. And I don't get the sense that anyone is attempting to standing above it all in order to try and gain some perspective on where it all might be leading. How will nations persist when nothing at all binds them together? And what will take their place?
Yelena Antipova
Yelena Antipova 6 months ago
I will write an email JUST BECAUSE you said nobody uses it. How dare you!
Helena Roßmy
Helena Roßmy 6 months ago
Thank you for making this. Someone does have to address the blowing things out of proportion going on by people easily exicted or "offended" 😒😑. Id love to see more vids like this.
Juli Fe Ka
Juli Fe Ka 6 months ago
Is that... Is that Dave on the background?? 5:18
Cassie Lavinksi
Cassie Lavinksi 6 months ago
Take a shot everytime TRO says “I jest”
Mae Farrow
Mae Farrow 6 months ago
This video reeks. Full of selective arguments without the full context. You obviously don’t have all the information/knowledge to be able to argue the full issue fairly. It asks consumers to make excuses for people who are profiting from their position and should be criticised because of the power they have, the money they’re gaining, the influence they hold. This video fell short.
beauson1983 6 months ago
Re: Alfie saga; A decent percentage of the footage you used had a sign in the background saying "brutal simplicity of thought"... Like, what did anyone expect from this dude? haha
Bear Minimum
Bear Minimum 7 months ago
TRO: "I hope you're strapped in because on The Right Opinion, we go from 0 to 100 real quick" Ad: *plays*
Clare Frazier
Clare Frazier 7 months ago
You should watch Danny Gonzales or Kurtis Conner I think you'd like them
jdjdjd 7 months ago
When TRO shows my boi Fraser TwT
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson 7 months ago
i actually really like zoe but i really don't like alfie, i think he's immature
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson 6 months ago
@17517319 Exactlyy
17517319 6 months ago
I always felt alfie was self centered, and in it for the views(secretly, I’ve always thought that’s why he got together with Zoe)
17517319 6 months ago
Jade Anderson I stopped watching that group all together but I unsubscribed to Alfie WAY before any of the others. Joe always seemed like the nicest of the group in my opinion.
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson 6 months ago
@17517319 I unsubscribed to him all together, i've met Zoe's brother Joe though, really nice guy
17517319 6 months ago
Same... well when I used to watch her I only subscribed to alfie so I could see more of her in his vlogs.
LogicVC 7 months ago
2:37 I’m 99% sure that the hoody’s (Kwite) Box is located in the US of A
Olivia White
Olivia White 7 months ago
'Saccharine levels of glee' is such a good phrase for a certain type of vlogger.
KittyFAN13 7 months ago
I'm guessing that JaackMaate has never heard of the song 12 Days of Christmas?
Sabrina S
Sabrina S 7 months ago
Who else is binge watching TRO videos during quarantine?
Oliver 8 months ago
Zoella used products she received as pr in the calendar
Sigrid 8 months ago
Kinda ironic how Voss water is just norwegian tap water, so he is still drinking tap water...
Three Leaf Clover
Three Leaf Clover 8 months ago
Unrelated but I just got an F18 hornet airfix model and it's well nice
Joli 8 months ago
It's funny people think having 12 doors on a Christmas advent calendar is weird when the main reason they do 12 doors is cuz of the "12 days of Christmas" narrative. You know, from the popular song?
BreezusSneezus 8 months ago
Having intuition isn't even close to the same as having intelligence. Maybe you're trying to talk about emotional intelligence? Still, those are very different things.
Cait L.
Cait L. 9 months ago
Vlogs can be great, but only if the vlogger has a truly unusual life or personality. I follow a youtuber who had to go through an amputation. She vlogs, but her vlogs are about things I know little about. She explains how her life is different due to being an amputee. Yes, she sometimes does mundane things like run errands, but it is interesting because of how differernt her trip to the store is compared to the average person. It's mundane, but I learn a lot about how other people with struggles live. It can be very inspiring. Watching normal people do the same things we all do? Not so much.
tenebrous soul
tenebrous soul 9 months ago
What is a quid? 5:18 John Oliver?
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas 9 months ago
I think a lot of people had an issue with the fact that he never drew parallels with poverty, like there’s no reference to anything outside of his own life or why people might want to severely restrict their spending like this
NewsFromNY 9 months ago
I don't watch Alfie or Zoella, but when the controversy about Alfie started, I saw the video. To me, it just seemed like a rich out of touch kid that followed a youtube trend without understanding what it was about. He fucked up, but also, I would never expect a deep insight into poverty or other society issues from someone like Alfie Deyes, and I don't think anyone would.
C M 9 months ago
And now the commentary community that ragged on them so hard, is 10x worse than these British vloggers ever were, *cough unsubstantiated rape allegations cough*
L 9 months ago
I disagree with you on the calendar front, expensive calendars like these are known for offering good value for money with the worth of the products, and people often do add up the cost of each component.
