"Depression Isn't Real" 

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This man is Andrew Tate, he is a cruiserweight and heavyweight kick-boxer from Chicago. He has attracted controversy with his recent statements on depression, that were certainly divisive to say the least commenting that ‘Depression isn’t real. You feel sad, you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it.”
Now this provoked thousands of responses, 21,000 to be precise, which doesn’t surprise me, he goes onto argue his point about how depression stems from a dissatisfaction from life and the lethargy from these people towards changing it, and how it is a person’s responsibility to change that.

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Oct 9, 2017




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
- Edited by: us-first.info/more/Og9VUVIMVdUObQCkKy_D_g & us-first.info - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zany Jester, The Spanish Inn Physician, Yoo Toobah, Yerzi, Adam. - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg
Sophocles 6 months ago
It’s unlikely that you will see this, and you likely already know this. There is someone in the comments who is being extremely offensive. This person has even gone so far as to tell me, when I was explaining how depression is real and how I personally have attempted the big die, that I “should have gone through with it” I have reported this person, but I still feel that you should know, as this person may be encouraging others to self harm. My apologies if I have wasted your time.
jacob traicoff
jacob traicoff 10 days ago
so change it so me taking anti depressants is futile and i might as well put a bullet in my brain so this fucking miserable life will be over
Dolly m1lk
Dolly m1lk Month ago
as someone with depression i wish it was that easy man
RAT Toe Month ago
Depression isn’t real dumbasses
James R. G.
James R. G. Month ago
Depression isn’t real. Think your way out of it. Chemical imbalance is a farce with no scientific backing.
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston Month ago
Obviously this dude doesn't have depression, also is an idiot.
Modern Norseman
Modern Norseman Month ago
People tell me that I don't get depressed because I'm a man. And tell me to man up and not be so weak
Ms. I love Big Bear Cats
Jeez. Those people are sexist af-
Smexy Chez
Smexy Chez Month ago
Me who has two parents who have diagnosed depression, general anxiety and social anxiety so there’s a 70-80% chance that I have all of those mental illnesses, have been thinking about committing suicide for a year now, have cut/scratched/punched myself for a bit over a year now, clenches my stomach every time I where something that isn’t baggy so that nobody sees’ my fat, am perceived as the golden child at school and 2 ppl bully me as a ‘joke’ but they end up really hurting me, my mum once nearly commit suicide and the only reason why she didn’t was bc she was scared that the owner of the gun would get into trouble, I am constantly taking depression tests from beyond blue and always getting severely depressed and I’m always checking my bmi: Oh well, I guess it’s fine then!
Amazing Autist
Amazing Autist 2 months ago
This mic quality makes my nostalgic for a time I wasn't here for.
Sarah _05
Sarah _05 3 months ago
5:12 "long video" this felt ridiculously short compared to the hour long videos tro usually uploads now
Kaitlyn Cramp
Kaitlyn Cramp 3 months ago
"Long video" xD
Kal 3 months ago
it feels so weird to be watching this after the 4 hour docu-masterpiece :O
Jessica Landrey
Jessica Landrey 3 months ago
My boy PJ Watson be holding up society
Rimantė Purvinytė
Rimantė Purvinytė 3 months ago
It's so tragic how many people dismiss depression (a CLINICALLY DIAGNOSABLE MENTAL DISORDER) as nothing more than feeling slightly bummed out
KingK -47
KingK -47 4 months ago
Ouch the amount of people who confused being sad and depression is ridiculous
Max McWilliams
Max McWilliams 5 months ago
The chemical imbalance theory has not been proven , you failed to address his point about the countries it's it
Pulse Gamin
Pulse Gamin Month ago
There are thousands of studies on it. Are you stupid?
Ray 5 months ago
Dapression is just da pressure on life if you cannot take it suicide happens but you have to fight it and look for happiness and limit you're fun life and enjoy and find happiness in small things to find true happiness find you're best self
Ashes 5 months ago
okay what the hell, I am telling deppresed people ily when I don't even know them, tf? If you're deppresed, it will get better, it's hard thing to believe, but i hope you'll get trough this and if you ever want to chat my insta is @naomii.nii so just Dm haha, ily 🥺💞💞 FRICK I DID IT AGAIN
D YellowMadness
D YellowMadness 5 months ago
He's right. I should just get out there & do something about it. I'll get right on it as soon as my depressing thoughts stop causing intense anxiety that makes me horrible at driving & horrible at job interviews.
