Greg Paul: A Family Affair - The Truth Behind Logan And Jake’s Vlogdad | TRO (ft. WoollyOne, Benji) 

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The Right Opinion: Greg Paul: A Family Affair - The Truth Behind Logan And Jake’s Vlogdad | TRO
Let’s talk about family for a moment...
Whether that family is biological, adopted, or just a group of people you share a unique connection with, they play a real role in shaping you as a person, and can help you through some of your hardest times. The role they play should never underrated.
But what if that family is Greg Paul?
Well, that is the scenario that Jake and Logan find themselves in. It makes sense, he’s their biological father. But he’s not your normal dad of a US-firstr, the one who stands, hopefully supportively on the sidelines, he clearly enjoys basking in the spotlight. And on principle, there is nothing wrong with that, I am of the belief that age should not constrain one’s capacity, and even if their doorway is via nepotism, they may still have the character, independent from the familial factor, to redeem that.
The 54 year old, is a character without a doubt, but he does clearly want to involve himself in his sons’ lives, and we’ll touch on this later. Jake and Logan Paul have established clout in their own rights but still appear to appreciate the presence of their father. In one event, which I won’t be discussing today, Greg here, featured in one of Jake’s videos and made out with a sixteen year old fan. And although it’s weird and marginally unsettling, it’s been ran into the ground by everyone under the sun, I think everyone’s made their mind up on it.
However, it’s important that we provide some background for what has inspired this video.
It was early May, the Earth was rotating on its axis like any normal day, but it wasn’t any normal day for Team 10. In fact it was quite an eventful period of time for Jake Paul and his comrades, because on May the 5th, the COO of Team 10, Nick Crompton, yo u know, that person who claimed England to be his city, stepped down.
Nick Crompton had been noted for his staunch devotion to the Pauls, and even in his divorce statement, kept it relatively civil, and urged people to not blindly hate on Jake. However, an indirect recipient of the underlying message within the letter seemed to be Mr. Greg Paul himself. It was also not long before Chance Sutton, another highly distinguished member of troupe, decided that it was time for him to part ways.And eventually, after a fair bit of digging various hypotheses were stated.
The main one being that the Greg Paul in question, had assumed control of many of Jake’s assets within the Team 10 business, and had since been making some ruthless cuts, to put it gently, he had taken up the role of Team 10’s own personal human resources department. There were some more elaborate stories, that included various details of a possible merger, and more individual developments that we’ll discuss later, but that is the core story that is mostly confirmed from both sides.
I followed this vaguely, and often it’s something I would not rather touch on, but I do believe there is a greater commentary that can be made about Greg Paul, his demeanour, and various relationships that this story encompasses.
Both Jake, and Logan Paul have had their fair share of controversies, Logan with the obvious, and Jake with the consistency. And once again, I stress, that Jake and Logan can act how they want, and the public will judge them as they do, but if they want to be slightly more positive role models than the ones they are currently, a mediating actor could be genuinely beneficial, however, what I’ve found today tends to lend support to the fact that this could actually be detrimental.
And I’ll precursor this with my video, people can obviously do what they want, no one’s obliged to be great human beings, however, if you wanna lecture people on what’s right and wrong, you better practice what you preach, something that I find fundamentally lacking, for all parties involved today.
