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The Right Opinion: Do US-firstrs Really Understand Mental Health? The Betterhelp Legacy | TRO
You see, I released a video on h3, I worked incredibly hard on the research that brought it together, the points I made, and I gave it a lot of thought. Explaining why I believed they had strayed from their original content and this had subsequently led them to take a break, I took a sympathetic point of view towards them, because how I felt, I think there are a lot of people on the verge of burnout.
However, almost immediately I released it, I had a load of comments pointing out that h3 had got themselves in another mess less than 24 hours before, leading my video to be timed fairly inconveniently . So what was this mess? Well let’s talk about BetterHelp…
Even if you’re a US-first casual, you will have heard of BetterHelp, the online, interactive website, that promotes therapy on an accessible platform: the internet. So to give you a breakdown, if you’re a patient of this site, you sign up, and you fill out a basic form explaining what you’re looking for, and what may you may be experiencing, and what they do is that they have an extensive roster of therapists who are allegedly qualified, we’ll return to the allegedly part in a bit, anyway, they hook you up with one of these therapists. The ultimate aim? Well that’s unclear, and we’ll explain why that’s a problem in a bit, but the general aim is to improve health.
But if you’ve seen the title, you’ll know that this is a video about US-firstrs, so where do they factor into this very enticing plot?
Well BetterHelp targeted a certain band of US-firstrs, in fact, ones that I like to talk about the most. The individuals who are seen as moral bastions on the platform, this is no coincidence, these individuals have built special relationships with their fans, and unlike the Jake Pauls of this generation, they deal with mature subjects, they have a slightly more adult audience, this is the sort of thing that is perfect.
And honestly the environment has been set up pretty neatly for something like this to come into play. Now, make no mistake, BetterHelp has existed for a few years, since its inception in 2013, it was always purring in the background, but recently, one of their marketing executive must have spotted an opportunity in the fertile grounds of US-first. Which is a smart idea in principle. In the last few years, US-first has become a lot deeper than just a place where people put on facades for the day, and I’ve spoken about that in length in the past. It just seems like a progression of the culture.
Amongst a lot of the deeper topics that have popped up in the last few years, one that seems increasingly prevalent is that of “depression” and mental health, there are a multiple reasons for this. I think the online world has brought together a new set of people who find themselves away from the turmoil of their real lives, and in that escape we equally tried to find answers for the problems that we face in our minds, and one of those does come down to mental health.
Depression as such is a complex topic, we need to be able to distinguish between when we may just be experiencing mood dips, and when we actually have a chemical imbalance that disposes us to be legitimately depressed. A great example of the confusion of the two was Prince EA’s video on how you’re not depressed, you just have to shut up. Also, was great to see that Prince EA made the Mental Health Awareness day, after such an inspirational set of videos.
US-firstrs know that speaking about depression is extremely sensitive, you can’t be seen as taking advantage of the topic, but equally we are in a culture where people are being encouraged to be open about their experiences with the condition, and often being open about these things can help others, and we certainly shouldn’t diminish that. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be seen as clickbaiting it, or taking advantage of the possible experiences of suffering to emotionally manipulate our audiences, so ironically it becomes a whole different balancing act on working out how to appear genuine, which in a way, is contrived within itself. But that’s a topic for a different time.
Equally, creators who use these experiences in their videos will create a bond with the audience, often creating a shared experience, and maybe helping an individual come to terms with their own struggles, and so it made perfect sense that BetterHelp reach out to these lovely creators, who are renowned for their reputability, to promote their therapy website and help others make it through the same struggles but there’s a catch, in fact there are a lot of catches.
