Donald Trump's Twitter Addiction 

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Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, it has been a journey, to his election, and now after his election. As we have noted a few times, his very upfront, audacious attitude can be a virtue to voters. It certainly was before the election, and although I didn’t support him I saw his victory coming a mile away.
One of my problems with Donald Trump, was that I didn’t think he had enough political experience to uproot the system that he claimed to want to, now, in a sense, it may’ve seemed like a better choice than going with Hillary Clinton, someone who knew the system and clearly had no intent to uproot it, for many people who were scorned by the establishment, it seemed like a clear choice, and I’ve spoken of my distaste of Hillary Clinton on multiple occasions, so we won’t be going back into that rabbit hole again.

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Dec 2, 2017




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
- Edited by: us-first.info/more/ZpQH8Q9QjmyY9h-MLVgtlA - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zany Jester, The Spanish Inn Physician, Yoo Toobah, Yerzi, Yeahsure, Bagsy, a7f, viirium - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson 13 days ago
Trump's biggest flaw is his massive narcissistic behaviors. It's cringy and has ruined many things for him, and virtually no-one over the decades has helped him overcome this. Over these past few years however he had been able to use twitter as a political tool of his own. One misspell had the major networks talking about it for weeks. I'll be real chief: I will miss him at America's helm.
You Died Wow
You Died Wow Month ago
Trump should of drop his phone in the ocean long ago.
Mike DiCiero
Mike DiCiero 4 months ago
Trump certainly is a mess with his Twitter, but i support him as President.
raddish owo
raddish owo 5 months ago
I got an ad for Donald Trump's birthday before this video. This grown ass man PAYED for and AD for people to sign his fucking birthday card. Ha, I hate living in America.
X L 5 months ago
This comment is stupid geez.
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
My favorite thing about trump was when he was pointing out how fucked Sweden was. Then he got ridiculed for it and then later on was proven that he was right all along...what I hated the most about the election that kind of scares me is how low the standards where if u where not a white straight male. Like people couldn't handle the idea that female politicians could be terrible for the country. We were expected to just bow down to her for being female and if we didn't we were sexist
NichtDerZocka 8 months ago
When was trump NOT part of the establishment. Like, ffs, he's a millionaire real estate star. He actively NEEDS the establishment to keep his bankroll coming in. Republicans and Democrats are just the same sleazy corrupt elitists, except the republicans get all loud about it.
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 8 months ago
3 yrs later... aint sh!t changed....
Rainbow Knight
Rainbow Knight 10 months ago
Probably the first video I don't quite agree with but then that's not anyone's aim with whatever they're discussing. I do like that you've often always added a diplomatic disclaimer to anything you've said. The perception of Trump is one that I probably can't even describe in a single word or even a set of words within the same sentence other than- trippy. When I first heard from my friends about this "Trump" chap- I thought gosh, he has to be a pig. Go figure, I didn't really look much into politics at all back then and I think it's safe to say most of us were on the cusp with what was to be a nosedive into the big divide between the so-called "Left" & "Right" after 2016 or so. Anyway, when I began to listen to what he actually had to say, my first thoughts were probably that of awe and guilt because I couldn't find myself help but agree with a lot of what he was saying. All Twitter comments aside, btw! I also in time actually found that much of what he was being accused of appeared to be distorted or untrue as statements he made were either oversimplified or taken out of context. Before the elections I did see a lot of passion in Trump which I didn't quite see in Hilary Clinton. I thought it was admirable that he was very patriotic which it seems has become of a questionable sense of pride to adopt these days and I don't know why that would even be up for discussion. After all, anyone from all walks of life in the country they live in are allowed to say "I'm proud to be British" "I'm proud to be Australian" "I'm proud to be American"- whatever. He has a strong work ethic and his own adage being "It's America first." but I don't remember him saying you have to be a particular profile to be that, more America as a whole. Anyway, this is all my opinion and maybe I'll read something tomorrow that will completely change my mind but at this point- I'm still a little surprised by how many people eat up what gets said on the news when we've been duped so many times on other matters for years before Trump. I'd go on far more but I'll keep it at that.