- WoollyOne: us-first.info/more/ln2Ot4HeKVeigl3JWGOdhA
- Benji: us-first.info/more/GmY4_0sTZwyQugVAFfPAjg
- Doco: us-first.info

- DampBroadcast: us-first.info/more/O82dbDOrkwl6NN0dOFqEow
- Mullenax: us-first.info
- Daniel Cods: us-first.info/more/Qd0iVUe3JYX3SjYwklBcyQ
- Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w
- Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg
- Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade
- Twitter: TheRightOpinion
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Jun 9, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH:Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on this one, US-first has decided to demonetise it and ScaleLab decided to claim it so two for one, US-first life on point, I’ll sort it out eventually. Two things, firstly, if some of Greg Paul’s visuals are out of sync, that’s because the video he uploaded was out of sync from a certain time on. I’d also like to clarify something which I’m always uncertain if I make it clear of. The paparazzi situation was not a case of negativity and no-one in the video really complained, it was just something where I found good evidence for what would follow. But yeah, always like to qualify myself. - WoollyOne: us-first.info/more/ln2Ot4HeKVeigl3JWGOdhA - Benji: us-first.info/more/GmY4_0sTZwyQugVAFfPAjg - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS! - DocoVevo: us-first.info - DampBroadcast: us-first.info/more/O82dbDOrkwl6NN0dOFqEow - Mullenax: us-first.info - Daniel Cods: us-first.info/more/Qd0iVUe3JYX3SjYwklBcyQ - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Links Part 1 References Greg Paul kissing contest: us-first.info/player/video/hNR7aYuTmp9miX0.html Nick Crompton Departure: twitter.com/TheNickCrompton/status/992570960845750272 Chance Sutton Departure: twitter.com/imchancesutton/status/993647734702854144 Part 2 References Greg Paul Vine Compilation: us-first.info/player/video/as6rfoeZo5SGdWg.html Logan Paul Vines: us-first.info/player/video/grKZn4qjiGh6hH0.html Jake Paul Vines: us-first.info/player/video/aMlnaXqslKp3aJ8.html Greg Paul Paparazzi: us-first.info/player/video/p9Ftgm16m5mRioU.html Greg Paul Logan Paul: instagram.com/p/BdtAF_wnwNL/?hl=en&taken-by=gregpaul63 Jake Paul: us-first.info/player/video/oKhldZmXdplkrnE.html Cool Cat Quote: us-first.info/player/video/ftSJjZGLnWd6jnk.html Part 3 References Greg Paul on Alissa Violet: us-first.info/player/video/nMt_ZKyVin-BrWQ.html Alissa Violet on Greg Paul: us-first.info/player/video/jteElaWkdX2qhXU.html Jake Paul on Alissa Violet (cheating): us-first.info/player/video/e8yJhHh8caJ-omg.html Greg Paul Quote: us-first.info/player/video/nMt_ZKyVin-BrWQ.html Greg Paul Martinez Twins: us-first.info/player/video/gtqElIR2qq6TjHU.html Part 4 References Greg Paul Logan Paul: instagram.com/p/BdtAF_wnwNL/?hl=en&taken-by=gregpaul63 Nick Crompton Departure: twitter.com/TheNickCrompton/status/992570960845750272 Team 10 response to Crompton: twitter.com/Team10official/status/992813767573454848 Greg Paul Martinez Twins: us-first.info/player/video/gtqElIR2qq6TjHU.html Greg Paul on Max: us-first.info/player/video/gtqElIR2qq6TjHU.html Max on Faze Banks: us-first.info/player/video/hNtliX6slKaJg5M.html Jake on people leaving Team 10: us-first.info/player/video/pdd7a2x_iaKHinU.html Jake mentioning Greg: us-first.info/player/video/pdd7a2x_iaKHinU.html Jake on best Jake Paul: us-first.info/player/video/pdd7a2x_iaKHinU.html
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot 6 months ago
666th like
Cheeto Dawson
Cheeto Dawson Year ago
The Right Opinion I say this I a loving way you reminde me of trigger tro and your just as funny
eart# dont spin fyi . its flat
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova 2 years ago
The Right Opinion *
ember 2.0
ember 2.0 2 years ago
Why do you listen to stereotypes about Christians Wolly?
Gage Schroeder
Gage Schroeder 13 hours ago
#1 rule of life... Never trust a man with 2 first names...
Briana S
Briana S Day ago
Typical middle aged, midwestern asshole. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 5 days ago
0:50 Wow, TRO has deleted and/or privated a lot of videos lol
RenjiMaili 6 days ago
That's still the worst rap I have ever heard.
Bwubbly 8 days ago
Here I am binge watching all of TRO’s videos, acting like Greg still relevant in 2020😂😭
OT7 !
OT7 ! 8 days ago
you and me both , friend :,)
Indy RAWR 10 days ago
You made a video on Greg Paul and didn't talk about the kissing thing?! Definitely think you should have! Otherwise, awesome content as usual! I thought the Paul brothers were POSs in their own right...but, my God! They didn't have a chance with that dad! 🤦🤮
Banana cake
Banana cake 12 days ago
Here in 2020
Lara Jayne
Lara Jayne 13 days ago
I think Greg just enjoys hearing his own voice and dude seriously get some lip balm or something please! 😂😂 Made me laugh when you talked about him licking his lips 🤣
Tvoje Táta
Tvoje Táta 17 days ago
bro like shut up you dont even game NOOB LOL
Kayha IF
Kayha IF 15 days ago
aww... is the 8 year old sad that the posh man on the internet said some mean things about his favourite youtuber's dad? how adorable...
mann workers
mann workers 19 days ago
16:10 that is the wrong way to use the word Orwellian. Orwellian is the use of twisted words and double talk to manipulate people's minds, not a working camera in every room used by big brother.