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Nov 7, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: New video, hope you guys enjoy, this one was extremely exhausting to make, but I hope it pays off in a way, I guess we’ll see! I’m gonna take a break for a while. CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Corticera: us-first.info - Benjamin Rogers: twitter.com/BenjaminRogersX - WorkingUsername: us-first.info/more/ZpQH8Q9QjmyY9h-MLVgtlA - Simon: us-first.info/more/dK3Xos0HVCNRAYei8YNUvA - J Aubrey: us-first.info/more/YvEb6iLPxLPZTe6NcUUUeA - ColeoIsCooleo: us-first.info Part 2 References - Benjamin Rogers Pewdiepie Video - us-first.info/player/video/brWBmoaTho2fe4U.html BetterHelp review page: www.betterhelp.com/reviews/ Al Dirschberger case: www.wivb.com/news/local-news/dirschberger-former-social-services-commissioner-indicted-on-rape-charge/1083189335 A few testaments of BetterHelp: us-first.info/player/video/e6qIoZClZJ2DmGQ.html us-first.info/player/video/i7V4pZuBXXt3fXU.html us-first.info/player/video/r62Ii22RXZaXo30.html us-first.info/player/video/eJmJppBooG5-dWg.html twitter.com/theSiren_song/status/1047965917190094848 twitter.com/twisty_kris/status/1048203256617426944 twitter.com/whatthenicole/status/1050022468830842880 twitter.com/magicalcherryxx/status/1050071870895091714 twitter.com/hanlee770/status/1048192061621653505 twitter.com/Sagemaster15/status/1047660975476760576 twitter.com/gwenugget/status/1049175895208906754 twitter.com/oneduality/status/1053201037471956993 twitter.com/skyiora/status/1047904526722912256 BetterHelp video review: us-first.info/player/video/brWBmoaTho2fe4U.html RobSpence: www.fiverr.com/robspence Alon Matas Response: medium.com/@alonmatas/when-betterhelp-found-itself-in-a-youtube-controversy-3fd472229a4e Spelling Better Help point: twitter.com/thenerdcity/status/1047969513189384195 Part 3 References - WorknUsername BetterHelp page with claims on: www.betterhelp.com/about/ BetterHelp studies: dy7glz37jgl0b.cloudfront.net/brand/betterhelp/press-kit/Study_of_BetterHelp_eCounseling.pdf Ctrl+f to find specific quotes Part 4 References - Simon Rood Pewdiepie Video - us-first.info/player/video/brWBmoaTho2fe4U.html Videos which have been sponsored by BetterHelp: us-first.info/player/video/atd6eHmEg2iRdXE.html us-first.info/player/video/qZWDd32Lonubp5M.html us-first.info/player/video/l517m4GVp66ddqM.html us-first.info/player/video/rLmBnoqiiZSTjZc.html us-first.info/player/video/o7iim5l4om6sg2g.html BetterHelp Terms of Service: www.betterhelp.com/terms/ Not a substitute: Part 5 References - J Aubrey Domics Start of Thread - twitter.com/OmNomDomz/status/1049815179431559169 US-firstrs who had good experiences: us-first.info/player/video/qZWDd32Lonubp5M.html us-first.info/player/video/jNeed4d3nJZkjqM.html twitter.com/michelleplatti/status/1050148141411037184 twitter.com/littlesiha/status/1047903126190153728 My video on Philip DeFranco - us-first.info/player/video/ebhqjWqkoIqaaWQ.html Philip DeFranco’s video on BetterHelp - us-first.info/player/video/nd-HpId4pICbjYU.html Colossal’s Response - us-first.info/player/video/fa2gqHuBp62UZIU.html DeFranco’s post - twitter.com/PhillyD/status/1051954343513976833 Part 6 References - Coleo DeFranco’s post - twitter.com/PhillyD/status/1051954343513976833 Videos which have been sponsored by BetterHelp: us-first.info/player/video/atd6eHmEg2iRdXE.html us-first.info/player/video/qZWDd32Lonubp5M.html us-first.info/player/video/l517m4GVp66ddqM.html us-first.info/player/video/rLmBnoqiiZSTjZc.html us-first.info/player/video/o7iim5l4om6sg2g.html Pseudo-Scientific study results h3 BetterHelp - us-first.info/player/video/l5d5paGLj46Wjnk.html Pewdiepie Video - us-first.info/player/video/brWBmoaTho2fe4U.html
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 20 days ago
nice scientific base of your argument, greetings from Germany - a fellow psychology student
Aisaka Taiga
Aisaka Taiga 6 months ago
Honestly Ethan probably thought pewdiepies video was attacking him because Ethan was dumb and not paying attention lol. And I say that with love,.huge fan
Love Laneonthebeat Montes
I don't trust much of anyone online when it comes to e-service and my health. It's bad enough I turn to google whenever I think I'm dying, and sure enough it tells me that I just might be. Don't ask, then answer is yes. I am a hypochondriac!