Maya's House
Maya's House 5 months ago
But like there is literally studies of people that are depressed for almost no reason because it runs through their genetics-
loveutill theendoftimes
It's always people who dont have and never had depression who say this type of shit
Sophocles 6 months ago
No one: Prince Ea: iT cOmEs, It GoEs. It CoMeS, iT sTaYs FoR a WhIlE, iT gOeS Happiness is a good bit genetic, and depression doesn’t always go.
Puffeer Feesh
Puffeer Feesh 6 months ago
Did he just fucking say long video?
Frozen Hispanic
Frozen Hispanic 6 months ago
"Why are you homeless? Just buy a house."
-shinigami- 6 months ago
Telling people "stop being depressed" is like telling a person "learn how to breathe" while drowning
king of the tities
king of the tities 6 months ago
Well now I'm cured! Can they solve anxiety next?
Account 6 months ago
I like how the only advice these ignorant people can give to the treatment of depression is to “make a change” or “better themselves”. Which is basically telling them to stop being depressed. Yeah cheers mate, who knew depression can be cured by not being depressed. It’s not all attention seeking either, sure there are some, they may even meet the criteria for factitious or histrionic personality disorder. But people die to this issue, they can’t receive attention after death, it has other causes.
Ethan Holgate
Ethan Holgate 7 months ago
I think depression is all bullshit I know people say oh you don't have it but that's bullshit use your fucking head properly and don't waste your time thinking about what's not important you only live once for fuck sake enjoy your life by doing what you love and what enjoy granted I don't know how people think or what's in there head that's on them I'm just giving my own opinion love or hate it
KittyFAN13 7 months ago
If he said that to my face, I wouldn’t hesitate to call him out and I would also have the urge to slap him in the face but he’s a kick-boxer so I don’t have much of even a ghost of a chance in winning a fight but yeah.
Willpower Mastery
Willpower Mastery 7 months ago
I will add my two cents here to the debate since all of you are just circlejerking and parroting each other: As someone who was clinically depressed and suicidal for over a year, I came to the conclusion that depression isn't real. Depression is real in the sense that you feel like shit, and it's like you have a malfunction and your senses are dulled etc. However the only reason you become depressed, is by letting your emotions control you. Emotions are not real. They feel real, but they are not. Ask any genuine spiritual teacher this, and he'll tell you the same thing. You identify with the emotion, basically saying "I am sad, I am a victim, I am depressed." And in return, YOUR reality (made up by thoughts thus not reality itself) is depression, and thus you believe depression is real. Depression is not possible if you have the power to control your mind (emotional control etc.), pursue what is meaningful (not expedient, like depressed people do) and train your body and mind HARD. After doing (and realizing) these things, I got out of the depression and have since lived a happy and fulfilled life. We're all human, we all feel emotions. When you feel sad, lazy, unmotivated etc (all temporary fleeting emotions you can control). you know it's time to MOVE YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and build healthy habits. Saying depression is real is basically saying to depressed people: "You're a victim of circumstances, poor thing." This will not help them, actually the it will do the opposite. Tate is a douche, but if I had listened to his advice when I was depressed, I would have gotten out of it sooner, rather than believing the dogma of "facts over feelings" (no seriously, you actually believe this if you think depression is real) that you have been brainwashed into believing. I wish you all the best. Start your awakening by reading Letting Go by David R. Hawkins to read the truth about feelings. It will liberate you. Peace.
Abby Y.
Abby Y. 7 months ago
I have a friend with depression that tells me that she knows she has a wonderful life with wonderful people and things around her but she just doesn't feel it. So, explain that in your depression isnt real statement. Go ahead I'll wait
I like food
I like food 7 months ago
It’s the people like these why there are more pros than cons in killing myself
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis 8 months ago
I have ADD and anxiety, so I guess I get "Why are you sad just be happy" AND "Why are you distracted just be focused" lol
Yummest 8 months ago
I'm not on real medication FACT
Jldsoccer610 9 months ago
depression is fake. it’s just people upset and want attention
Account 6 months ago
Jldsoccer610 YT People kill themselves because of it. You can’t get attention when you’re dead. How do you explain that?
lone wolf
lone wolf 9 months ago
Wow those loosers are really mentally handicaped thanks for destroying their pointless aguments the right opinion.😊👍 saying depression isnt real is like saying PTSD isnt real when we see it fucking everywere.
