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Some Hotline Numbers Of Note:
US: 1-800-273-8255
UK: 116 123
Australia: 13 11 14
Canada: 1-833-456-4566
Netherlands: 0900 0113
Germany: 0800 111 0 111 (Protestant), 0800 111 0 222 (Catholic), 0800 111 0 333 (for children and youth)
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Aug 17, 2019




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The Right Opinion
Probably the most sensitive topic that I've covered from my perspective, some charities relating to suicide prevention below. Not monetised, any premium ad rev will go to charity. Take care. Samaritons (UK): www.samaritans.org/donate-now/ ASFP (US): afsp.org/take-action/give-a-gift/ CSS (Canada): www.crisisservicescanada.ca/en/donate/ Lifeline (Australia): www.lifeline.org.au/support-lifeline/donate-to-lifeline/make-a-single-donation Check out the editors: - John Swan: us-first.info - Giga Gamby: us-first.info - Blunderly: us-first.info/more/vGNl_iR19qLadAEIOouFAw - Dan: us-first.info/more/wnFph3KEiuS6Sg8miiR0yQ - Coleo Is Cooleo: us-first.info Post-Editing: - Kold: us-first.info - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, 10$+ Patrons: Adam Goetz, Ashley Butts, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, somehulabaloo, The Derbinator, William Thatch, Ursula Holm, Eduardo Pedrero, unknown_hat, Al Graham, The Spectre Angel, nella, Jessica Thomas, Harle Quin, Jenn Sulana, Ella Daniels Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, The Spectre Angel, Beauwright, Rocket Ralph, Niko Deschamps, Sarah Elizabeth, Caroline Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, Adam Michal, Christopher Karas Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU References: docs.google.com/document/d/1R3cya-IN9gfn-6GfIr75RVFRlQ9B3qUWmqxWALVAAiU/edit?usp=sharing Show less
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 20 days ago
It's sad I hope people take this seriously so they don't get the same sad fate.
TheUltimateBeing01 Presents
Etika was spurred to suicide by Kiwi Farms and 4-c-h-a-n. Which you clearly are apart of. I get your game here. You are pretending you weren't apart of those websites, but the fact you have so many Google docs on this, tells me you've been obsessing over this. You were involved in the targeted harassment of Etika. Like most white gamers.
JACK PALERMO 4 months ago
Despite all that the video got age-restricted. rip
Lemons 11 months ago
The Right Opinion I’m still in genuine shock about Etikas death. And it’s really saddening because Etika was very uplifting and funny.
Igor Oleynikov
How he wasnt took by psychiatrist? I mean if dude thinks he is god it is obviously serious mental illness, probably incurable. My opinion is it is fault of medics and healthcare system. I wonder why such rich country cant handle this.
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne 22 hours ago
Death means nothing ? Really , well lets ask you now what you think ........................ (cricket noises )
Crypto Kappa
Crypto Kappa 20 days ago
I know this isn’t “positive” , but man I love your “supportive” videos . More than the drama.
Finesse03 26 days ago
Never watched him, let alone met him. Its hard for me to believe random people who claim to be devastated by the death of any stranger, let alone relate to it, youtuber, celeb, mailman, dog trainer, etc...it’s a complete stranger. But I want to know why he put the porn on his channel. He not have family notice and step up. We are lucky he didn’t hurt anyone else tbh, dude had to develop what had up until then been undiagnosed schizophrenia, would be an age where it could pop up. Really are lucky, seeing as how he was talking violence and had committed violence, he didn’t hurt others. Sorry.
Saeed Gonzalez
Saeed Gonzalez Month ago
Keem-...Yk u need ur vitamins a- Etika-THEN WHY U FAT
Jorge Espejo
Jorge Espejo Month ago
i really still fucking miss him
Unhumanized Month ago
This was so sad when it happened great video you brought a good discussion to the table
Tiss fant
Tiss fant Month ago
Still miss him, rest in piece etika. Your happy spirit brought many of us joy.
Nissa Bonney
Nissa Bonney Month ago
This was incredibly well done. This still breaks my heart.
