Did I Leave Politics? Am I Gay? 50k Q&A | TRO 

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The Right Opinion - Did I Leave Politics? Am I Gay? 50k Q&A | TRO
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Welcome to The Right Opinion, the home of a twat with too much free time and 50,000, a fantastic feat.
And to be honest, I was going to continue on my normal schedule, I’m a guy with plenty of ideas, and I already had ten other video ideas written down, how am I gonna get to them if I waste time with these sorts of ceremonials? Well, honestly, I think I just need a break. In case you don’t know, I’m a student of Politics, Philosophy, and International Law, with a minor in Psychology, and those courses definitely take their toll, especially when you’re bashing out a ten page script every week. It’s about time management, and so having a script that hopefully I can handle more efficiently this week will give me less stress, because a huge part of scripting is also research and watching through these videos to see what sort of spicy take we can formulate on these topics.
I have a Twitter, @TheRightOpinion, and on that Twitter, I put out a Tweet asking for questions for this video, if you don’t have a Twitter then I apologise, next time I’ll put it in my community tab as well, so you can all pose questions. Though I’m not sure when I’ll do something like this next.
The Q&A is going to be done in an interesting way, as I received over 200 questions, there will be some I won’t be able to respond to, especially the more memey ones. However, I will be cataloguing the questions into a general topic, and we’ll just walk through them, hopefully addressing various questions, and knocking them out of the park in a fairly efficient manner. There’s a lot to discuss, and I don’t know how long this will take but there are a few things that I wanna get the way which I’d normally put at the end, however, as it’s a special occasion we’ll run with a special structure.
I really want to thank my visual editors, without them, I just would never have the time nor patience to make these videos, they do such a sensational job, and if you do have the chance I’m going to leave links below to anyone who has edited for me in the last couple months, please go and send them some love.
I also want to thank anyone who’s sought out my Patreon, and donated, I barely ever mention it so the fact that people do actually dig it out is really impressive, however, I do want to take this time out to make announcement. I am going to be conducting a serious reform of rewards. Firstly, because barely anyone claims them, most people just insist they want to donate for the content, secondly, because as always mentioned, most people can attain the rewards without paying, I do my best to be an open person, and I thought that might come under siege as I’ve grown, but I’ve handled it pretty well. Thirdly, because of my current set up it makes it significantly harder to follow through on many of the rewards, and I don’t want to make commitments that I can’t keep, it’s never fun letting people down. If you’ve donated before this video then you’re still entitled to the rewards committed prior, and we’ll sort something out.
They’re the only two special thanks I have to make, obviously all my mates and US-first colleagues know how much love I have for them and that’ll never change, I’m not gonna list them out here but keep hustling boys.
Anyhow, with the pleasantries out of the way I want to cut into the crux of the video because there is a lot to discuss. A lot of things about me to discuss.

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Sep 30, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
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Cant wait to hear your singing
- lisa
- lisa 7 months ago
Zachery Jequinto | I know Primink calls himself a twink, but is he actually gay??
The Right Opinion how tall are you
Zachery Jequinto
Zachery Jequinto 11 months ago
Will you date Primink.
Garlic Bleach
Garlic Bleach Year ago
Im more of a right leaning person cause i don't trust popular left wing people
What an absolute CHAD. I love when people are gay, they just say it and move on. No exaggerated confession to his subscribers, no fake crying, just flat out. Unless it was a joke from 2 years ago that I didn't get because my dumbass just joined this year LMAOOO
raney150 2 days ago
Oh my! Learning your sexuality at 16 is late? I didn't come out until my 20s lol
AKIRA ASMR 12 days ago
I have an action figure of you in my room. Well its an anime character from Detective Conan that looks exactly like you with the top hat and monocle and even the face shape and brown hair.
iicrystalrasberry _
Does anyone else hear Green Day in the background?