Baylee Smith
Baylee Smith 9 months ago
You can live a normal family life and still be extremely depressed . Thank you. Thank you so much I can’t tell you how much I relate to this I feel so guilty for feeling the way I feel when I know I have a very loving and supportive family
DAN MOSCATO 9 months ago
It's called grow up. Ive Been through a lot of shit. And tough times. But I don't suffer from "mental issues" or "depression" you get all these pussies crying on Facebook about they don't have energy or are tired and sad all the time blah blah blah. Grow up and move on. You only get one life. Don't waste it acting like you have a problem and feel sorry for yourself. Jeezuz just GROW A FUCKING PAIR!!!!
Jordan Johns
Jordan Johns 7 months ago
Dan Moscato I’m glad that you don’t have depression. It’s an extremely terrible chemical imbalance in the brain, and if you don’t have it, you could never understand what life is like with it. It’s not just about your struggles in life.
6026961 8 months ago
Toxic masculinity there mate, the people who say that have probably been in abusive relationships with their family and partners.
Winter McQueen
Winter McQueen 10 months ago
'long video' he says 3 years ago. Look the 45min wonders now lmao
• m o c h a •
• m o c h a • 10 months ago
I have recently fallen into depression and ik I need to talk to someone about this so far I haven't and I can confirm that if someone were to tell me 'Don't see the bad things in life' would make it worse for me and would maybe midly infuriate me for them to think I chose to be like this
NightOwl 10 months ago
Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain. Simple enough.
XO 10 months ago
💛 Follow him on twitter @ OfWudan and instagram @ CobraTate His youtube channel - us-first.info/more/r3nFiz2y-9FafmeXMNpV8Q Dude is a king that guys want to be and girls want to be with 💛
HiClassHarlot Harlow
HiClassHarlot Harlow 10 months ago
Wow it must be nice to not have depression like this fuckin tool.
Ilky Way
Ilky Way 11 months ago
Also: mental illness is a byproduct of „highly developed“ countries. Being disassociate from where your food actually comes from and having entertainment as the highest priority not only gives rise to new religions (vegans, migtows, first world feminism...) but also gives rise to mental problems. Poor countries have way more to deal with physical illness, rich countries with mental illness.
Night Maze
Night Maze 11 months ago
I'm used to watch TRO, at least the lasts videos since a few months, it's the first time I watch something from 2017 and I want to say thank you for having learned to slow down when you speak. I'm not native speaker, following this one has been enough complicated for me to put the video on speed 0.75, so kudo for learning to slow down :) !
Bernice Panders
Bernice Panders 11 months ago
But... But WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO ANALYZE INFO WARS??? The insane far-right-wing Trumptard ALEX JONES' widely disproven & debunked personal show??? 🤦🤦🤦
Claudia Akemi O. Angi
Claudia Akemi O. Angi 11 months ago
Racist worker
Mr. Mayonnaise
Mr. Mayonnaise 11 months ago
Being sad/depressed and having depression are different
I am a very optimistic person, I look towards the future in a good way and encourage others to do the same. However, I do have depression, and I've had breakdowns and days where I just want to die and I am horribly sad and alone, tons of internalized self hate. Depression is a sickness, not an attitude. I have a particularly good attitude, but I am mentally ill. There is nothing changing that but treatment.