Cindygr8ce Month ago
Such as sad situation. These sad things happen daily just not always for the entire world to see. We can all learn lessons for our daily life from this
Krichin Month ago
Those discord censorings kept making me check my discord
Aqua Month ago
Rip legend man.💔
Ethan Weegee
Ethan Weegee Month ago
I'm so late. I had heard about this but didn't know the details. This is depressing stuff. June 19 is my birthday no less.
Lyra S.
Lyra S. Month ago
Watching that final video is heartbreaking. I'd give anything to go back there, to hold him, to tell him that he was loved and regardless of whatever mistakes he made, he had worth as a human being. I wasn't even a huge fan of his, I only watched bits and pieces of his content, but I could tell he seemed like a really lovely guy. The world is lesser for his absence.
CrashTestFetus Month ago
Imagine Etika Reacting to minecraft steve. He would have freaked
Lonely Pluto
Lonely Pluto Month ago
This guy died when I turned 18...wtf...
MonsterBxtch Month ago
I’m actually going into becoming a Dual Diagnosis therapist; I also have had clinical depression nearly my whole life, and my mom has Schizo Effective Bipolar Disorder I with BPD. I can say the online environment can be incredibly toxic, especially for someone with a lower threshold like that and who invests in their public image. His decision reflects that of many who receive online harassment and bullying, and while I’ve never fallen victim myself aside from trump trolls who stalk me on BoomerBook for some reason since I posted about my dad and best friend dying of COVID and it’s easy to not take that seriously. Irl bullying led me to many hospital trips from attempts going all the way back to age 12, when I didn’t understand that everyone didn’t walk around feeling that way. I still do at times but I have kids, and my moms first husband who i thought was my dad and still consider him that in many ways, took his life when I was six and I was witness to it. He didn’t intend for that, though , and he really was a great dad. The first time I heard that I cried, and I cried for Erika too. I would cry for anyone. *to anyone reading this, you are not alone. there are people who love you. From my heart to yours, I’m here for you.*
James Month ago
Thank you for your comment, you must be incredibly strong to have endured all that. I hope you're doing okay today.
Blackdroid Something
As someone that suffers of schizophrenia this story really touches home. While most people that have schizophrenia can have a totally normal life as long as the take their medication, the stigma of being violent, "crazy" etc is still very visible. Even now I keep it a secret from the majority of my social cycle. It is really hard to deal with mental health problems.
Josiah Harris
Josiah Harris 2 months ago
@THERIGHTOPINION 27:06 so I understand that the healthcare system is extremely inept when it comes to mental health. It is very hard to "keep an eye" on someone with mental instability. I have a brother and a mother that both are diagnosed Bi-polar. people with that mental instability believe that they are what they say (such as the Anti-Christ in Etika case, or Kanye thinking he's god), so it is easy for someone with mental instability to convince medical providers that they are fine. also, medical providers have to follow autonomy which means they can't "watch" someone if the person in question is not going to be harmful to others or themself. This is very hard when it comes to them harming themself because if there is no physical proof you have to go on the word of the individual. with that said your video is still very good and decently non-bias, however, the mental instability is a shitshow as your video states as every corner.
Jasmine Macbrohn
Jasmine Macbrohn 2 months ago
I think you collaborate with J Aubrey, and I listen to both so might be confused but I think he did the Kanye vid. Anyways, everything you are saying here just reminds me of J Aubrey's vid about Kanye. I honestly believe that while Kanye is a musical genius, not everything he is doing has a hidden layer or meaning. I think some of it a real cry for help, and like this situation those close to him are either unable to or unwilling to intervene. Kanye stated he is a grown man and nobody can tell him what to do. So it may be hard for him to keep him grounded. But some of his celebrity friends are encouraging his antics, even the harmful one.
DarkMeow159 2 months ago
I'm not a medical professional, but that hospital should've immediately recognized signs of increased irritation and that sense of inflated ego as a huge indicator of a possible manic episode. I'm not saying Etika had bipolar, but I will say his behavior was not within the norms of stable mental health and the fact that they just said that he's "agitated" is one of the most disgusting occurrences of malpractice I've seen in quite a while. It's horrible. That hospital ought to have some sort of repercussions, but I'm sure they'll be allowed to take part in the death of mentally ill folks again.