Upwards Of Average
Upwards Of Average 14 days ago
furby bodacious
furby bodacious 27 days ago
brenda Month ago
“I do not like pineapple pizza and do NOT ask me about this shit again” Me, eating a pizza with pineapple: 👁 👄 👁 o s h i t
Mr. Jai
Mr. Jai Month ago
*He's not like the other grills*
Sweshy Month ago
50k you mean 500k lol. Dude you blew up
Velvet Aeon
Velvet Aeon Month ago
Wait one quick second.. .. this is scripted? Lmao: 😷 😂 😵 JK~ love your content man!
Nocturna Month ago
Studies in politics and has a minor in psychology. This guy is a beast
Grindcore is Passed Out Drunk and will Sleep Late
Damn; I thought you were centrist, but I guess having a stronger opinion while still being balanced is even more impressive.
Phat Boi
Phat Boi Month ago
straw man
straw man 2 months ago
In this video does he address is questionable views from the past? if so at what time?
pep_z 18 days ago
what has he said before? I only heard about it but no details
Diy_CaT 2 months ago
Pineapple pizza gang I personally love the occasional quip about such and such man sounding delicious. I don't know if you did before this video, I'm watching out of order... But the occasional quip makes me giggle.
noura ali
noura ali 2 months ago
awe this is so heartwarming 😊
News Flash I’m tired
Wait so him and Primink might be.....😳😳
Michael Lombard
Michael Lombard 2 months ago
820k subs later.
Des Des
Des Des 2 months ago
I really like how you put your editors out there. I can only imagine how much work editing is, and I think your approach is really respectful.
Willy G Rags
Willy G Rags 2 months ago
r u still gonna do the 1 million subs vbucks giveaway
Willy G Rags
Willy G Rags 2 months ago
1 million q&a?
King Skeleton
King Skeleton 3 months ago
Nooooooooooooo tro is gay!!!!!
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
Once again, pineapple belongs on pizza.
mary medd
mary medd 3 months ago
I think it’s interesting how you said you’d hope you’d make it to 100K but then now your at over 800
Izaak Cabacungan
Izaak Cabacungan 3 months ago
Wait you're gay? H e l l y e a h .
Potocto 3 months ago
780,000 subs later-
Daniel Cullum
Daniel Cullum 3 months ago
My girlfriend is a furry and I have never felt so ashamed of a life decision
"Politically I'm left wing" AMEN!!
Douglas Nolen
Douglas Nolen 3 months ago
If people wanted to know if you were gay, you should have just listed your top 5 Taylor swift songs. It tells a lot about a person.
Elthegamer 220
Elthegamer 220 3 months ago
Hi gay I’m trans. Not joking I am actually trans.
Samuel Ambrose
Samuel Ambrose 3 months ago
hi trans im bi
ReneRoberto Flores
ReneRoberto Flores 3 months ago
TRO personally I'm straight but your gay and i support it be who you are don't ever feel ashamed dude besides you are one of my idles
Fair 3 months ago
He put a picture of keem gnome over a dude taking about how he almsot became a school shooter lmao
Word2UrMomZ 4 months ago
You're an interesting person . I enjoyed this
Emily . That’s it*
I know this was a while ago, but why in the world did you seemingly choose to come to the USA. It’s a massive shit show here😂
IzzIsHere 4 months ago
When you find out your favorite US-firstr is the big gay And you don't care because he's amazing
Knave of Dogs
Knave of Dogs 3 months ago
@IzzIsHere yeah, based on the way you responded you made that clear. i think they were just confused, is all. have a nice night/day :)
IzzIsHere 3 months ago
@Knave of Dogs To be clear, I am not opposed to the LGBT+, I am in fact a part of it. What I meant by the comment was that I was surprised he was gay, but ultimately it didn't matter, because he's awesome. If he was straight, he'd still be awesome.
Knave of Dogs
Knave of Dogs 3 months ago
@IzzIsHere the way you phrased it makes it seem like you were opposed to the lgbt+ but didn't care in this case because "he's amazing," which is an....interesting take.