Kenzie Leigh
Kenzie Leigh 19 days ago
Benji reminds me of the human version of Gumball
James Porquez
James Porquez 20 days ago
15:51 sounds like doxxing to me.
R4ptur3 21 day ago
Never trust a person with 2 first names.
Chris Gontz
Chris Gontz 26 days ago
"Yo g.p. here....." Your already doin too much
Madindifference 28 days ago
I'm not one to say anything but he looks like he snorted shit
John Temple
John Temple Month ago
@4:24 my sleep paralysis demon on bring your kid to work day
DK H Month ago
there is something almost...... appalling to hear a middle-aged man saying the word "haters" non-sarcastically.
Thunderscrub e
Thunderscrub e Month ago
When someone is a danny Gonzalez fan AND a loganger, theyre called a GregLogan
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Month ago
Who'd win? Greg Paul or Morgz's mom?
Kayha IF
Kayha IF 15 days ago
big martin, you buffoon!
Drunk Dad
Drunk Dad Month ago
And this was the guy that said he was gonna fight KSI
Gen Z Perspective
8:24 And that folks, is THE most awkward transition that I have ever witnessed. boomers are so cringe.
realDonaldTrump Month ago
Okay but they can stop capping, that making out with a fan video is totally fake. All their fans are children, Greg would be catching a case if he went and found a real fan to pull that on.
Kayha IF
Kayha IF 15 days ago
you do realise that he's still *kissing* the young girl, right? it doesnt change if it's immoral or not whether it's fake or real
Caleb Rodgers
Caleb Rodgers Month ago
At the beginning I almost left cause of the voice lmfao
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover Month ago
I thought you said "murder" at 3:23 and _I didn't even question it_ because of who the video is about. I only discovered that you said "merger" when I wondered why the fuck you hadn't talked about the possible murder and rewatched it
Tyler Runkle
Tyler Runkle Month ago
For a second I thought that TRO had a disease that reverses puberty
Usernameping Month ago
Why is it that celebrities always suggest doxxing as a way of punishing criticism?
Random Dude
Random Dude Month ago
Me and my BobbyGee
Finding out there are three Pauls is worse than when I found out there were two
SS Pedersen
SS Pedersen Month ago
It's always hard to grow old and bald
Raimizan razak
Raimizan razak 2 months ago
le L I C K
joabie 2 months ago
🎶🎶its a family affaaaair🎶🎶
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 2 months ago
i'm only half paying attention since i'm using this as background noise but so far he doesn't seem like that bad of a person. idk. the cyber bullying website thing isnt that bad of an idea depending on what kind of bullying it is. a 12 y/o telling someone to kys over losing at fortnite isn't worth documenting as a crime, but relentless bullying nd hate towards a single or group of individuals by someone who is 18+ should be documented if it's a genuine threat and such. while his idea isn't perfect, it shouldn't be looked over entirely. also him trying to help people who are going through the same things he went through even though he said it doesn't bother him personally isn't that weird... i mean, it probably does actually bother him, but regardless, he can why others would take offence and be hurt by those things. i'm running on little sleep, and as i said, half paying attention. so i'm just giving my thoughts on what i'm understanding.
Fury Godwin
Fury Godwin 2 months ago
GRM_ZZZ 2 months ago
ANO NYM 2 months ago
I cant stand that fuckin family
Pink bunny
Pink bunny 2 months ago
I'd rather my dad stays out of my internet presence... No features on a video when I get back on making them on US-first!
Alexander Hood
Alexander Hood 2 months ago
It seem that lot of problems in our society can be sum up as an dysfunctional hive mind.
Jessica Conley
Jessica Conley 2 months ago
I like your big boy words. Increases my vocabulary and I enjoy a good, thoroughly researched, well presented video. You sir, are US-first's hidden gem. ❤
Kailah Butler
Kailah Butler 2 months ago
Me at 30:15 - "Kind of sounds like a cult. . ." TRO at 30:35 - "The aura that this statement gave off was much alike to a cult." Well, glad to know it wasn't just me. :P
The Indescribable One
The kissing video makes me (simultaneously) want to vomit and throatpunch him.