Casbah Owl
Casbah Owl 9 months ago
Sorry but I’m with Jackmaate on this one. The guy is a snivelling snob and her calendar is absolutely exploitative. Feels like you’re just being a contrarian
arlo stein
arlo stein 9 months ago
I think these British blogtubers are in some ways more insidious than the Pauls. They might be trash but at least they are flashy trash, this lot are as money hungry but hide it behind this tasteful, pastel veneer where they produce nothing, know nothing and are on US-first because traditional media no longer appeals to them and they see the work they could get as beneath them
sjj 9 months ago
Definitely get what Jack was saying that Alfie was making a video about a day saving money and how to superscrimp and then he’s listing of all these things that he is buying like T-shirt’s and games. he could’ve saved it for another random vlog and focused on the title of the video
frankies left toe
frankies left toe 10 months ago
anyone else notice the boyinaband cameo
charlie bear
charlie bear 10 months ago
13:51 hate to be a downer but they all had shares in the hello world company......
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson 10 months ago
I dunno, I feel like the Alfie guy not mentioning food poverty as a thing kinda makes it read worse-- maybe if he had acknowledged many people only have that much to live on in a day and put in the info of relevant charities (or better yet, donated the money he saved on food to food poverty charities) it would have read better
Chocolate Assassin
Chocolate Assassin 10 months ago
You Sir are exemplary. A refreshing oasis of maturity and intelligence in a desert of utter bullshit. Well done. Keep it up.
91 Aquarii b
91 Aquarii b 10 months ago
Cancel 'cancel' culture
Raela Ash
Raela Ash 10 months ago
the real crime here is that advent calendars gotta have 24 little doors fight me
Dupas Raja
Dupas Raja 10 months ago
Here's another video on someone worse than him: us-first.info/player/video/bc6LoI2DaKxpo5c.html
Amy A
Amy A 10 months ago
i just dont like how people can make a dumb decision that doesnt even affect people (unless they make it) and be crucified for it for so long? there are so many people doing such awful things but theyre so worried about an expensive calender that no one is under obligation to buy. get over it.
Diana Lidaka
Diana Lidaka 10 months ago
I guess Alfie is really good in bed, because he seems dumb as a sock. 🤦🏼 really not the sharpest toll in a box.
Joe White
Joe White 10 months ago
Thing is jack regularly says they’re not that bad he just likes to joke about them, even when Zoe sold her fans a book of things they could get for free on her channel he just made a joke video about it.
Summer Manning
Summer Manning 10 months ago
Love that the calendar section uses clips of Eltoria, who did far worse and almost definitely broke the law...
Michi Adams
Michi Adams 10 months ago
This is what happens when you take comedy literal. Couldn't agree less with the bit about JaackMaate, although I also disagree with pretty much everything in this video.
The Cutting Board
The Cutting Board 10 months ago
Actually, a traditional advent calendar should be 24 doors, so Jaack wasn’t wrong. But there are plenty with just 12, I think because the creators of them are confused by the advent vs. the 12 days of Christmas . I wouldn’t purchase one without 24 slots.
Dave Williams
Dave Williams 10 months ago
33:25 we probably should tbh
versuswest 10 months ago
i've been marathoning your videos while on some work deadlines the past week or so, and i just wanted to say thank you (and the editors!) for making them. i love that you go into some analysis of youtube as a community as well as a money-making platform, since it's in the weird venn diagram of those things. i feel like i've learned a lot, when i usually just consider commentary videos my "junk food" media
Son of Sun
Son of Sun 11 months ago
His channel is literally callled’pointlessblog’ so it’s pretty accurate.
Owen Bitmez
Owen Bitmez 11 months ago
Vivien Martin
Vivien Martin 11 months ago
The Alfie situation is such a good example about people playing the moral high ground.
Z. A.
Z. A. 11 months ago
You got your facts wrong there buddy. At the time you filmed this, there were over 28% of those in the UK who earned minimum wage or below and that did not include people who are self-employed.
NixieTheRipper 11 months ago
He could have just... Ate what he had in his fridge St home and not spent any money...
Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith 11 months ago
TRO is at his most British when he says he doesn't like the excessive smiling. I am here for it.
lilG 11 months ago
JaackMaate is the most annoying commentator ive ever seen. Hes not funny, his arguments are pointless and dumb, and did i mention hes ANNOYING?
Sky Flies
Sky Flies 11 months ago
are you gonna make a video about onision?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 11 months ago
Critique Shane Dawson’s latest documentary about the jefree star makeup palette? Seemed like one long drawn out ad filled with pointless drama, not a documentary
George Rolfe
George Rolfe 11 months ago
'Accept' is not said that way by anyone ever. Go practice.
Hailey Freeman
Hailey Freeman 11 months ago
This is entirely irrelevant and a year late, but I wanted to say that I did get that Markiplier calendar that flashed on the screen for a minute as an example of an inexpensive item, and it was maybe one of the most endearing and silly things I've ever seen. Just extremely wholesome.