SamTM 4 months ago
People are stupid. Simple response eh.
Drogon Year ago
Nobody has commented on this video in 10 months.
RED ROOM Year ago
Donald trump reminds me of a twisted version of perfect Peter.
vonkäuen Theforbidden
Trump reminds me of an anime character. That character is Isaac Netero from Hunter X Hunter. He's playful, and does a lot of things just for the hell of it or to mess with people. And yet, there is a more serious side to him, a side that is cunning and powerful. He wins fights by being unpredictable. He moves his hand one way, and while you're focusing on that, you get slammed by his giant orange hand from an unexpected direction. He has principles, but he also does things for the glory and for his amusement.
Demonlolz 2 years ago
Hanlon'z razer
Mott Bollomy
Mott Bollomy 2 years ago
I feel like you're giving him a little too much credit, there was no alternative reason for clapping back at Lavar Ball, he is immature, and i believe that's it
Beans 2 years ago
You ready to accept the fact that Trump is a moron but that his base is even dumber? Look at his idiotic baby tweets. The dude filled the swamp with Wallstreet, essentially pumping it full of hormones. During the election he was a wildcard, nobody knew how he would do in politics. Well, now we know. But you won't do a video, because you are afraid of losing all the trump fans in your base. You're as bad as BOOGIE.
SamTM 4 months ago
@Jon Snor i doubt hes racist. Even if you find him moronic at times, which is a Very true statement no matter the swing. i just don't see him racist to mexicans as a whole.
Jim 2 years ago
Ned Barks Everyone in politics is a cunt in some way. Bearing that in mind I would rather have a cunt who doesn't want to invade the Middle East and who doesn't constantly bang on about white privilege.
Jon Snor
Jon Snor 2 years ago
He isnt just a troll he is a criminal. In tax and business issues at least. And an open rassist(mexicans) and sexist. I understand why people dont like her, but she is at least mental stabile and professional.
Jim 2 years ago
Ned Barks Well it was either him, Hillary 'I destabilised Libya and Syria' Clinton or Bernie 'white people don't know what it's like to be poor' Sanders. Sorry, but in that kind of scenario the internet troll is the better candidate.
Jon Snor
Jon Snor 2 years ago
Its called hindsight. If people didnt just vote out of anger they would have realized that a crazy arrogant fraud billionaire doesnt want even remotely the best for everyone, he wouldnt be president. A crooked politican is actually the norm in the us(and trump is even more a crook) and doesnt do such crazy things.
Tom Kenning
Tom Kenning 2 years ago
If he's walking on thin ice, he's doing it with big fuck off boots and jumping up and down
Keana Attwood
Keana Attwood 3 years ago
ISIS fighters returning to the UK and Sadiq Khan says nothing about them nit being welcome. Trump makes a Tweet Sadiq is up in arms banging on about how he's not welcome in the UK. I think people need to concentrate on the serious stuff and no do much on tweets
Peter Banderas
Peter Banderas 3 years ago
I get the feeling that the whole twitter thing has more to do with keeping the media rabid. Much of his support comes from the fact that he drives the far left and the sympathetic left leaning media insane. They breathlessly harp on every little thing that he does, from eating two scoops of ice cream to tossing a roll of paper towels. The more the left and the media focus on the insanely inane aspects of Trump, the more the regular people come to believe that maybe Trump might might actually have some successes that are bring ignored because the media seems so dedicated to twitter non-scandals. It also pushes people to look up alternative news sources that tend to be more sympathetic to Trump. Why watch CNN, when they constantly confirm Trump's claim that they are "fake news"? No sane person seriously believes that a war will break out because Trump called a short fat guy "short" and "fat"... But listen to the news and they sound like a fat little finger is hovering over the button waiting for a tweet that will push things to far. The people Trump wants on his side care about jobs, which he seems to be bringing back... They care about a strong economy, which the stock markets seem to be pointing at... And they don't care if Trump said something politically incorrect on twitter, which the media seems obsessed with... Honestly I think people are more tired of listening to the left freak out than they are of Trump's tweets.