Satan Appreciation Club
@don’t at me i’m moody I recognize it, but can't for the life of me remember what it's called or who it's by and it's distressing
Socially_Mute Year ago
@Alex Whyment I'm arguing they should stick LESS shit in it and also not abuse motion tools so much that I feel guilty for not calling the police on them. Smartass.
DJ Prey
DJ Prey Day ago
Unless laws changed since last time I researched into this area in theory any man or woman can give mental health advice meaning you don't in theory need any qualification or experience to do that job as such you could mean on this site anywhere from useless person all the way towards amazing person but to me in general getting help online for mental issues in general a double edge sword you could deal with amazing person or useless person and to me without you trying each person first you have no idea if the person going to help or not help you so I don't think unless you have no choice online help better than physical person unless you are say scared of going outside or something like that stopping you for dealing with person in real life.
Wayfaring Stranger
I don't believe in therapy
Wayfaring Stranger
This first comment I make is before even watching, based on the title alone: *NO* youtubers don't know about mental health. Again, a resounding, HELL NO.
Emily Dennie
Emily Dennie 3 days ago
lol I got an ad for Betterhelp on this video................
IBOGA Germany Ibogaspirit
You just picking people with narcissistic behaviors.. This is the basic of internet things like US-first and tictoc or other web sites. Why you blame them for the different ways of sick behavior and making money out of it? Why you don't use your intelligence to make the world a better place? You are brave and smart enough to explain this disorders and help our youth to jump off this narcotics society! Your time and skills could be used so much better than with this senless stuff. We need people like you to create and live this life we dream of.. Please think about it.. Because you are great and it hurts me to see such people with your gifts to waste it like this! Big hug
Mariana 8 days ago
Sure, people's individual mental health shouldn't be exploited. But the field of mental health treatment is a business, it has to be. I speak as a mental health counselor myself. If you as a client go to an agency, the business side of things are a couple levels separated from your relationship with your counselor. However, if you go to a private practice, your counselor is also the administratior (most likely) and you paying and them treating their practice as a business IS their livelihood. So it HAS to be a business. I do this work because I want to bring wellness and help to others and I also have to survive so it is a business. I am not defending Better Help, I'm just highlighting our reality as providers that you did not consider.
Mike K.
Mike K. 9 days ago
where's the azn tard who leaves a comment in every vid?
Leah Muhlestein
Leah Muhlestein 11 days ago
7:45 those bookmarks though
growingoaks productions
In short, nah. They might act like they have mental illness, but it's just that: An act. They're often extremely privileged and not really dealing with any thing that bad.
I just don't care anymore !
I just go to the psych ward when I get to a certain point.
Aries 15 days ago
Can anyone give me that violin bgm around 8:30? Shits beautiful
cheng chao
cheng chao 25 days ago
As a doctor I don't think I would get another research grant if my name was on a 'research paper' as bad as those.
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper 25 days ago
I agree with pretty much everything tro is saying, but I think whether we like it or not everything has a market value. Physical health does, even in England we have to pay for medication if we aren't eligible for free medicine. I understand that mental health is a more complicated matter, however I believe people should have the right to capitalise on it; as long as its not blatant fraud.
