BLACK FRIDAY (ft. Grumpy Whelk) 

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The Grumpy Whelk: us-first.info/more/qkaQM7Jp4cAPASAW6lSM5g
I like Black Friday, what else can I say.

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Nov 30, 2016




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XDgamer27 27 days ago
inval Month ago
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Pointless Month ago
Let me guess, you scrolled all the way down from “Most Popular”
Burnt Lemonade
Burnt Lemonade Month ago
here from the nick video lol
hoops the girl
hoops the girl 2 months ago
least viewed tro video
SanToast 3 months ago
Ah his least popular video
cookie 3 months ago
the range- 3.8 million and 838 views
Xemgoa 2 years ago
Grumpy Whelk... brings back memories of playing Fallout New Vegas and listening to those authentic 60's (IIRC) voices gives good vibes. Settles the nerves and makes one feel I am amongst intelligence when listening~ ...-sigh- In all honesty, I just detest Black Friday all together. The fault seems more on how the people act than the event itself, but it brings back memories of when an elderly couple were trampled to death trying to get a specific game for their grand kids. I can't recall if this was some random article or it was on the news on morning. (I think it was on the news.) Those two are dead and they can't come back to their kids with something nice because some other people wouldn't restrai-- ... ... ... Okay, I'm losing it there. Moving on. It also reminds me how we avoid going shopping on Black Friday because how said people act like bulls in a china shop - except they are both the bull and the china, crushing each other for material gain. My mother was almost crushed one BF at Wal-mart on two occasions, that she asked me and my brother, two tall behemoths, to be with her so she felt safe when going shopping, on the days we did go on Black Friday, but also some time after BF because it helped her feel safe. Thankfully she is able to go out on her own. I get saving money on a great deal is a bonus, albeit I sometimes feel the producer/manufacturer don't get the full dollar for their craftmanship, but... there is a sense of greed and letting the worst come out of us for it. Maybe that has changed to some degree and people are coming to terms that they can't always all have the same thing and can be courteous to one another while learning to let go of what they can't have. But it's not a pleasant experience.
FaZeObama 4 years ago
white friday
Kris Year ago
@The Right Opinion this is epic
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
Ben ashton
Ben ashton 4 years ago
you don't won. expect the unexpected
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
Tru tru
Knucklehead McSpazzatron
I know that the discounts are great but what's off putting to me concerning Black Friday is how some stores start their Black Friday sales on Thursday, which brings their employees away from their families, as well as just watching how crazy people get. Love this Grumpy Whelk character though and thanks for the video!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
It's not perfect but I like it on principle, I'm glad you enjoyed it though! :)
Uni 4 years ago
I enjoyed this one, another great video.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
Glad you did! :)
Doco 4 years ago
lol xDDD i lives in ameicas
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
V.RI 4 years ago
I love that grumpy fish
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
Funny guy
siion 4 years ago
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 4 years ago
Damn straight
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