Gillbear 3 months ago
Rest in peace Etika
SarahMcFriend Canoe
SarahMcFriend Canoe 3 months ago
i really cant watch his final video. when it came on in this video i started crying instantly. i really cant watch it.
Can of Pringles
Can of Pringles 3 months ago
Rest in Peace Etika. I didn't watch his videos, or know about him until this all happened, but my heart feels heavy every time I hear of news like this. A life lost is tragic, no matter if you were familiar with the person or not.
B9M Orion
B9M Orion 3 months ago
I'm not crying, you are.
Ally Brooke
Ally Brooke 3 months ago
Etika not being here still hurts me but knowing that we were able to see him. I really miss him, I wish he was still here but sometimes we can’t help everyone enough. But I loved seeing his reactions and him being so lovable and I’m sorry for how it ended. Etika, we love you and even if you aren’t here your spirit will live on.
anSAMations 3 months ago
It makes me sad I didn't know all thatuch about Etika before his death. I went back recently and watched some of his stream archives and found myself seriously enjoying them. Sucks, man..
Marius James Adam
Marius James Adam 3 months ago
As someone whose suicide attempts failed... I think not being a public figure was the only thing keeping me from being successful. I was taken very seriously, because I reached out privately.
VocaloidSocks 3 months ago
The revolution will not be televised is a reference to an amazing spoken word poem by Gil Scott Heron
Hayhay626 3 months ago
Based on some of the things Etika said, it kinda sounds like there was something spiritual going on. But that's not to say that he wasn't also suffering from mental illness as well.
Jess Birb
Jess Birb 4 months ago
This situation is so fucking sad to hear about. I had never watched Etika prior to his death but I was friends with a lot of his fans. The fact that people were clowning him instead of searching deeper, I bet it definitely didn’t help.. Looking now, I can see so many of the signs
Vin Dusel
Vin Dusel 4 months ago
What makes this so sad to me is that, in his last video he was perfectly sane. He was genuinely sorry, he knew what he was going to do. That video made me cry more then a view times. I will never forget that last message he gave us.
Nicky White
Nicky White 4 months ago
Enoch Powell was absolutely spot on.
bibbobella 4 months ago
I honestly find it silly to push this onto being the internets fault. I do believe it was partly to blame without a doubt but the people that should have helped this man obviously failed him. I think this really shows the lack of the American health system when it comes to mental illness. He got hospitalised several times yet they never really kept an eye on him. He assulted a police officer despite having no other criminal tendencies (as far as I believe at least) and it was again seemingly ignored. This shouldn't be about the people that might have pushed him further like the moron that did a shitty job inteviewing him but about how he was completly ignored by the people that were supposted to help him. I know he said he didn't want help and that you can't force help on people that don't want it but I have to disagree with him. It looked liked cries of help to me. Might just be me intepretating it wrong since I have knowledge that no one obviously had back then but it just didn't look like something he was faking and as you said yourself every case should be taken seriously despite it possibly being something they do just for the attention. The American healthcare system failed him way more than anything else.
Cayden Hendrix
Cayden Hendrix 4 months ago
God I miss him
Gabe the Great_07
Gabe the Great_07 4 months ago
His shocking death was on my 12th b-day 😞
BrainSteam 4 months ago
Rest In peace etika may you find the calm in your storm from one troubled guy to another
Ekahi Claps
Ekahi Claps 4 months ago
Etika was my first US-firstr.... I miss him
HotWeeb 5 months ago
really well said, im really glad you are on this platform, and i wish you well on your future ones
Lemons 5 months ago
RIP Etika. A year ago today the NYPD confirmed the body they found was Etika. I still can’t wrap my head around it.
brasingt 5 months ago
Who downvotes this?