Tymbus 27 days ago
It looks like a lot of the data is represented by descriptive statistics rather than testing the statistical significance of the data
•Cooked Strawbry•
Im commenting just because of the monokuma in the beginning
Beaches InCali
Beaches InCali 29 days ago
God I'm so glad I get therapy with my benefits
DK H Month ago
I bought vitamins and protein from a company one of my favorite US-firstrs was promoting. It came 2 weeks late (due to covid they said), the packaging was destroyed and one of the items I bought was not in my order. Now, they did send me an entirely new order but I didn't go and yell at her for promoting this company I had a less than satisfactory experience with. Why? Because they are vitamins, not my mental health.
MisterGnafe Month ago
What is the music from 05:10?
Unhumanized Month ago
Im glad people saw through the facade
Kegels Master
Kegels Master Month ago
I love binge watching this man. 🥰👑🏆
Considering they all parrot the same "Oh youtbe can be stressful and it leads to depression" line i'd say a solid no. This was a weird time in youtube.
Elias Renteria
Elias Renteria Month ago
i just want to say that viola/violin player was going fucking ham on that theme
TheeOnlyDjinn- Deadeye
I've suffered from depression and GAD for over 13 years so 1)afraid to watch as im always scared mental health reasons will be diminished 2) can someone truly balance excuse for bad action due to ill mental health or is it just bad action and 3) certain terms being co-opted (which is nothing new) being put into society which diminishes the term.the biggest i can think of is trigger warning.which pretty much at this point means if you feel slightly aggravated as opposed to something that could seriously aggravate the condition your dealing with.
Holphana Scott
Holphana Scott Month ago
We have to insert our own story when talking about mental health. Without definitive studies it seems to me the best way to help is for us to seek-out like minded people and give them a chance to try what might work for them. i.e. an extrovert probably shouldn't be advising an introvert. (ignoring exceptions to rules) tl;dr mental health is like religion. It's great to try and help people but what works for you doesnt work for everyone.
xNicciix Month ago
As a college student who has to write at least two to three papers each semester and conducted a study last semester their methodology and bias are actually disgusting. Studies are supposed to determine if yout theories are correct in an objective way, they're not supposed to be marketing tools. And for them to just want to look good and not find out if their people (who are seeking help) are actually doing better or if you have to change your way of treatment to better help them is also disgusting.
Neil Meehan
Neil Meehan Month ago
It’s funny how betterhelp just sitting on their heads looks like the equivalent to Killer Queen being in the MC’s eyes
Courtney-leigh Kelly
Personally I feel like I enjoy the ideology behind US-firstrs discussing mental health, however coming across someone who opens the doors to all forms of mental health is IMPOSSIBLE. I'm diagnosed with a lot of issues but the main ones being OCD, ADHD and EUPD. It shocks me when I do talk to people that ultimately I'll be prejudged as some kind of hygiene nut ( I wash once a day and my flat isn't perfect) that behaves like a child hyper on sweets (not even close). I don't believe there's many US-firstrs who fairly interpret MH, or that don't use it as a form of emotional manipulation towards their viewers, like Amberlyn Reid/Reed(??) Who made a claim she was Bipolar, which turned out to be quite untrue. Self diagnosis has opened all of the wrong doors for US-firstrs looking to become more "relatable" and more like "normal" people. Now I'm not tarnishing all that talk about MH as manipulative people, or liars, I accept there's exceptions to every rule. However I fully believe that the process of Self Diagnosis has bought companies such as betterhelp a bigger platform and a bigger audience to scam. It's not a valid source of diagnosis, and it's dangerous. You may be treated for an illness you do not have. MH shouldn't be so taboo, but it's US-firstrs and companies like this that drag us down as a form corporate money making machine, giving services a bad image (certainly detrimental to some people seeking help, can be very disheartening) but also people who suffer the less "popular" (and I hate using that terminology in this context but brain fart) illnesses can be almost alienated on online platforms, as they don't belong to the group of 'acceptable to talk about' illnesses. Something I've come across when attempting to open up myself. Again, I don't believe everyone will belong to this rule, and this is just my own opinion and experience, and accept that others will have different opinions and experiences.