The Mute Button
The Mute Button 3 years ago
Throughout the whole video it sounds like you're just desperate to burst out laughing.
SamTM 4 months ago
TrappedinMyPsyche 3 years ago
If you taunt someone enough eventually they will snap.
Nathan Long
Nathan Long 3 years ago
Remember when you try to destroy the system you become the system remember that people.
Professor Voxi
Professor Voxi 3 years ago
Genius or suicide? BOTH
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Ingenious suicide
Bricc Thicc
Bricc Thicc 3 years ago
"Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault" - Donald Trump 2013
Bricc Thicc
Bricc Thicc 3 years ago
The Right Opinion he must have been the first person to see season 3 of Rick and Morty
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Proof he's a genius
TheRedVelveteer 3 years ago
Five videos in a week? Damn. Your script and your editors' work are noticeabley improving, and the hilarity of Trump's messed up probably-strategy is always amazing. Personally, I think he's a lot smarter than he's letting on with his words and yet as blundering in his decisions as the world has decided. I think he's a very good businessman, and that makes him 50% the best president you'll ever see and 50% a childish billionaire with a larger playground than ever before. At the start, I was enthralled and wondered what exactly the Mean Girls-esque tweets and unpopular motions would lead to on the other side of the Earth. But Trump just keeps messing things up, and I think we're right to feel a little bit worried. Worst case scenario, my young adulthood will be encompassed by Trump's presidency. I'll fondly remember the Homestuck president and then the Blond Wotsit will probably help destroy net neutrality (or start a nuclear war, or something else big or small pertaining to the ripple effect) before I can even get a degree here in England. I feel a little cheated, honestly, that one of the most important people in the world appears a tad deranged and has the explicit power to change everyone's lives despite that. But that's just my two cents.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Very nuanced comment
Victor Rand
Victor Rand 3 years ago
Slow incremental change is baked into our system. Lots of divided power to restrain anyone from having too much control.n
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Yeah it's a recurring problem.
gNightrow 3 years ago
I was waiting for quite a long time for this type of video, good job.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Thank you
The_Borg 3 years ago
Genius or suicide? Genius.
JacobTheSomething 3 years ago
lol drumpf look at these funny twets covfefe hha
Ennui 3 years ago
Good video, my man. Probably the best "Trump is shitty" videos I've seen.
AveragePixel 3 years ago
Not really sure if his twitter has worsened, but it's certainly more entertaining. Then again entertainment value and controversy are pretty one in the same on his twitter
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
They are, it's all inclusive.
Yomilover 3 years ago
I kind of liked the south park episode about how the majority of left wing voters view his tweets. It's a bit pandering but still pretty funny. However, Korea might or might not bomb the U.S. depending on if daddy China lets them.
JacobTheSomething 3 years ago
clearly they will and then we all die
WorkingUsername 3 years ago
Ahhh good ol Mr J Trump! Browsing through Trump's twitter for this video was sure fun!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Yeah was a good one!
Doco 3 years ago
Donald Trump's twitter is a blessing to the internet.
socially inept spider-man
No it isn't, it's a curse
YSF 3 years ago
HappyCraftTV Love him or hate him, his Twitter is absolute class lol
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
It is very entertaining
Nunya Bizniz
Nunya Bizniz 3 years ago
In all honesty, President Trump's twitter account and it's contents nor does the image he presents as the POTUS matter a single bit in administrating this country. Everyone is focusing on looks when they should be focusing on his accomplishments as they affect the people infinitely more than a tweet. On a personal note, I feel President Trump should keep it up. It makes the opposition look like complete shit every time he triggers them on his Twitter account. And seeing as how that's all the left has going for it, it is a highly effective weapon against them. In this way, it is slowly waking people up to the reality that the leaders they thought were benevolent were actually the worst that could ever be.