IzzIsHere 4 months ago
@Evan Joel I don't, that was the point :)
Evan Joel
Evan Joel 4 months ago
IzzIsHere _ Why would anyone care if he’s gay or not
Blunt Sam
Blunt Sam 4 months ago
I always shall love the gay information man. Top-quality
Nakazawa Emu
Nakazawa Emu 4 months ago
I want to be your friend so bad! You seem like a chill dude. Also, I suggest Black Butler, its very funny. I love the characters. And lastly, gay pride for the win. I enjoy finding others who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. It makes me feel less alone. I truly wish you the best, in everything. You really do seem like a lovely person!
yeah yeah singing challenge
i respect how this dude portrays himself in a calm and collected manner
Tony The Tiger
Tony The Tiger 4 months ago
Dude man i love your videos and i love the fact that you're a pisces, i wish you all the best with university. ❤
sergiu bducoci
sergiu bducoci 4 months ago
Nooooo! Don't go to the US or USA. Stay as far away!
sergiu bducoci
sergiu bducoci 4 months ago
Well, you would live in the USA, but have to pay taxes to the US
Mirk 5 months ago
Peoples! I have a huge announcement! THIS MAN IS GAY AND EUROPEAN!
Blunt Sam
Blunt Sam 4 months ago
mcpatr12 5 months ago
I know I'm a bit late, but I want to say that you're quickly becoming one of my favorite US-firstrs. You're eloquent, you do your research, you have morals, and just generally you seem like a cool person. I'm a happy subscriber, and I expect I will be for as long as possible.
Strelitzia 5 months ago
I know this video is almost 2 years old now, but I consider myself "RIght Wing" and sadly I never get the chance to actually talk to someone on the "Left" in a meaningful way without it devolving into name calling and bullshit. You seem like one of the "Left Wing" people I would LOVE to actually talk to and debate you seem very reasonable with your opinions.
Strelitzia 5 months ago
I fell like you'd be one of those gay dudes that you're friends with for like 2 months without thinking anything then you find out buddy is gay and everything becomes so much funnier,
Strelitzia 5 months ago
kinda what happened with me watching ur vids in a way, been watching your content for a few months now, heard you mention something about it in the james charles video "I was on my way to becoming the most subscribed gay james on youtube" that one got me good LOL.
Arthur Pendrake
Arthur Pendrake 5 months ago
Can you make a video on I Hate Everything.
DUCKBRINGER 5 months ago
"so these are the questions that are too hard to categorize, in a catagory"
Have Some Asparagus Please
This man is gay AND European
The Ace of Lemons
The Ace of Lemons 5 months ago
14:31 YESSS
UltraMarroon Vortex
UltraMarroon Vortex 5 months ago
South Carolina is basically Arizona, except we have trees and whatnot.
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar 5 months ago
Lara Oude Alink
Lara Oude Alink 5 months ago
You seem very kind and open and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. You deserve all the credit you get. You have my support.
mystic majin
mystic majin 5 months ago
I like how they used a lofi hip hop spirited away remix
Coffeer easports
Coffeer easports 5 months ago
Holy shit is that shroud?
Nick Edds
Nick Edds 5 months ago
Adrian Ramsey
Adrian Ramsey 5 months ago
Okay, I'm so wonderfully happy to see someone who's so open about their identity and struggles while not using those to rub in people's faces. James, you are (in my humble yet correct opinion) the coolest dude, and I don't know why I didn't start watching you before a few days ago. I'm not sure if you're a fan of physical affection, but if so, I hope you get many comforting and warm hugs after quarantine is fully lifted. You're awesome. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Stimm002 5 months ago
I think a video of TRO reacting/analysing this older video of his would be Gd fun and very interesting to see how things and views have changed if they have.
Pontifus Maximus
Pontifus Maximus 5 months ago
Following the conformation of the rumour that you were indeed a sodomite, I have no other choice but to Excommunicate you from the church of Pepaeus.
Strawberry Artist
Strawberry Artist 5 months ago
Sea Pinecone
Sea Pinecone 5 months ago
A fellow LGBTQ Brit here. Love that your sexuality is not the forefront of your content, and I subscribed purely because I respect the content you make and enjoy the persona. Though, I feel lied to that you are not an aristocrat secretly-the-villain genius. Keep up the content mate.
Ollie! at the disco
Ollie! at the disco 5 months ago
As a nonbinary brit I also agree :)
S. 5 months ago
Boyinaband at 4:12 (red hair one).