Ryan Gutjahr
Ryan Gutjahr Year ago
I suffer from atypical depression. There are multiple factors to it such as genetics, chemical imbalances and childhood traumas. It's not as simple as saying "I dont wana be depressed any more *flick* omg I'm better!" Sadly I've seen many push the idea that depresion dosnt exist. That it's so easy to just poof! get better. And the more you try to explain it to some of those people they just tell you you're brainwashed by big pharma. It's honestly so dangerous to push such a story as some of them even promote going off your meds which can be very dangerous
Lara Cetinkaya
I also do think that depression is not real. We all get depressed sometimes... We should see this certian, definitly undesirable state of mind as a actual part of ourselves, not like a mental illness. You know if you really want to get out of a down Phase, you are going to get out. It is so funny that people who actually 'should' be depressed ( for eg. a young mother of 6 children in kenia, who has no job and is fighting for literally life for her and her children every day) are not depressed.... Bescause they Just Dont have The time to. You know how much money therapist These days are making with 'depression' it is unbelievable Like have you ever thought about The fact, that also people back then had Problems.... Just a little scenery: two guys are going out for hunting a Bison... the Bison wants to defend itsself and would attempt to hit one of the two guys. Lets Call him albert. So albert is getting hit and He yells at the other Person(lets Name him alfredo) :' alfredo help!' but now alfredo says: omg... Albert i am So Sorry... Idk what happend but i Just feel so sad... That would not work right?! People Just need to stop with considering The state of being sad and depressed as a mentel illness.. It is part of ourselves. For Sure it is not nice but we need to accept that. The World itsself is not nice and people are not kind and loving and not caring about you ..... Seriously stop thinking optimisticly like a child... Start thinking realisticly.... You are the only Person who can change anything about you. Not a therapist. So do what you want... In the end noone (neither do i) care what you do. All i am saying is that it feels way better to fight for being strong rather than give up to feel bad. That is the way that you will achive success.....
Agustin Barajas
This is the slip in your logic: "If depression was solely based on surroundings, you wouldn't see rich successful people committing suicide". Rich successful people themselves say that money doesn't bring happiness. So what makes you think so?
bianca cojocaru
Haha I remember when my doctor told me I was just sad, after trying TO FUCKING KILL MYSELF.
Finn Year ago
Someone could give me a billion Euro and I would still be fucking depressed. I mean, like, I would be a rich depressed piece of shit but I'd still be depressed. If money and success could fix me, I wouldn't even be here because I was doing great for a while money wise.
Bluena WOLF
Bluena WOLF Year ago
I hate when people try to ask me “why are you depressed” like its a situational thing when I literally have genetic stress/depression therefore I literally have no reason except for the fact that I just am
Wendigo with internet access
Bluena WOLF but are you depressed. Don’t fake it.
CLM_ Year ago
Poignant and real. Thank you!
Telling a person with depression to ''cheer up'' is like telling a deaf person to stop listening to what people say.
Harrison Walne
Chronic depression gives people hallucinations, you can't just tell people, hey stop being tired with life
Disk of Prudence
He's the same type of guy that'll get like an 80 instead of a 90 on a quiz and go "im so fucking depressed" but then move on
Irish Psycho
Irish Psycho Year ago
So....just suck it up and get over it....drink the kool aid and be happy. Yeah.
the rat obssessed person who likes memes
I never asked to feel this way, but here I am. Cause my mom dying out my control is my fault I guess
ShroomyK Year ago
IamMe Year ago
Tate was just hit in the head a little too often. Move on.
Fia Year ago
Well I guess the pills I take for my depression is for nothing!
Jules Year ago
i think some people forget that in the us we have guns. and access to them. and unfortunately, this makes suicide much easier and much more successful.
『S C H W O O M Y』
Why are people deaf? Just fucking listen.
Xcoming.2 Year ago
Depressed people are lazy.
Sunkissed Showers LPS
That’s like saying “If the slaves just walked away from their masters, maybe there wouldn’t be such a bad history of slavery.”
May Phoenix
May Phoenix 22 days ago
@Namis 😮
Namis 5 months ago
Oh wait nvm I remember it was Kanye
Namis 8 months ago
I’ve heard someone say this but worded differently and being totally serious.
Mom Cat22
Mom Cat22 Year ago
Recently happily discovered your channel & have been marathon-ing from oldest forward - so this is something you may well have since modified: Please refrain from referring to those who choose to terminate their lives as having 'committed' suicide. The preferred nomenclature is 'die(d) by suicide.' Granted, some dogmas consider suicide a crime, but still. Ta for what you do; you, Sir, are the very soul of erudition and reason.