Nunya Bizniz
Nunya Bizniz 3 years ago
How does him being a lying narcissist matter when he has started working on if not fulfilled promises he made on the campaign trail? You know, something a politician has never done? Secondly, why does it matter that he is a lying narcissist when lying and narcissism is a standard part of human communication? Would you rather the economy die while we go to war with the second most powerful military in the world?
Mrwutevah 3 years ago
Good point. But what about all the trumpets? How will one make them realize Trump is a lying narcissist, and extremely unfit to sit on such power?
Darker Elite the Pi Ninja
Me'sa Jar Jar Binks me'sa ruined Star Wars (Twitter is cancer and Trump is a cancer on said cancer)
absolute bs
absolute bs 3 years ago
You know that part of your brain...that keeps you from saying the darnedest things...Trump lacks that and expresses it, for better or worse, on his Twitter. Great vid! and an insightful take on this mess!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Thank you :)
Tony Gunk
Tony Gunk 3 years ago
At least his tweets are funny
Roescoe Year ago
For the exact right reason
J-productions Year ago
Not for the right reason
Kerri Temporary
Kerri Temporary 3 years ago
Trump is such a meme. God bless him. I hope his social media use sets the standard for politicians. It's so very entertaining. If America gets bombed for a tweet, it was a fun ride.
Roescoe Year ago
Seriously, he has too much fun with twitter
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
That's the spirit!
Crusty bits in my Skiddy Underpants
trump is awesome. 4ck our parliament.
Not Dom
Not Dom 3 years ago
Why would The Right Opinion insult me by calling me “young,” when I would NEVER call him “ugly and posh?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his head admin - and maybe someday that will happen!
Not Dom
Not Dom 3 years ago
The Right Opinion I cannot judge men
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
I'm not ugly
Chancellor of Memes
Tbf Donald trump is just the alolan Boris Johnson tbh
Chancellor of Memes
The Right Opinion atleast Boris has a lot more charisma Donald trump seems to be so unpredictable at times he suffers from blank slate syndrome. Some people think he’s a lunatic and others think he’s some genius mastermind playing underwater 4d chess and we just haven’t realized it.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
I can see that comparison
electricvv 3 years ago
Choke me bow & arrow style Nunchuck Master Daddy while you throw my arm into another dimension and hog tie me and drag me all over the dojo.
Trump's Twitter is a beautiful mess that's too entertaining to look away from at this point.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
An apocalypse of beauty
Obese Meme Productions
What part of Britain are you from just wondering because colossal is crazy sounds the similar
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
No problemo
Obese Meme Productions
The Right Opinion Oh cool just wondering because being American I don't really know how to place European accents thanks for taking time to respond
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Yeah we both originate from towards the South West
All Mighty Pixel
All Mighty Pixel 3 years ago
I think the basketball player situation we're saying nothing would have benefited him more than saying anything at all
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Yeah true
OnlyBro555 3 years ago
Good video .Also can you make a video about the funny things that Musk has been doing relating to politics?
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Oh, sounds like an interesting venture, I have my videos planned for this week, but it sounds like he's ascended...
OnlyBro555 3 years ago
The Right Opinion well he has been working with Hillary Campaign. And denounced being a Atheist. Has been traveling to around USA.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
What's he been up to exactly?
Timothy Duran
Timothy Duran 3 years ago
Trump has certainly become more active in recent months with his twitter account, but it hasn't necessarily been for the good or for the bad altogether. There are good and bad moments that come from him being on his Twitter account so much, but I think most people agree that, no matter the instance in which he is tweeting, it is usually entertaining. Great video as always!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
Thank you my man, and that is very true
Mr Radiance
Mr Radiance 3 years ago
Donald trump is a bit impulsive user Twitter to say the least but prepare this diversion so they repeal net neutrality
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
I hope not
Gallus gallus domesticus
Let's build a wall around Trumps twitter.
Gallus gallus domesticus
And we'll make Mr. Kim pay for it.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
It'd be cheaper
Relievedmoon 3 years ago
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
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