Hoop Jeanne
Hoop Jeanne 2 months ago
Seeing Greg Paul on US-first is like looking into Jake and Logan Paul’s sad future in which they are still clinging to relevancy and making US-first videos well into their 50s.
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 3 months ago
Also I have no hate for anyone, but I very much dislike & disagree with almost everything the Paul family does.
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 3 months ago
doesn't matter how much good you do if you're just saving face.
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
What is it with people named Greg? The only good Greg is the fastest growing army on the internet.
DigitalHarmony 2 months ago
Sweet&Sour yes, the creator of US-first himself
Sweet&Sour 2 months ago
@DigitalHarmony oh! I forgot about him. You mean Drew Gooden, right? ;)
DigitalHarmony 2 months ago
Sweet&Sour Danny Gonzales, his fan base is Greg 😂 but Greg the Wiggle is a pretty good guy too
Sweet&Sour 2 months ago
Who's the good Greg? The only other one I can think of at the moment is Onision and he's no good.
Toribi 3 months ago
if anyone talk about all cyber bullying like its as harmful as real bullying (School i'm looking at you) i assume they haven't been online for long. off topic but- the fact that school holds up cyber bullying so much as a child is getting ACTUALLY bullied in the next class is so ironic.
X542dash 901
X542dash 901 3 months ago
GP on the bus... Reminds me of Terry Davis. Rip Temple OS
Kanna Rio
Kanna Rio 3 months ago
whi the fuck licks their lips like that
May Ald
May Ald 3 months ago
Sweet&Sour 2 months ago
Toribi 3 months ago
No! I
Lee M.
Lee M. 3 months ago
I know the Paul brothers aren’t twins but I still can’t tell who is who and which controversy is associated with them separately.
Great job. We need your intelligence. These inbred pigs need to be ridiculed. The human race should not celebrate these low pigs
KezVlogsDaily 3 months ago
Omg how’d I miss this beauty? 2 year ago? Wtf! Ps this guy makes me cringe 😬 ewww. Manchild
Toribi 3 months ago
:D :D
:D :D 3 months ago
greg paul is like if greg heffley grew up
dermetaller15 3 months ago
I love it: If you knew how much I love you, YOU WOULD SHUT YOUR FUCKING BITCH ASS MOUTH!
Agent Eagle
Agent Eagle 3 months ago
So this is why the Paul children turned out this way.
Dax System
Dax System 3 months ago
i need 21:23 to 21:29 as an audio clip i can pull out whenever needed
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 3 months ago
18:59 so I guess calling homophobia a thing that should've stayed in the past is incorrect and something you shouldn't do? lmao
kit katty
kit katty 3 months ago
Watching TRO while I dont have power because of a storm. Worth it.
Lord Lyka
Lord Lyka 3 months ago
21:20 oh my god you almost made me spit out my milk XD
The Bat Next Door
The Bat Next Door 3 months ago
When the picture of Greg’s face was slowly morphing.... Jesus... terrifying....
Just A Normal Person
22:28 I bet that got you demonetized Rip
August Turner
August Turner 3 months ago
Just A Normal Person hahah I didn't even notice that
Sayrah Lawson
Sayrah Lawson 3 months ago
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Mia T
Mia T 3 months ago
Let's see Greg Paul try to use love to excuse Jake being raided by the FBI
Princess 3 months ago
I lost so many brain cells of listening to Greg Paul lie.
qwertylolzdwjkz 3 months ago
What... Mummy and Daddy dont refer to themselves as Jonathan's Mummy and Jonathan's Daddy to their emotionally viable associates? Well they will get a stern phonecall becometh dawn!
AceAbaddon 3 months ago
I am really surprised you managed to include injury Reserve into the video and not get it claimed haha
Malicity D'Obscuro
Malicity D'Obscuro 3 months ago
Old Luddite here, (yes, young Luddites exist)! catching up on the who YT soap "As the Stomach Churns", thanks to @TRO #TRO . The question I have, now that I Googled and remembered who the Hell the Paul was, is do any of you have a clue/care where and what he is up to now? Know that your answer may be read/considered by someone who wants/has a YT channel! Cheers.