Faceless .
Faceless . Month ago
Haha 666,000 view!
Pita Bread
Pita Bread Month ago
as someone with anxiety,i dont wanna be talking to random people,I wanna talk to *p r o f e s s i o n a l s*
noobert the second
0:23 M O N O K U M A ! ?
Zzgaming 4229
Zzgaming 4229 Month ago
TRO: god my life is just one continues cycle of dispair Also TRO: show Monokuma Monokuma: pufufu Me: was that a Danganronpa refrence
Lucy Lynn
Lucy Lynn Month ago
The BG music is quite nice
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Month ago
Felix being fragile is why he needed better help with his depression
Nightlock Month ago
the music going around 7:33 is great. What's it called?
DaRealCandyCat Month ago
Cue the Danganronpa execution music
Jake Ellis
Jake Ellis 2 months ago
"40 fucking minutes" oh TRO, how far you've come
K-SING MUSIC 2 months ago
Hello sir, new subscriber here and I have to say love your channel mate! Also I was binge watching your videos yesterday and saw few videos that referred you in the title in a negative way. Though I don’t know what was said In them videos because I kept on scrolling, just thought I’d pass on the info!
asmRTPOP 2 months ago
Omg lolol dollar shave club. Thanks youtubers but I can buy my own shaving supplies and as someone AFAB I know more about shaving than people who only shave beards. 😙
asmRTPOP 2 months ago
US-firstrs we gotta start researching people before we say they have strong moral grounding. H3? That’s a joke. SHANE!? At the time of this video Shane still had blackface, animal abuse, and sexualization of minors up. 😳😳
Ech - Pi
Ech - Pi 2 months ago
I think Prince EAs message was just misinterpreted. Personally, I saw it as him saying that depression does not become who you are. You, yourself, are not depression. You may feel depressed, you can have depression, but you are not your emotions and conditions.
Friendly Neighborhood Ace Pan
Kyle Foster
Kyle Foster 2 months ago
I would never advertise for mental health solutions to a wide of audience as the internet. You will receive too many and too wide of range of clients that mistakes will be rampant. People should know that free is either low quality, automated or filled with ads. Companies should know better than to try and provide a care service for free.
Emily the loli Nightray
Whenever I see a US-firstr taking a mental health break and they say it's from depression or anxiety, I wonder if they know what it's really like to have depression or anxiety.
Lily M
Lily M 2 months ago
Prince EA is a moron about mental health.
KezVlogsDaily 2 months ago
God damn you are very concise. I think I’m love *blushes*
Sauwen SVK
Sauwen SVK 2 months ago
A lot of people have already mentioned this one (of MANY) problems, but for a 20 y.o. kid with three "simple" diagnoses, who spent his high school/teenage years in psychiatric hospitals, with no end in sight, it's pretty annoying to be bombarded from all sides by people talking about depression, whenever someone feels down for 2 days cause they are overcoming a breakup... I don't mind people trying to uplift one another in their downtime, (I'd never wish my alternative upon anyone) but I think its detrimental to lump together such a large subject under the banner of anxiety and depression. I'm not trying to be picky, but this ignorant oversimplification of such complex topics makes me mad, and only reinforces the terrible "advice mashup" when someone with years of therapy is swallowed by comments like "Have you tried to just smile a lot? Just don't sit in that corner, be a bit happy, jeez. Why do you need to take pills, if it's all just in your head? Ignore it!" ...I internally send those people to hell, when they approach me, but when I see people tell this to someone I've spoken to and know is in terrible pain, it infuriates me.
