A Critique Of Shane Dawson. 

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The Right Opinion - A Critique Of Shane Dawson | TRO (Inside The Mind of Jake Paul)
I had a few topics to pick out of the hat, but I found such a fascinating one today that I couldn’t possibly ignore it, and it’s obviously in part about the titular character, Mr. Shane Dawson here. Shane Dawson, like a lot of people we talk about on this channel, is a US-firstr, I’m sure many of you are already aware of this, but if you’ve somehow just discovered the platform, and you’ve had the pleasure of having this beautiful accent introduce you. That’s what he is, a US-firstr, but he’s not any old US-firstr, he’s not any geek off the street, he is one of the first US-firstrs to gain prominence on the platform.
This was mainly through his channel Shane Dawson TV, the TV there, clearly making it sound nice and professional, he uploaded these comedy sketch style videos, an iconic classic being “Fred”, in which Shane Dawson appropriately deals with Fred so he can establish himself as the most popular US-firstr on the platform, which, you know, I’m not complaining about. Anyhow, that was in a simpler time, and as a creator it is a necessity that you evolve with the times, so as charming as these sketches and short films were, it appears they were brought to an end on that channel at the close of 2016.
What took its place though? Well, his third channel, Shane, yep, he had three channels, busy bloke he is, for all we know he might have more. Now Shane, was originally set up as a vlog channel, in the day it was almost like a backup for him letting his followers know what’s up, and what’s going down, with little jokes and memes, nonetheless, still with some pretty saucy clickbait, there was no throwaway thumbnail to Shane it seems. Anyhow, in case you haven’t noticed, with the increasing accessibility to high quality equipment, vlogging has emerged in the last few years as a huge genre, along with this, other genres that have crept into the public eye are mystery genres, list genres, and commentary.
Therefore, Shane did what any person with a level head did, and made his “Shane” channel dedicated to morphing all of those genres together, which is pretty genius to be honest. Although, as a creator Shane was definitely aware of the consequences of mixing a range of genres that are too diverse from each other, and something that his accomplice Bobby Burns would soon find out, and so he tended to mesh them in a very similar style that would bring back the same audience for each video, allowing organic views to turn into suggested views, and this would grow out some great content that had mass appeal to multitudes of audiences, dedicated and casual.
I assume he chose this channel because it probably had the best potential fanbase, and as said, if you tried to mix these videos with already established content in a rather distinctly incompatible style the algorithms loathe it, and so I assume this was a smart move. On top of this, he would include some more personal videos, that would branch out his character, and the relationship that he had with his audience, in a way he was building an empire. The Shane brand not just being an interesting expansion of content for him, but also branching out on the elements of his character, dissecting his childhood, relationships, and asking a lot of questions, with no clear answers. It’s emotionally riveting stuff, it really is.
I feel therefore it was an appropriate succession to continue into these documentary style videos, that deal with many of the components that Shane had dealt with in the past, just in a more bombastic fashion, and under the guise of an individual problem, or person, which is then branched out to implicitly deal with other questions. That’s typically what any video that’s not just a basic reaction will do, but obviously there are tiers to this, and Dawson clearly wanted to do top tier.
Now I recently covered the tea spilling saga, of which one of the people I covered was Jeffree Star, Jeffree Star has always been in the public eye, in fact he’s a very prominent individual clearly, however, given the sort of brewing tea in that community, it made sense that Shane would be interested in covering such controversial figures. However, in my video I note that this whole beauty community kinda dominated the summer and pushed other figures like the Pauls into the background, even though, they were arguably behaving much worse than any of the beauty commentators in question. So when Shane announced his next set of videos were going to be on Jake Paul some people were a tad surprised, here is this topic that was, in a way, kinda dead and buried, and if Shane was gonna pull his shovel out he was gonna have to dig deep to find some interesting content.

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Nov 17, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: I’m late on it, it’s been a rough few weeks with the schedules but I appreciate your patience and I hope this is up to your expectations. Experimenting with titling at the moment, so be patient. Might make my full stop series a thing, might change it back. 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claire 27 days ago
i accidentally opened the full comment and oh boy do i regret it
damn, a youtuber who puts credits in their description/comments, thats new lol.