Daniel DeLappe
Telling people to not be depressed and be happy is like telling my wife to calm down. It’s a dumb thing to do.
Funny how this popped up in my recommendations considering certain recent events that happened and certain Tweets Keemstar is trying to cover up.
Jmonkley Year ago
Depression isn’t real though
I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!
Why do people get stds gust don’t have sex
Tabby3456 Year ago
Denyer: Depression isn't real. Kim jong un: Oppression isn't real.
Satan Year ago
Why have cancer? Just cure it. and stop being dramatic about it smh.
Depression is as real as it is private and as personal as it is real.
Marcus Dagenais
Oh wow! My depression is gone now, I feel better, thanks Andrew
Jake S
Jake S Year ago
you can discribe a person a billion ways from the outside but you never truly know whats going on inside thats also why racism is idiotic. it literally only takes one person to not fit in with the generalization to make it false which is extremely fragile.
Aj Shawn
Aj Shawn Year ago
Depression aint real holy fck
Stefan Kurlak
Stefan Kurlak Year ago
Depression the only medical condition that isn’t openly spoken of .... way too many confused with sadness incorrectly using the word depression i
Basteal Year ago
Smart athlete man views personal experience as baseline for human experience. Is very good observation. I'd be depressed too if I was that stupid.
Rainydropart -Anna
Thanks for saying just work harder isn't a good thing to say. That kind of feeds depression. Especially when youre trying really hard to be positive and not be depressed but your best try isnt good enough. Depression is frustrating. I dont think anyone wants to be in that state
TrueXenith Year ago
"What’s bothering me is an uncontrollable hatred toward myself. I’m going to try and get some sleep cause I’ve had a very stressful day and I don’t want to talk." - 8:07 PM, Friday - 1/4/2019 One of my closest friends is currently a victim of clinical depression. He hasn't seen a therapist yet and I worry for him every day. He has told me that he's had suicidal thoughts before and I try to help him as best as I can. However, I'm no professional. It's really frustrating and it hurts me to know that there isn't much I can do for him. Does anyone know what the hell I should be doing differently, or something I'm doing wrong? Please, I need to know.
jojo Year ago
*that interview was really good n good to listen to*
Ed’s Lorraine
I have depression issues. My mom had a similar was of thinking as this Tate dude. I would tell her, “mom I’m depressed” and she would tell me how wrong I was. Then one day I nearly committed suicide. And she still doesn’t think I have depression. People like this are so freakin dense because they’ve never been there. They’ve never felt hopeless. They’ve never felt like dying is the only option. They’ve never felt like life wasn’t worth living.
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 2 years ago
I want to see this fucker's medical degree to say such a thing
IAË 2 years ago
Wait, this is that guy who said "cartoons are for kids" or something like that and the entire cartoons/anime community fired back at him and he had to delete his tweet. the top comment was a screenshot from some hentai where there were boobs hanging right out of the "cropped" picture twitter gives
عبدالله A
عبدالله A 2 years ago
Depression is laziness and above all lack of connection to creator of all the worlds with an s because doing to busy your self is not enough
Hero2222 Month ago
Zebra 2 years ago
There is a problem for me, I don't know if I am really depressed or if it's just a normal down mood, but yeah, also tried to commit it, but nowadays I don't feel like that anymore, but still got some shitty days often...
Dot 2 years ago
Sadness and depression are different things.
Jael vv
Jael vv 2 years ago
Too fast to follow what you’re really trying to argue
Blitss 2 years ago
No the so called “chemical unbalance” is just a theory and why has this over mediead bull shit adapted into our culture the most we have drugs and theatopist to fight this but there is more and more people turning “depressed” everyday this is horse shit why people cannot deal with the cards they were delt instead of blaming some “mental illness” that they can get clinically diognossed purely based on there own situation then they try to argue with this by saying chemical unbalanced redicuilous
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
NOMADIC VALK why do you think they have to take medication? to balance their hormones.