AzKat 5 months ago
Etika to Keem: "what do you have in your salad" Keem: *trying to be cool* Etika: "Then why you fat?" Another cool guy left.
breezy breezy
breezy breezy 5 months ago
June 19th Today is the day Etika died *Joycon Boyz no bitch niggas we love you etika*
Anne Hocque
Anne Hocque 5 months ago
Came past this video exactly a year after his death. Incredibly sad. Hope he may rest in peace
That one weeb
That one weeb 5 months ago
Etika never got to play the Kingdom hearts series or the Kingdom hearts DLC and that makes me sad
Stacey Ann
Stacey Ann 5 months ago
Watching Etika's final video crushed my heart.
panda 5 months ago
I just wonder what would’ve happened if he had met a fan while filming his last video.
Kolchian 5 months ago
The second the video started I cried
Aymara Fan
Aymara Fan 5 months ago
Wish he was still here especially to provide commentary on the pandemic and what his thoughts would be on it.
Red Mmmaybe
Red Mmmaybe 5 months ago
Something I do want to critique though on Etika, which sorry you guys will be mad at me, but at some point I realized I have the exact same mindset as Etika while he was manic. Not sure what that says about me, but this is just something I've noticed. I agree with a lot of things Etika has said, however while being in this mindset for so long, what you want is others to see your view. Youd think that by saying "why are you so scared of death" people would see hear that and be like "Jesus, he must know more." And that's not true. Or maybe it is, but not because of death. I just think that he thought it was a little too far ahead of e everyone else, but that's never how it is. I feel as if I have achieved a mental state far ahead of a lot of people, I think I understand people a lot and can usually find solutions for their problems. But I dont constantly go onto a large platform and spout that. You have to let it come off to you. I'm not sure why I'm typing this because I feel like it's coming off in a way that says I encourage a mindset Etika had. And I'm not, but I'm completely okay tolerating it. Etika was mentally ill, and I believe that manic state was simply forcing him to show his thoughts pushed to an extreme. I have the mindset as well, it's just that I will continue to try and experiment with it until I can control it. I hope I will come out much more aware of everything. I have no doubt, however, people are ahead of me. At the end of the day, if I really thought I needed help, I'd get it. But i will continue to do everything on my own. Etika had a platform, and still felt like he couldnt get help. I have a youtube account, and I am sure that if I needed help, I could count on people. This comment is so long, but I just wanna share more of what I've learned, and I see a past self, a mindset i used to have in Etika. I'm sorry, but maybe I could help to understand. As much as you wanna break down mental health, theres a side to mental health that not a lot of people who even get the chance to experience it remember it as anything other than a bad time in their life. I will control it and show you one day, hopefully, how to prevent anyone having to go into this space. I will find a way to prevent people into having the same problem Etika had, then I will find solutions for other types of mental health problems. You can write me off as being delusional, or any other thing, but we all have brains, an organ in the body. It's how you choose to use it that decides how you will live your life. I hope that I can find the light at the end of this tunnel. If I do, I will only help. If Etika had been forced off every platform, he would've lived, but he wanted to at least make sure his life could be used as an example for change, and trust other people to find the message. The message is, do not hide yourself. Stability is another word for hiding your thoughts. You need a motive, and you need to achieve that motive so that the next generation can get further. We will find all answers. If someone needs help, help them. But remember, when you help someone, that person will remember you the next time they need help again. Dont waste time, it's always limited. Every second you are living the best time of your life. My message is to not give up. You're mind is yours, you can always do more. If you truly just cant stand your life anymore, you can ask. There are other people like me, we will never turn you away. Each mind has so much power, so much purpose. Together we will find a complete solution, we will understand all people, that is the final result. I am able to read people's mind by such minor details, I just understand it. You will too, just let yourself sink. if you ever dont think you can do it, get help. But I will continue falling until I understand everything. Something I at the beginning said was "I'm not sure what that says about me", I do understand what it says. I'm curious as to what it means to you. I'd love an answer back. If youd like to call, we can. Never be heartless to anyone other than yourself, and only if you can handle it. Every life is precious, I hope I could reach out to anyone. As long as you have life, you have a mind. Your mind can find every answer. And your phone can reach everybody. I will take criticism, or hate, I will use it. I will respond, this mindset has a lot of ideas that I think you may find interesting. I love all of you, and everyone alive. Never let go.
Red Mmmaybe
Red Mmmaybe 5 months ago
If you create a bad environment for others, and you're not sure if they can handle it, do not do it. I'm telling you now that I can handle it, and i am aware. Do not feel guilty.