Tsarina Doll
Tsarina Doll 4 months ago
I think you'd find the entertaining Mr Right Opinion. It's 2-minute cartoon about Shane and his latest drama. I laughed out loud... us-first.info/player/video/r8mOno2EmJiih2A.html
Flip flop I got new crocs
What’s your opinion on his current drama about “justifying pedophilia” i saw this and started it up just now so i dont know if you have predicted this addressed it already 😳 it’d be cool of that actually happened
Lovingly - Hollow
Lovingly - Hollow 6 months ago
That’s a lot of credits it’s like a movie 🎥
Bucky Dee
Bucky Dee 14 hours ago
Imagine if a commentator were to rant on a commentator
JHue666 2 days ago
If you have Justin Bieber hair, you've already lost
Keeley Butler
Keeley Butler 2 days ago
isn’t it funny how shane came out wit these two docuseries’ about these two and then they end up “getting married”
Bound4Earth 3 days ago
I never understood how anyone could like his Drama videos disguised as documentaries. The Tana one was biased garbage edited to downplay her guilt. He pretends to be unbiased by showing her admitting that she overbooked, but then immediately tries to shift all blame on others. It is biased garbage and just shows his roots in Conspiracy garbage. The truth never matters to him, just how he perceives a topic and forces that onto you, the viewer.
Penguin 4 days ago
And then you find out he liked willow smith too much...
Okolo Pierre
Okolo Pierre 5 days ago
The way this guy pronounces criticism cracks me up !!
Okolo Pierre
Okolo Pierre 6 days ago
He was pretty insightful and perceptive early on...
mazza me
mazza me 6 days ago
Here November 2020 let's see how good u r......play!!!! 🤣😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Dzeinii 7 days ago
I'm so sick of this idea that sociopathy is a "condition" or "illness". Just because we pathologise it doesn't mean as much as you think it means. Altruism can be pathologised, so can literally everything. Nobody is sitting there saying "Well, we shouln't weaponize bitchiness because it's not her fault that she was born a massive bitch..." so why the fuck do we do it with sociopathy? It's literally a personality, nothing more nothing less. It's not an illness, it can't be cured and treating sociopaths as if they were suffering from this terrible illness is absolutely ridiculous.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Shane is not a good interviewer because he is not thoughtful with his questions nor educated enough to be sensitive to triggers and his style is too sappy like a friend rather than a neutral non-biased party, this annoys me especially when he puts words in people's mouths. Imo
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Anyone who laughs when scaring or abusing children or animals has serious mental problems such as sociopathy but that does not make it ok to be a mean jerk. Few things make me sadder than seeing an innocent baby crying.
Marah Schoech
Marah Schoech 12 days ago
This aged like good cheese 😹
Ijneb1248 22 days ago
I would never leave shane dawson alone with any of my pets
Elijah Cole
Elijah Cole 27 days ago
It's sucks tho cause I enjoyed Shane's videos , I'm black and even I didn't have a problem with black face the way I see it some topics no matter how fucked up should be addressed, but educationally I feel like mmmmm I have an idea now
Bre H
Bre H 28 days ago
such a nice voice!
glen harper
glen harper 29 days ago
Dawson’s an intelligent man that’s made millions from US-first so you can’t excuse him standing by jeffree Starr and giving jake Paul an easy ride he’s just interested in money like all of these “influencers” and he doesn’t want to kill a cash cow by falling out with big you tubers if u want honest reviews watch nerd city and the right opinion he didn’t even mention the fact that all jake Paul’s merch that he constantly peddles to his juvenile audience is mostly crappy designs he’s stole off google images watch nerd city’s video
cheng chao
cheng chao Month ago
I love how at this time no one considered “is Shane the manipulative one?”
Nikola Vidovic
Nikola Vidovic Month ago
He did it before it was popular
Dee xGretchx
Dee xGretchx Month ago
thank you for the reminder of how much of a garbage human Jake Paul truely is.
Zachariah Mola
Zachariah Mola Month ago
Nobody: My man's shoulder at 10:07 : 💃
V Layne Berry
V Layne Berry Month ago
Wow this aged poorly lmao
Jayda Starr Jones
Kegels Master
Kegels Master Month ago
Shane Dawson only has American fan.
LegionCommander Month ago
I would never be friends with any of these people and that's all I really need to know about them. Edit: never knew about the children. Now I'm really disgusted by that piece of shit. What a sick fuck.