Sun Jara
Sun Jara 5 months ago
This is only one year ago at the time of this comment and has so many more subscribers in such a short amount of time.
goddamn ducks
goddamn ducks 6 months ago
Omg i love u even more now T.T
pkguhgjnr 6 months ago
Tro: i am gay. Me: oh no.
Ollie! at the disco
Ollie! at the disco 5 months ago
@pkguhgjnr oh, I though you were being mean haha
pkguhgjnr 5 months ago
@Ollie! at the disco I like him and i am girl that's all xdd
Ollie! at the disco
Ollie! at the disco 5 months ago
Audrey Biggs
Audrey Biggs 6 months ago
For some reason I just can't make your voice come from your face in my mind, i can't picture it! Anyways, I love your story, I appreciate your personality and content so much!
Nakoda 6 months ago
Do you and primink know eachother
Julia Kaya Queen
Julia Kaya Queen 6 months ago
I'm a bit late, but let's be honest; the British conservative party is a shell of itself with ideas like more government. I'm a conservative myself, and I don't think most conservative voters in the UK actually are conservative though
Sainimere Kurumaira
Sainimere Kurumaira 6 months ago
Been binge watching your videos like damn that accent of yours does wonders😍😍😍😍
Security Cam Sam
Security Cam Sam 6 months ago
I almost subbed then I saw he was gay, good thing he'll never grow big. Fuck off.
Ollie! at the disco
Ollie! at the disco 5 months ago
Why do you have to be such a shitty person, I hope you never get anywhere in life ffs
Faith 5 months ago
This is the most stupid comment I’ve read in a while, congrats. Nobody wants you and you’re homophobia here anyways.
CUPID SANTOS 5 months ago
fuck off, homophobe
The Traveling Marauder
you should make a meme channel called the wrong statement
Anophis 6 months ago
Your toon avatar is hot as fuck so I feel slightly less guilty thinking that knowing he is also gay. :^D
Zero 6 months ago
This man really used the anime eye from Wikipedia
Juan Gabriel García Jiménez
That party hat gave me five nights at f***boys flashbacks
RoseStorms 6 months ago
you need to watch Yuri On Ice ASAP
Meme Daddy
Meme Daddy 6 months ago
"I am who I am."
Cthulhu 6 months ago
James sounding posh and academic while being meme-y is really the best thing on US-first.
imnotr0se 6 months ago
I ship you and our fav daddy twink Primink SO HARD
maddie is cool
maddie is cool 6 months ago
gay ppl do be making the best content huh ... amazing .
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson 4 months ago
Bayla 6 months ago
As a south carolinian, i feel honored that I shared the same state as TRO for a bit. Cheers, pal, hope you're doing well💚
Hunter Wolfe
Hunter Wolfe 6 months ago
I'll be honest, your channel randomly appeared on my feed and I actually enjoy watching your videos! :) You seem like a genuine person. :3
HazardousKiwi 6 months ago
Love the Ghibli music!!!
Dave the cowboi
Dave the cowboi 6 months ago
He is gay, a philosophy student, in his early 20s and has a heavy melting British accent *He is perfect*
Aiden Flame
Aiden Flame 3 months ago
@Eva yes!!!! I adore all kinds of accents all of them are amazing but british is my fav!! So much so tht since i was a lil kid id worked and practiced on having an english accent (just general accent from ppl id seen on tv) and im actually rllly good at it now and i love using it, its just such an awesome spund and i can listen to TRO talk all day lol I also love russian, australian and japanese their languages and their accent (and asl but i dont knw if it van have an accent? Maybe in different ppls hand and arm mobility & flexibility)
Knave of Dogs
Knave of Dogs 3 months ago
Mr. Skobbels i appreciate your concern but i am firm in my love of dreadful accents.
Mr. Skobbels
Mr. Skobbels 3 months ago
@Knave of Dogs I am sorry that you have poor taste in accents.