Whyntir 5 months ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA When you see other people who are bipolar, as a bipolar person, you understand everything on a totally different level. I feel so sorry for him and his family. The early 20s is when bipolar symptoms most often begin to manifest. I was a very well put together kid. I myself together through bullying at school and physical and emotional abuse at home. I had depression, but I was tenacious and functional. I had a grasp on reality, perhaps tok strong as I was overly mature for my age. I was passionate about biology, astronomy, art, politics and social anthropology. I held myself and my family together through some terrible times while struggling with my own identity and self worth. When I turned 22, it all started to slip through my fingers. I held myself and my family together through some of the darkest points in our lives. I was the strong one. When I turned 22, it was like a switch flipped in my brain. The mania, the paranoia, the depression, the psychosis, the hallucinations. It literally happened suddenly. And for anyone who never thought that would be them, it is devastating. I'm 26 now and just now have I felt like I found myself again. I lost me when the symptoms started, I became someone else entirely. I lost all my passion, I lost my will. I was lost in my own body. Everything about me. It was like a long dream, finding the right medication, getting on it, adjusting back to a normal life. It was like I was 22 again, but it's been 4 years and everything is different and my life has changed so much and I feel so disoriented. And it wasnt a magic bullet. Only just NOW do I feel right. I have been on medication for months. But I didnt realize how much they helped until I ran out because of COVID. That woke me up. Bipolar is not a joke. It seems like it, it looks funny or frustrating or pathetic from the outside. But you dont know the real person. The real person under all that is lost. They dont even know themselves.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 5 months ago
34:17 The way you choked up a bit there actually got me a bit tearful.
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro 6 months ago
All I have to say R.I.P Etika
Ethan Petro
Ethan Petro 6 months ago
and also blaming Keemstar is really fucked up and irresponsible
Randy Kirkland
Randy Kirkland 6 months ago
Another Tired Trump Act......
Anon 2859948
Anon 2859948 6 months ago
This aged well
The Real Grantma
The Real Grantma 6 months ago
I wish people hadnt forgotten about him...
Midnight Knight
Midnight Knight 6 months ago
We’re the post that took down Etikas yt channels a hack or he himself posted it?
Nico 6 months ago
Rip Erika 90210 💜
Ultimate Kyle
Ultimate Kyle 6 months ago
Fucking discusting what the internet did to him. Out of everyone in the planet, it had to be him.
Velkarra 6 months ago
While it may be a rabbit hole, youtube should be more lenient to longstanding youtubers who do wrong but have no history of it. Permanently ruining the channel of someone with no history of trouble (at that moment) was way too extreme. That doesn't mean youtube is responsible, because it wasn't. Neither was Keemstar in any way whatsoever, not even with the comment about killing one's self, which was in a totally different context and not about mental illness.
RD-Glitch 6 months ago
The internet failed Etika...
Plλyer 6 months ago
I've never heard of Etika before people started talking about his suicide, i feel bad for the dude, he didn't deserve this.
Mr. Futago
Mr. Futago 6 months ago
34:20 Did he get a bit emotional there?
Mr. Futago
Mr. Futago 6 months ago
This just made me hate Keemstar even more than I already did.
Spiritgate 04
Spiritgate 04 6 months ago
I know its been 8 months, but there is a quote that applies to Erika's situation. "People don't care about you unless you're married or dead". It's weird that some people have acted like they've known him all their life when in reality they didn't.
yuki the ringed seal
i really wished people would've been more serious about his condition. i really loved his attitude and personality on stream, i felt absolutely devastated when i heard the news. i hope you're doing good up there buddy
Blur4strike 6 months ago
Etika really needed some help from both his family and professionally, the fact that he kept pushing it away while saying he was fine really hurts. I've gone through a couple of dark periods myself and had to get help to make it through, granted it wasn't easy even with said help to work with. If more people are willing to accept that they need help and are directed to the proper resources available to them then there might be better a future for them.
mee091000 6 months ago
I realize that you didn't exactly say it. But considering what ended up happening and the order it took place... US-first killed Etika. When they completely deleted his account that made him lose his will to live.