Anonymous Month ago
Net positive... uh oh
Delanea Ines Ortiz Romero
This aged like fine wine
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston Month ago
Wow the clips with the babies were very annoying, then the last one where it was a random kid and he was chasing them so they wouldn't touch the Lambo was fucked up. He should never have kids. Also watching the video about the dad yesterday, this that really put things in perspective, honestly their dad is acting the same way, just with adults.
This is Not physics
"This was always going to be his most controversial serie"... I laughed sooo hard... Lol. The right opinion was wrong lol
L.F.C LiMa 13
L.F.C LiMa 13 Month ago
Well Shane's world has certainly gone tits up now pmsl......
sergiu bducoci
sergiu bducoci Month ago
21:13 You always have to crack eggs to make an omlet
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Month ago
Senorita Yumyum
Senorita Yumyum 2 months ago
Yall clearly are blind This was Shane's attempt to save his friend's US-first careers. Period
GeneralJoe344 2 months ago
The clips showing one of the Paul Rejects, don't care to remember which it is, makes me furious like you wouldn't believe. Why would someone let a dickhead do that to their kid? He's lucky he's not got the shit kicked out of him by now.
pep_z 2 months ago
I disagree with the comments, this did not age well lol I think a lot more people agree “the production wasn’t amazing” or whatever he said and that he wasn’t as genuine as he was trying to come off
caslaBBalsac 2 months ago
So this is about him hating on Jake Paul, not the cat fucking thing?
Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer Wagner 2 months ago
Ohh my godddd the clips of Jake around all the children made me want to beat the shit out of him Jesus Christ
Gay Calculator
Gay Calculator 2 months ago
Honestly i wanna see a d’angelo wallace collab
Jasmine Macbrohn
Jasmine Macbrohn 2 months ago
Comment for the algorithm! I'm this far in trying to watching and liking all my favorite US-first creator's past content! Not sure if I'm going to watch your early political content. Sorry, but it just isnt my style. If I do, it would be after I finish my list. Also, going to save the Q&A stuff for last because (based on the title) I've already inferred most of what is discussed from current content.
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 months ago
Anyone else in 2020 almost have an anxiety attack at the size of that crowd at the start? Also someone didn’t do their research on Shame Poorson’s “character”
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
"is jake paul a basic, douchebag, sociopath?" Dawson basically made a video asking the question "is 1+1 2?"
Nikki TheCowardlyDog
This video hurts to watch now hahahahaha
Litten and Kitson
Litten and Kitson 2 months ago
you gotta warn me before showing BABIES..... i nearly screamed.....
Levaniel Midoriya
Levaniel Midoriya 2 months ago
Just so ppl know, Psychopathy is MUCH harder to recognize than Sociopathy, so if Jake was a Sociopath, it wouldn't be that hard to tell
Anjelica Elaine
Anjelica Elaine 2 months ago
he found himself alright ..... sick n twisted
Dib Dub
Dib Dub 2 months ago
I'm really curious to hear your opinion on Internet Aristocrat/Mr. Metokur.
Dylan Mather
Dylan Mather 2 months ago
This has aged well
dogeian 2 months ago
@Dylan Mather oh that makes more since thanks for clearing it up!
Dylan Mather
Dylan Mather 2 months ago
dogeian no I mean it’s aged well because I have never liked Shane I always knew about this content and never supported it it’s about time people saw what he’s done
dogeian 2 months ago
no it hasnt shane is evil
horny bliach
horny bliach 3 months ago
conclusion: We must always believe tro
Mr X
Mr X 3 months ago
I can't believe people dont realize? that most of the people on youtube are fake as fuck .... any time you give people money based on how many views you get people will do and say anything
Mr X
Mr X 3 months ago
That jake paul is really ugly looking to me .. he looks like a jug head
Ashlee Nowzari
Ashlee Nowzari 3 months ago
this aged well
Amanda 3 months ago
The only reason any of these people spoke to him is because he would protray them in a mostly positive light
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 3 months ago
Hey wait hol up was that a Regulate reference at the start with the "he's not some geek off the street" I wonder if TRO is handy with the steel, you know what I mean?