Des Des
Des Des 2 months ago
Oof those studies are really bad. Thanks for the breakdown.
Michael Jackson Disney Barbie lalaloopsy Michael Jackson doll channel
No ones struggles are invalid but you can not approach the situation with a one size fits all outlook you can not say you're experience is everyone else's experience with mental health
lovingBrendon 2 months ago
wtf. I really love your videos but the fact that you talk sooooo much.. I mean waiting 5 whole minutes for the content to actually start...
the champion ribbit
the champion ribbit 2 months ago
Im making this comment basically before the video. I would say youtubers in general would yes understand mental health/ disabilities. I know a few who have spoken out about about their own issues(I will not say names, it's not my place to point them out) but most youtubers are people and like most ppl some are stupid, some are smart,depressed, chronically anxious etc etc. But like most people they have their own issues. But not everyone knows what they are talking about. I might add an other comment after the vid but that is my answr to the label of this video.
Pain Incorporated
Pain Incorporated 2 months ago
H3h3 is a poopy head
Peter 2 months ago
I feel like some of the reactions in this were too emotional and hold everyone to a standard that just seems very naive to me. Want people to act perfectly and investigate everything and not cover their butts with vague and slightly dumb excuses? You want people to do better? I think you have the wrong species for that.
Sea The Runaway Faerie
This guy is the human version of Sherlock
emma’s dilemma
emma’s dilemma 2 months ago
my favorite is the people who say religion cures depression. unless god changes you chemical imbalances then you actually were never depressed, just sad
Unstable Daydreamer
Unstable Daydreamer 2 months ago
I agree wholeheartedly. It’s just plain offensive. Religious nuts like that have no right to talk about mental health and if someone in the church is depressed and that message is getting to them, it can be extremely damaging.
Seige 2 months ago
I play overwatch and for anyone that didnt understand the comparison between the youtubers and bastion, hes calling them, C A N C E R
League Of Chill
League Of Chill 3 months ago
I don't get, how you defend mental health as something that shouldn't become corporate business. Everything else about humanity already IS. Also, face-to-face therapy is a form of business already. Everything is business and everything is about money. Not that I think it's good, but pointing out that ONE thing you think shouldn't be handled as business is misleading in making others think, it's okay for everything else to be about money.
Maria Klippert
Maria Klippert 3 months ago
Tschiki S. Davis, i hear Cheeky ass Davis :^)
Kanna Rio
Kanna Rio 3 months ago
good to know tro is a danganronpa ally
epicninjali 3 months ago
It’s sad but science now of days science is much more of a business than it is an art. The people who did this research were paid to get novel results, and they did.....
Grace 3 months ago
Adding onto BetterHelp my mother who is a therapist who obviously has clients told me how different being on the screen vs being in person is as a therapist. The connection between the therapist and the client is major if you can't establish one then it's better to move onto a new therapist, they'd have better luck branding it as life coaching instead as then doing these sessions online wouldn't be so difficult as you don't have to meet a life coach in person to establish such an important connection and is more easily done online than it would be if it were therapy. It's also extremely concerning that some of these therapists may not have the correct education to be giving therapy to presumably vulnerable people.
fernb3rry 3 months ago
seeing philly d made my stomach drop
The RoGus
The RoGus 3 months ago
Was the study conducted by a certain Sir Humphrey Appleby?
Minereth 3 months ago
Only US-firstr who I think understands Mental Health is Woody'sgamertag
Taylor Sexton
Taylor Sexton 3 months ago
The way you analyzed that study.... damn. Well done.
Olaff Bog
Olaff Bog 3 months ago
We are a social species. Whilst the internet opens up more communication we lose the 'reality' of community - ie - laughter is infectious; LOL is not. This solitude of 'soul' creates loneliness, and loneliness is the bringer of a lot of unpleasanteness. How can an online 'help' actually give any real help? A great way of breaking someone is to turn them into a statistic, and nothing more than a tick in a box - Now, here come, fill in this form and tick some boxes for help. We will help you but you will remain alone.