Desdemona Dupré
Desdemona Dupré 6 months ago
Suicide always touches the most sensitive part of my heart. I was listening to this video while I was washing the dishes, and I really couldnt stop myself from crying a lot. Rest in peace, man.
Robert Rosenberger
Robert Rosenberger 6 months ago
This guy introduced me to twitch, pretty much internet culture aswell. I kinda grew up with him and he formed my personaity on some levels. Even though I didnt know him personally I felt like he was my friend, returning to his streams always was a good time for me. Im sad, still.
Saumitra Athlekar
Saumitra Athlekar 6 months ago
"Too sudden a turn" to be authentic, is what what thought. The problem here is simple; people have too much confidence in their unqualified opinions, are too dumb to realise they are not qualified to form conclusions, and hence conflate opinion-based speculation with evidence-based conclusions.
W.T.C 1990
W.T.C 1990 6 months ago
I still remember the first video i watched From Etika when he did a collabe with Pikawu, he was a very talented content creator, I just wish he got the mental help he needed, he was so calm in his video and was so hellbent on ending it all, it was scary
Etika 6 months ago
I am alive
Midnight Knight
Midnight Knight 6 months ago
Ultimate Kyle
Ultimate Kyle 6 months ago
EthanDraws 6 months ago
You aren't funny.
Robbie Lewis
Robbie Lewis 7 months ago
When I first heard of him it was through keem and I thought that he was an absolute nutter, and when I checked him out I realised. Keem did so poorly to show that etika was calling out for help and shit.
Azure Allen
Azure Allen 7 months ago
Hello, I know you likely won't read this comment but I wanted to say that your videos mean a lot to me. Through everything I've been through, being in an abusive home, being homeless, the rough shit I've went through in college I could always distract myself with your content. Tonight, during quarantine, separated from all my friends (and wonderful partner) I was having self harm thoughts. I didn't know what this video would be about but what you said at the end helped me sooth my anxiety attack. Please keep dong what your'e doing. Thank you.
Azure Allen
Azure Allen 7 months ago
hah dong
Kaya Kat
Kaya Kat 7 months ago
This whole situation reminds me of The Wall. His depression caused him to push everyone away and put a wall around himself. Then to cope with his pain, he completely flipped out and tried to make himself out to be a godlike figure who punches down on people to feel something. Deep down he did not believe that at all. It was just a facade. As someone who has depression, I know what its like to feel completely numb and try to do anything to feel emotions again. Any kind of emotion. All of what he was doing was a cry for help. I don't think cancel culture was at fault for his suicide, I think it was the fact that society is awful at dealing with people who have mental illnesses.
Beth Pascua
Beth Pascua 7 months ago
I just recently found your channel and have been binge watching your videos. While watching your first video, I immediately subscribed because I loved it and wanted more. This video hit me hard. You did a great job presenting it, but that is something that you always do. I never watched Etika, but I believe that he was showing classic signs of a mental disorder that is usually diagnosed in young adults between 18 - 25 years old. My heart breaks for him, his family, and the community. Hold out your hand, give a person a life line, you never know how a simple gesture could impact another person's life.
Keemshit is a piece of rancid shit!
savannah 7 months ago
I just came across this and you explained everything so thoroughly. as someone w mental illness I felt like you understood me by discussing the debilitating issues I go through while also acknowledging the gray area of confusion when it comes to justifiability, codependency and standards. this video is fantastic. thank u
Kord Kitsugi
Kord Kitsugi 8 months ago
So let me understand and correct me if I'm wrong. You claim Etika deserved help and we should have done more, but also said he was blocking people left and right who were trying to help him? If that's the case then there was nothing that could have been done.
James 7 months ago
True, but I believe he was pushing people away because nobody initially offered him help and believed nobody truly cared.
Z Anime
Z Anime 8 months ago
Dealing with someone who has a mental illness is very hard, my mother had Bipolar Depression.
Creative Learning NYC
Thank you.👨‍🏫🐒👊
Magnus 8 months ago
34:14...I...I broke...and...you can ever hear TRO...welling up...his voice faltered...that...that quote...c-can someone please...put this as a poster..? That if you...have someone in your life...that you care about...someone that you truly value...to let them know from time to time...