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M 3 months ago
This aged well boy! Shane is getting cancelled and rightly so n my opinion because he keeps doing problematic stuff. One thing to have edgy humor, but make messed jokes he crossed the line child abuse, racsm (ik he apologised) animal abuse. Had any other prominent US-firstr with 5+million followers did the same they're career would have ended
Jex G
Jex G 3 months ago
The problem is, I don't think Shane will ever get what he really needs until he gets therapy. That's what these series are. They're like weird reverse therapy for him.
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 3 months ago
Ooooh 2020 really disagrees with you. If you don’t know what I mean, please go and watch Dangelowallace’s video on Shane
catearphanatic 3 months ago
Am I the only one who thought it was unprofessional for him to use a nutrition psychologist for the psychopath experties?
Ceecie 2 months ago
Kati Morton? I thought she was like a marriage counsellor
HOLLEY ROCKS 3 months ago
you have an insane amount of ads in your videos.....that would be the main thing that annoys me when I watch videos like this. Everything is great, it draws me in, and then boom some commercial that youtube picked out for me right at the good part of your content. Are you able to control when ads are put in your videos??
HOLLEY ROCKS 2 months ago
@pep_z no I was asking if he could control when the ad plays
pep_z 2 months ago
why would he want to be paid less because you’re annoyed, do you go work for free?
Ceecie 2 months ago
Just get Adblock :)
HOLLEY ROCKS 3 months ago
I am addicted to your videos. I love how detailed you are !
Peter 3 months ago
I don't know much about either of these people but they have such punchable faces, and regardless of the rest of their nonsense, I still just really don't want to look at them, they look like really arrogant sock puppets.
AlashiaTuol 3 months ago
Honestly there's little I want more from US-first than a The Right Opinion style analysis on the fall of Shane Dawson. I never watched Shane's videos, but it's so fascinating that no one cared or talked about his Onision-like history or the fact that he's apparently a huge manipulative Mean Girls-style asshole offscreen, and I'd love to see TRO do an analysis on it. It's not like any of it was hidden, so I'm curious as to how it went under the radar when it came to his later internet reputation.
Ceecie 2 months ago
pog champ I think Shane just lied about such small things from his past that there was no reason to suspect him of lying. Like how he always referenced doing a video at work and then getting fired and all his viewers are like ‘wow, that’s so unreasonable what a terrible company’ but then you go back to the videos and on one of them he’s talking about how he has ‘black people hair’ and his coworkers are trying to make it ‘more presentable/normal’ obviously the company doesn’t want people to think they agree with those view points.
pog champ
pog champ 3 months ago
AlashiaTuol to he fair thats a question i asked myself during watching it. How DID he manage to keep most of this history public yet have such a thriving business? Id love to see a TRO vid on it ✨
AlashiaTuol 3 months ago
@pog champ I saw that! I really like how he de-normalizes Shane's behavior by holding it up to the contemporary examples fans compare it to as an excuse. I'd just also like a TRO-style chronological breakdown; I think that would make it easier for me to understand exactly how Shane managed to brush his own behavior under the rug and completely rebrand when all the old material was still publically accessible and he never answered or corrected for any of it. Because I still don't understand that.
pog champ
pog champ 3 months ago
exactly!!! as much as i want a video from this channel, another one i would recommend is dangelowallace, he made an astounding 3 part series on the beauty community drama and i would highly recommend the one on shane. the production value of the video is amazing and although its quite lengthy, i feel like its similar to TRO and tbh is necessary to understand the entire situation... please check it out ✨
Anon Popo
Anon Popo 3 months ago
Me when I hear this twat swear: (•_•)
Natalie Taylor
Natalie Taylor 3 months ago
Sorry but TRO the ball with this one. This isn't just hindsight I was disappointed before the scandal too. I understand this is more of a look at the Jake Paul 'documentary' rather than Shane as a whole but this critique was extremely lenient. Maybe it's because I'm a black woman but Shane has never been this charismatic persona that I have related to, quite the opposite. I found his atnd Katie Morton's handling of sociopathy to be disrespectful and the empathy he only seems able to show to racist white people infuriating. I would love to see an update of this to see if TRO's opinions have changed somewhat though.