A 11 months ago
To be fair, I had never seen a 12 day Christmas calender before but then I'm not from the UK. But it is called an advent calender so can it really be considered one if it doesn't even include every advent?
Ashley Maddox
Ashley Maddox 11 months ago
Great video I have always had a dislike for zoella as mentioned way to peppy with a heaping pile of lies
Lucy Ann
Lucy Ann 11 months ago
I'm here a year and a half late to wtf is that guy talking about? It's the 12 Days of Christmas. I never really understood why everyone was so mad about the calendars, anyway so what do I know?
Maya is Lame
Maya is Lame 11 months ago
I just realized that the first part was edited by my boy J Aubrey ♥️
Did you say "fellatious approach"?
Pol Mak
Pol Mak Year ago
Great video
David Christian
I'm way to late to the train, but I'll give my piece Yes, JaackMate exaggerates a lot of things, that's his style of delivery, and honestly that's what makes JaackMate JaackMate, and also what makes him stands out above other commentary channel. However, I still think that his criticism is not to paint a false image of Zoella or Alfie, it's just exaggerating what they actually are. Sure, if the criticism is about him exaggerating too much and riling the hate mob, I can get behind that perception, but it doesn't change the fact that what Zoella and Alfie did is in poor taste. Also on that topic, I'm pretty sure JaackMate, along with most of the commentary channel that talked shit about these two, would also scrutinize other channels who does that 'no food' challenge, or the '1$ a day' challenge, or that other kind of challenge, if they did not do these challenge tastefully. The main criticism still stands even when applied to those other channels, but as i'm sure you'd agree as well, nobody got the time to criticize every single piece of that tasteless challenge. And then comes Zoella and Alfie, both are well-known high-profile youtuber, both are the definition of posh rich people, and both has done something that most people would agree is not in good taste. Zoella and Alfie just became the figurehead of the wrong things of what they did, and because of their popularity, criticizing them sends a broader message than if commentary channel did one on small channel. This goes with Morgz, Durv, Matthew Santoro, Markiplier, and even Pewds, with their clickbait/free gift card giveaway/plagiarizing content/making drama out of anthill/racism slur respectively. It's not that they're the sole target of the criticism, but they're the focus especially because criticizing them means criticizing a broader term. Regarding Zoella's defense, I do agree that if she includes all the makeup stuff she made into the calendar, no one will be crying heresy for the price. Problem is, like you pointed out, is that she placed cheap and unremarkable objects (notepad, pen) with her name on it, and also the worse part, included a non-brand, non-useful items within it as well, the confetti and two cookie cutter, totaling in three doors. Not only that they're really damn generic, this instantly meant that there's only 9 door that has value in it, making the 50 pounds price tag even worse. Jaack's criticism is on point, if she put the notepad and the pen in one door, threw away the confetti and the cookie cutter, and perhaps placed something of a value in it, it wouldn't be so bad. Sure, branding is the overarching criticism here, and i do agree with your points regarding branding utilities item, but Apple stuff, Beats by Dre stuff, yeezy, supreme, and those mentioned, are all criticized in the same way: that they're overpriced garbage only sold and bought for the brand and the street cred it carries. Same goes for Zoella's brand, although one could argue that her brands has little to no value outside of her fanbase, unlike those other brands that at least is popular enough to be recognized. Regarding Alfie's defense, no I do not agree that it's merely on the title alone that Alfie made a mistake. He HAD the chance of not showing off his wealth, and he chose to flaunt his wealth like any other of his videos. We do not fault him for spending money for those stuff, but at the very least has the decency to NOT show those parts. Alfie not only shows those tasteless part, he straight up makes a whole segment about it, as shown with him working out with a personal trainer in his personal gym, making sure you can see and know that he has both, and the mall scene, where he bought luxurious unneeded items, and straight up showing it off to his viewer. Even those parts that shows him spending a dollar on food items also shows how he's showing off his wealth by not being able to buy the stuff he usually got. Yes it's a display of change from his daily lives, but he could've easily framed it not as a 'whiny posh boy who had a bad make believe day', but as an informative guy, like you said. Were he to say "So, today we're going to be using only tap water to drink, and we'll be going to a cheaper market" rather than "Oh gosh dangit, i couldn't even use a filtered water, and instead had to resort to tap water and this cheaper market", the criticism wouldn't be as bad. Perhaps by the end of the day, you are right that Alfie made a mistake in titling the video the way it is, because in every video, this is what he does, flex of his wealth, and he simply couldn't change that style of him for this one video that obviously carries a connotation behind it that completely goes against his style of video in general. So yes, I honestly don't think that Alfie could've salvaged the situation if he tried, because that's just how he is as a person.
Tina Marie
Tina Marie Year ago
I love Waitrose
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda Year ago
Just Vote Sander, Labour, NDP, SocialDemocrats or what ever, and it’ll sort it out
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