Doggo Burger
Doggo Burger 2 years ago
I thought that this was against my opinion but I agree with this
Great Pyrenese
Great Pyrenese 2 years ago
If you realize you are depressed YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO MANAGE IT. It seems like you guys are sitting up there spending more time making excuses than figuring out what to do.. being someone who deals with it I realize when I'm feeling depressed and try to overcome my emotions
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
Great Pyrenese you mean when you’re feeling sad, not depressed
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez 2 years ago
How are you supposed to work through a seretonin deficiency
Majima construction Employee
fucking 1920s time fucking making depression have a diffrent meaning early godamn
henry pendle
henry pendle 2 years ago
Ofcourse people would be mad if you said Depression isnt real. Because its their EGO. Theyre ashamed that they have no depression and what theyre experiencing is just an over acting Drama Queen. Ohh Boo Hoo Im depressed im gonna kill myself but I want everyone to know I have depression because im Edgy. haha. I see how humans are hypocrites. You said You hate depression and want to move on And when you see a video or document that says "Depression isnt real" You are angered. instead of rejoicing that Ohh Depression aint real?? Wow Thats cool Im gonna have some fun time now I gotta go to the beach. Fuck. Eat Ice cream Enjoy Sandwich Enjoy life. And yet here they are. Being mad at people saying that depression isnt real.
Sean Year ago
you do realize that when someone is claiming a mental illness that people in the world suffer from isnt real, its p natural to not take it so lightly. you seem to also get being depressed and having depression mixed up. being depressed is just a short term emotion. having depression is a mental illness
Shadøw Year ago
Depression is real ask any doctor and they'll tell you the same. Nobody wants depression its just something you have to live with and not everyone who is depressed is suicidal or seeking attention and its people like you who are always so quick to dismiss everything they dont understand because your so closee minded and cant think outside of your own little box you put yourself in. Saying depression isnt real is like saying cancer or any other chronic disease isnt real
Aurorain 2 years ago
No one is ashamed of not having depression, in fact, we would probably be happy about not having depression, feeling bad all the time is not something we want(unless you have a mental problem.). So I don't know why you think that people are ashamed of not having depression. And the reason people would get mad at someone saying "depression is not real" is because depression is an actual problem,it exists,it's here,and people all over the world are suffering from depression(not saying everyone is depressed, my wording is just bad),of course they would stand up for those people since they DO have depression and depression is REAL and its affecting MILLIONS of people worldwide and in some cases can lead to SUICIDE,and I'm sure if someone they know had depression they would try to help out as much as possible. No idea what the heck you're saying, mate. (Sorry if I keep repeating certain things)
Aurorain 2 years ago
I dont understand your what could be very terrible logic.
Shane Grantham
Shane Grantham 2 years ago
Have you ever stopped to think maybe people don't like their problems blindly dismissed with ignorance? Also the fact that depression is a very real thing? People wouldn't be rejoicing over some ignorant fool saying their very real problems don't exist. You are delusional and do not know what you're saying, mate. lol
Mr. Username
Mr. Username 2 years ago
As a depressed person, I can confirm that depression is a real thing that exists.
faliqa s
faliqa s Month ago
Huh seems like that tate guy has 2 alt accounts
Jaron Tube
Jaron Tube 2 months ago
Jaron Tube
Jaron Tube 2 months ago
@DAN MOSCATO Fuck you. I would not wish depresion onto my worst enemy cause its FUKCING HELL. I NEARLY STABBED MYSELF BITCH. SO FUCK OFF.
Sophocles 3 months ago
Izaak Cabacungan i went to therapy for three years, and my therapist and i were finally able to determine that i could stop going. i had been extremely stressed and bullied at the school i transferred out of recently, and i’m feeling so much better now that i got out of there. i was also being stressed out by my therapist, so even while i was going after i switched schools, i was still stressed, but since leaving i’ve been feeling the best i have in years.
Izaak Cabacungan
Izaak Cabacungan 3 months ago
@Sophocles Well, as a Therapist in training, please get help. Doesn't have to be from a counselor or a therapist (honestly i kinda think the price to have a session with a therapist especially getting consistent sessions is kinda poopy), maybe just some really good friends or trustworthy people, please and thank you.
GF 2 years ago
What do you expect from a guy who gets hit the the head for a job
Decently Average
Decently Average 4 months ago
Haha. Nice.
Neo Fluxx
Neo Fluxx 2 years ago
I have depression and anxiety so change isn't that easy...
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