Knave of Dogs
Knave of Dogs 3 months ago
@Mr. Skobbels i like northern english accents
Harry Hackwood
Harry Hackwood 3 months ago
@Mr. Skobbels honestly there are soo many types of English accents, but Americans always think of the rlly posh ones which is not the majority of British accents at all
Ashley Lowe
Ashley Lowe 6 months ago
Those cute little giggles every now and then make me think of Primink so much.💙
Vivian Kurayami
Vivian Kurayami 7 months ago
"Sometimes those things are so volatile you don't want to interact with yourself because you don't know what might change." If I could talk with my past self I'd start by slapping them, tell them to stop thinking they're better and more mature than everyone else, to be nicer to my first girlfriend, to stop prioritizing my friends over my family, and that I/we are trans and really should get on that ASAP. It took me until my mid-twenties to figure that out when recollecting things up to the age of 14 had given me enough to realize that.
Rednassie 7 months ago
19:15 I gotta say that the EU did nothing in the current pandemic. I expected the EU to be like "Yo, it's horrible in Italy now, so y'all need to implement closing borders right fucking now!" I know not everyone agrees with this, but that's what the EU is (partly) for
Cake is My city
Cake is My city 7 months ago
On behalf of all Kansans I apologize for the existence of South Carolina (yes I'm apologizing for a different state)
SkyyWarlock 7 months ago
I have a solid question, do you have a tiny bunny hidden under that hat?
MooWillow 7 months ago
*GASP* DID YOU JUST SAY... -LESS- SUBSCRIBERS?! YOU WRITE SCRIPTS AND YOU SPEAK SO POSH... BUT YOU DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LESS AND FEWER?!?!?! LET ME GUESS, YOU SAY “TO WHO” AND “CAN I USE THE BATHROOM.” Bet you din’t even say lavatory! **rolls eyes** This is a joke. Your grammar (or should I say, you’re grammer 😏) is great. Your channel is great (ur Chanel rokz). I know this video is two years old. Lol. Byeeeeeeeeee potato
Ollie! at the disco
Ollie! at the disco 5 months ago
I hate that you act like "uwu I'm so random potato" 🤢
MooWillow 7 months ago
Also the “din’t” was on purpose
Naomi Seldenrust
Naomi Seldenrust 7 months ago
Love the 59.2 subscriber shot! Although I do feel worried for that 0.2 person, ARE YOU OKAY
Bruh 7 months ago
Are you actually just george not found
damien jones
damien jones 7 months ago
Bit late just wanted to say I think you are super brave to just come out with it, idk if u see it this way, but I do, especially since your one of my fav US-firstrs I think it's really cool
Sakura Nanami
Sakura Nanami 8 months ago
During the music question that’s the instrumental to 21 Guns by Greenday playing in the background right? :3 It’s my favorite song of all time so of course I recognize it lol
August Martin
August Martin 8 months ago
Off topic but 4:31 omg its dave
Chug Chug
Chug Chug 8 months ago
Wait The Right Opinion is gay? Alright, time to gay simp.
Phat Boi
Phat Boi Month ago
@weeby weeb ah yes an unoriginal comment is made out of an unoriginal comment
weeby weeb
weeby weeb Month ago
@Phat Boi ah yes the floor is made out of floor
Trolledfrog 678
Trolledfrog 678 Month ago
@Phat Boi yes it is
Phat Boi
Phat Boi Month ago
@Trolledfrog 678 ikr being gay is....kinda gay
Trolledfrog 678
Trolledfrog 678 2 months ago
thats kinda gay dude
Smo Cloud
Smo Cloud 8 months ago
Must be crazy to see that you’re barely over 100k away from three quarters of a million.
Zack Piles
Zack Piles 8 months ago
Yea that looks like South Carolina alright
Tabbes࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship
This guy is so serious and educatable it made me feel dumb
Omar A
Omar A 7 months ago
I'm addicted to this type of guys
Kris Does Art
Kris Does Art 8 months ago
TRO said furry rights
anxie 8 months ago
Andre Nasution
Andre Nasution 8 months ago
i am in LOVE with you
Bratya N
Bratya N 8 months ago
Where did you study in South Carolina? I live some 45 miles from Columbia, and 15 miles from The University of South Carolina in Union.