Edna Noose
Edna Noose 3 months ago
The Paul's 🤦🏻‍♀️ And that lip licking compilation 🤢🤢🤢🤮 I've yet to see ANY redeeming qualities in ANY member of this family. I'm very lucky that I'm too old to have sucked on to these channels etc. Not that I ever would. They all make my skin crawl and my teeth itch. Should not be allowed to have 1 channel, let alone several. Vile excuses for human beings 🤢🤮 😡👎
Pluto’s Return
Pluto’s Return 4 months ago
The entire Paul family is a fucking anomaly
Tadao Kou
Tadao Kou 4 months ago
22:58-23:30 I have misophony and this triggers it so much that it is painfull to watch...
Krys Field
Krys Field 4 months ago
😄 maybe he had dry mouth from whatever or had a dip in Yuk
Broski supps
Broski supps 4 months ago
4:36 what's the song for that?
Kai Clyre
Kai Clyre 4 months ago
Holy shit the voice change
Eandem 4 months ago
‘What the F*ck do you think you’re doing Benji.’
EGLNetworkTM 4 months ago
22:26 - 22:30 woah! The fuck was that? We just gonna pretend there wasn't a big black woman sucking on a huge dildo?
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris 4 months ago
Great video, as always 👍🙂'All for the love, gotta have that love'...🤣😂 'The hater's' 😂🤣. Who are these idiots? I'm Australian.....🤭🙄
Mr Sauceman
Mr Sauceman 4 months ago
Cool cat is an asshole don't trust him.
L Klaassy
L Klaassy 5 months ago
lol that doxing database (I mean "anti-bullying" database) sounds REALLY similar to a start-up idea Candice Owens had before she sold her soul to PragerU lol.... she got the same response as Greg did.
Massivefang 5 months ago
Not going to lie, I had to pause the video roughly midway through for sport, but when I came back (right after) I noticed how Greg looks like Matthew Lillard if he was having a mid-life crisis and/or a drug addiction. Btw love your work as always TRO and I look forward to listening/watching another of your videos
Tlgotrh !
Tlgotrh ! 5 months ago
Ah yes the infamous egg Paul
暁Takuma暁 5 months ago
I lowkey thought greg was House from that one show lmfao
A 4 year old
A 4 year old 5 months ago
Nice persona music
Mysterious gay
Mysterious gay 5 months ago
"and although the Vine account doesn't appear to be up anymore . . ." No shit
Rizu Chan
Rizu Chan 5 months ago
I wonder how this man talks and looks in real life ._. ...
Rimoluna 5 months ago
19:05 I really, really, *really* did not need that
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 5 months ago
Jshdh Djs
Jshdh Djs 5 months ago
gotta say. dampbroadcasts editing was low key weak.
truly a wonderful bush to behold
Till the day I die I'll never understand how this family of downs became popular or relevant at all. Even as a toddler I could have seen these people are dumbass degenerates
themightykedge2 5 months ago
Wait a minute. I recognize that music at 0:0. Sounds like the alpha warheads are detonating.
Kay Zeama
Kay Zeama 5 months ago
Here after Jake Paul got arrested.
Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk 5 months ago
Lets not forget about his sex tape
charlotte purnell
charlotte purnell 5 months ago
I am here because I find your videos fun
DramaEx 5 months ago
DramaEx 5 months ago
Good god singing about how much of a good guy you are, every time I hear it I just reignite this "Good god you are a douche" feeling in myself about jake paul like, are you not self aware in the least?
Sarah Sutherland
Sarah Sutherland 5 months ago
If he wasn't going to call it a Hatabase, then what was the point?
MariXIV 5 months ago
I'm so sorry in advance but Hearing him swear like that is like being dunked with a bucket Soakin' wet I'mlegalIswear
L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
On Logan's podcast it is comfirmed that Greg Paul badly physically abused them, and forced them into child labour. On one occasion, as punishment of stealing, he forced Jake Paul to carry heavy wood for days or was it weeks? He threw his kids at walls and "beat the shit out of" them. HE IS DISGUSTING, HE IS A MONSTER WHO BELONGS IN JAIL. Now his son Jake Paul, belongs in jail becuase he was filming looting and was himself INVOLVED in looting during the protests. He wasn't there for black lives, he wasn't there for money because he's rich not poor. He was there to look hard, and to have fun.
babiechuuu 5 months ago
omg i love and appreciate that jojo reference
SK why
SK why 5 months ago
“But what if your family is Greg Paul?” Then I would move to the other side of the world and never speak to, or of him, ever again.
Cosplic 5 months ago
Normies: "The Second Verse" Me (cool guy extraordinaire): "These Condverse"
I'm a Mobile Game
I'm a Mobile Game