Renara Hawke
Renara Hawke 3 months ago
The fact I got a Better Help add on this video makes feel weird.
Lisa Simpson Rules
Lisa Simpson Rules 3 months ago
Also, in the UK there is a system called DBS, which from my point of view has several flaws. But it is used by companies to make sure that a person has no previous convictions, and registers any type of legal issue in which a DBS-holder might get involved which may put a customer into danger. There are a number of jobs in which nowadays you cannot hold without having a squicky clean DBS. Is there anything similar in the US? I know that in Spain there is nothing like that.
Em Rt
Em Rt 3 months ago
Psychological help in general can be a hit or miss. Unreliable at best and dehumanizing at worst. I had an emotional, a total psychological breakdown, where I had to be institutionalized. There I witnessed a disturbing trend among the workers. In general it's for profit and in America that's usually the case it's just it's also treated that way without any real attempt to obfuscate that. I felt like a person on a conveyor belt being tossed medication till I would answer in such a way that would classify me as fixed. The antidepressants didn't help. They only gave me withdrawal symptoms. So why share this on the video? Weeks before my breakdown I went to this app for help. I couldn't afford it and as I typed in the personal information it felt like a scam. I very much believed it to be so. It didn't help. After falling apart I was diagnosed with major depression. I fell off the conveyor belt with a label that proved my feelings were valid and nothing more.
TheGoodDrD 3 months ago
Now they trying the same push on Facebook
RedRhett 3 months ago
27:36 im a simple man, I see nirvana thumbnail so I exit video to listen to it.
sizzlepopgirl 3 months ago
Make a video on dr phil!
madapult 3 months ago
That statement about Shane having "strong moral grounding" has not aged well lol - great video like always I don't know why I'm only just watching it
asmRTPOP 2 months ago
It was never a logical statement in the first place-when he said that Shane has videos up of blackface, of him sexually assaulting animals, and of him being sexual with minors... idgi how did it not age well... it was never well to begin with
BuxaTa 3 months ago
I miss the clown's structured arguments ;(
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 3 months ago
I know you have nothing to do with ad targeting, but that’s the fourth time watching one of your videos I’ve gotten a 47-minute ad trying to sell me a program to manipulate women and “get them.”
Hayhay626 3 months ago
I actually heard about Better Help from a podcast called Office Ladies
fork Hunter
fork Hunter 4 months ago
Ight who put Amberlyn Reid in the video
ProPork 4 months ago
whoever edited the part with the Squarehead WillNE picture, thank you
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 3 months ago
Valérie Gagné
Valérie Gagné 4 months ago
The Shane having a strong moral compass line did not age well...
growingoaks productions
@asmRTPOP Woooooooah. What? We're talking about Shane Dawson right? He has made jokes about having sex with animals and he's ALSO made jokes about having sex with his niece, who's a fucking minor. That dude was straight trash from the start and I never supported him.
-aeria- 26 days ago
@asmRTPOP many people didn't know about those videos though.
Zachary Pegg
Zachary Pegg 29 days ago
I'm glad this comment was toward the top, cuz that line set off alarms in my head lol
Bally Month ago
this is exactly what I just thought
@asmRTPOP that's the most disgusting thing I've read for days, idk the guy but I hope he gets punished for it
NekoLau13 -I'm awesome-
I got a betterhelp add on this video :v
L e a f y L u n a
L e a f y L u n a 4 months ago
I got a betterhelp add on this video
Cori Ambler
Cori Ambler 4 months ago
I’m dying you blurred ALRs face lol.