Donald Ervi
Donald Ervi 8 months ago
Farewell Etika, may you find peace on the other side.
Geno Dedemon
Geno Dedemon 8 months ago
Damn I have never heard of this before and you struck my heart. This is really sad and it's really sad that people can be so insensitive. I have my times to more then I would like to admit.
Drew and Charlie
Drew and Charlie 8 months ago
In the US 1 of every 3 homeless people have a serious mental illness that makes them incapable of taking care of themselves. Add into that people with no insurance also dealing with mental breaks or people living right at the poverty line and then also the elderly population that needs drastic mental health assistance. Then you have violent mentally ill people (who are often homeless) whose condition is caused by current and past drug use. The healthcare system has to deal with all these people while they often cant pay for it and they are hospitalized regularly by the hundreds and thousands because they live brutally difficult lives. When someone like eitka who has a fairly easy and healthy life; who can also fake normal if they want to, comes into the hospital or the clinic that person has to demand help because the docs and professionals are used to dealing with the above populations.
Jonah S
Jonah S 8 months ago
necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily necessarily
Rayne 8 months ago
i feel like he Had more mental issues than just depression, Seriously, i'm not trying to be a dick
jagoda 8 months ago
I like your videos, but sometimes it seem like you attribute more importance to an individual then what it really is. The way you perceive viewers to have some sort of responsibility... We are just numbers, we never had any power of impact on the guy's life. Nor does it really matter what we say now. It's tragic what end he met, but it was his life solely, noone could have changed that as he didn't reach out to anyone. Adopting that sort of view of what we could have done just sounds ridiculous to me.
Haley Selene
Haley Selene 8 months ago
I agree that it's ok to privately doubt public breakdowns.. but publicly outcrying it is just generally a terrible idea. Also, never underestimate the incompetency of the USA's mental health system... People slip between the cracks all the time.
Zeki Kulles
Zeki Kulles 8 months ago
keemstar is such an ugly piece of shit
Laura Forrester
Laura Forrester 8 months ago
Thank you for talking about this in such a respectful and eloquent way. I didn’t watch Etika but I did hear about his death and it saddened me a lot. Your videos are always presented in a sensitive and unbiased way and I find your content refreshing and honest. I wish there were more US-firstrs like you.
Cringey.Art Queen
Cringey.Art Queen 8 months ago
mrweeb 8 months ago
Why is keemstar even still around? Dude has to be one of the biggest scumbags on the site.
Mark Allender
Mark Allender 8 months ago
Hey Tro love your content
Cwn 41
Cwn 41 8 months ago
How in the hell did this child lose his channel and Onicion and others are still here. So damn gross.
blankity blank
blankity blank 9 months ago
4:22 "THEN WHY YOU FAT" i'm sorry i know etika wasn't well in that video.. but that was too good. fuck keemstar
A Shoe
A Shoe 9 months ago
i feel that at least in my case, self-sabotage is a way to push yourself to do the deed...that's the thought process i go through, anyhow. if you know for sure that you want to die, but at the moment you are fine with living with your depression or afraid to commit, a way to solidify the plan of action is to craft circumstances that would mentally push you to act. for example: "i'm living life with symptoms of depression, where each day goes by and i feel like there's no meaning. i am not particularly agitated enough to end my life...but i have a few ideas in mind of what might push me over the edge...thus i will actively seek and pursue them so that i can be in that state of mind."
Trevy ze pasta mucher
Uh is no one gonna talk about what etika called keemstar?
A Spicy Meme
A Spicy Meme 8 months ago
@Trevy ze pasta mucher then what ?
Trevy ze pasta mucher
@A Spicy Meme no not that
A Spicy Meme
A Spicy Meme 8 months ago
Fat? its not that bad of an insult in the grand scheme of things
AJ420 9 months ago
It’s so sad that people thought he was trolling, as someone with bipolar disorder this is like looking in the mirror. Attention seeking/ grandiosity are also part of the symptoms of mania so I do see how it would appear like trolling.