VocaloidSocks 4 months ago
"I recommend you check out Pewdiepie's video on it" C'mon i'm not going to go to a known supporter of white supremacy wtf
VocaloidSocks 3 months ago
@Kenny McCormick Sounds like you're just way too forgiving of your favourite nazi boy you're just unwilling to accept the truth
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick 4 months ago
VocaloidSocks what an ignorant comment. Just because a biased news outlet says something, doesn’t means it’s true, actually it is rarely ever true. The whole “pewdiepie is a nazi/racist etc.” is sounding like a broken record, if you actually had watched any of his videos and not just blindly trusted some random article, you would know he is in no way any of those things. He has definitely said and done some controversial things, or more so has jokes about some controversial things and that WAS stupid, but he obviously is very aware of that. He is actually a pretty sensible guy. But of course you can’t expect people to do some simple research of the things they themself swear is right, that would be waaay to difficult.
SmellyGrass 4 months ago
I was so fucking surprised to see monokuma in a right opinion video
Killugon :3
Killugon :3 4 months ago
okay I'm sorry, but his voice is really attractive-
Sawyer Freed
Sawyer Freed 4 months ago
Damn this was back in 2018? God damn
atpt_01 4 months ago
I was once told going to a bad therapist is worse than going to none at all.
Best therapist is time with family, it's free and very effective.. unless your family is a bunch of poop balls who doesn't care about you.
Shoto 4 months ago
"many of us are cooped up inside a lot, many of us do suffer from mental health issues" looks like i'm a good candidate
ShinyMcshine 4 months ago
a lil personal anecdote, during one of the darkest times of my life, a time when i really could have used having someone to help me realize my potential to help myself back up but just couldn't afford therapy, i saw an ad for betterhelp on television. it was one of their flowery bullshit ads where someone is anxious/depressed/lonely but WAIT, betterhelp is here to save the day!! ...i exclaimed "what kind of bullshit scam is this" and laughed. but i also felt kinda mad that they were ripping off people who were vulnerable, kicking them while they're down. i forgot about that moment until watching this video and recognizing their shitty overdramatic advertisements, and all i could think was "knew it was a fuckin' scam"
Leanna Lloyd
Leanna Lloyd Month ago
I hope you're doing better 😊
pepper 4 months ago
My favourite podcast usually got sponsored from better help as usual, I don't check it out, but I didn't know about this!
Holger Forsberg
Holger Forsberg 4 months ago
Strong moral grounding... Shane Dawson... That's just kind of in poor taste, innit?
Holger Forsberg
Holger Forsberg 4 months ago
@lotus hmmm congratulations, the joke!
lotus 4 months ago
lolll this was before all the stuff came out about him
Alfie Williams
Alfie Williams 4 months ago
Double the damage if burned
MissAsyan 5 months ago
when i heard him swear twice in less than a minute i felt the same surprise as when cole phelps snapped at roy earle when roy was talking about courtney sheldon in l.a. noire that was so weird to hear the most swearing i've heard from this channel is 'twat' lol
Kmaoyo 5 months ago
i heard despair and was like pffft haha hope despair and then saw monokuma and cried
Sloth 5 months ago
*Porn* *porn 2: Eletric boogaloo*
Reese Sanchez
Reese Sanchez 5 months ago
Monokuma damn near gave me a heart attack
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 5 months ago
I like to think no one truly knows how mental health works all we can do is share our experiences and help each other out. Because humans will probably never understand our own brains, but we all know how it feels to be humans and be in a dark place mentally.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 5 months ago
@MissAsyan videos are an art form that only some can comprehend.
MissAsyan 5 months ago
Thanks, Mr. President. No, but really, I got so confused seeing your username, and seeing your videos uploaded.
zetayoru 5 months ago
6:08 My boy has good taste in music. DJ Okawari is the artist. Forgot the nane of the song but it's in his album "Koleidoscope". I believe the third song.
Lora Coggins
Lora Coggins 5 months ago
27:36 Ayy, Jacksfilm's joke apology parody video made it to the front page of the query, lol.
Nicolas Cora
Nicolas Cora 5 months ago
What’s the stock value of mental health?