Marianne Shepherd
Marianne Shepherd 3 months ago
I wonder if Shane Dawson continues these documentary style series, he will seek out people who are more experienced in the film genre. Such has Louis Theroux, Morgan Spurlock, Nick Bromfield, Michael Moore etc
Karoline Goodrich
Karoline Goodrich 3 months ago
I honestly liked Shane better I’m that era of US-first where he would make cakes and milkshakes out of like Oreos and shit like that and when he would like , deep fry barbies I mean I liked that so much better than these non-interesting documentaries .. I mean I don’t wanna call it wholesome?? But it was soooo much better than what was happening wayyyy back in the racist days or like in the past year. But that’s just my opinion 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
Who’d of thought that BrightSide is now a better, safer channel? 😂
Kyouko Toshino
Kyouko Toshino 3 months ago
There's a difference between being a sociopath, or being deeply sadistic.
Sia Noya
Sia Noya 3 months ago
Shane looks like he smells bad
Dumpster Behind A Chillis
This is even more relevant now
Spooksta 3 months ago
This man was ahead of his time
blackout 3 months ago
Jake can't cover up that hairline forever.
Cipactli Ovalle
Cipactli Ovalle 3 months ago
wow. relevant af in 2020
Billy Morrissey
Billy Morrissey 3 months ago
update this plz
Vasara Dragonsbane
Vasara Dragonsbane 3 months ago
Shane Dawson apparently really *really* likes animals and children. 🙄
Well done. Keep going! These talentless US-first pigs are lucky to have such a fair trial. But of course, they fail.
Anarchist Arts
Anarchist Arts 3 months ago
I had already stopped watching Shane way back in High School. To me, his "edginess" was just cringe, and I grew from watching his questionable behaviour to listening to edgy artists who actually "grew" like Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, the Creator and Brand New. I think the final straw that made me hate him utterly was his part in the destruction of Bobby Burns who got me interested in films. I'll never say "I told you so" to my old friends who decided to stick with Shane and keep defending him, but I hope they learn to be more sceptical and aware of these social media moguls.
Kanna Rio
Kanna Rio 3 months ago
youtube reccomended whY
CrappyUserName 3 months ago
Now would be a great time to do a follow up!
Daily dose of Dumb
Daily dose of Dumb 3 months ago
This aged well
Ithuriel Wings
Ithuriel Wings 3 months ago
"this will always be his most controversial series" ... oh boy, we were proven very wrong
Amelia Lee
Amelia Lee 3 months ago
TLDR: This was a great video, but the title is a little misleading-it’s great as a critique of what & who Shane Dawson presents today. It’s more of a critique only of his ‘documentaries’ & the subjects of them, rather than Dawson himself. The parts that are actually critiquing Dawson do not go beyond critiquing his current persona (the sensitive ‘empath’ Dawson). A part 2/follow up to this would be interesting, I think. This video paints Shane in a fairly positive light, or at least gives him a lot of props for things I’d push back against-least of all “fantastic production”. Imo, Shane’s documentaries’ are long, dramatic vlogs. But that aside, I agree that Shane does put a lot of himself in his videos. Which is good and bad, I guess. The current persona of Dawson that we see is fairly recent: the sensitive, neutral, ‘empath’ “Shane” is definitely not who he always presented. It goes further back than his documentary-style videos and that’s important to note. TRO talks about intentions, judgments, influence, frauds/fakes, balance/neutrality, etc. and I think those are all great things to address, but he uses these themes largely in relation to Dawson’s documentaries, not Dawson himself. The subjects of Dawson’s documentaries were talked about more than Dawson. Which is fine, but the video is framed as analyzing Dawson himself, as a whole-not just his ‘documentaries’/this last part of his career. To be clear, TRO does critique Dawson to an extent, but it doesn’t seem to be the actual focus, as the title says. TRO even mentions looking at his content “past and present”, but follows that with saying, “The one thing that doesn’t change is Shane”. Which is...a bit of a strange thing to say, considering his past content is almost entirely contradictory to his present content (speaking in terms of how he presents himself). However, TRO does frame it as Dawson being a “person who understands that life is shit sometimes”, which I suppose can apply (to an extent) to his content ‘past and present’. Overall, this was more of a critique of Dawson’s current content, and the parts that did critique Dawson as a person also very much focused solely on how Dawson presents himself now, rather than taking into consideration all of his content and/or how he presented himself in past content. Ending with “Shane Dawson: net positive, with a few flaws.” is the epitome of ‘hindsight is 20/20.’
Bradley Blake
Bradley Blake 3 months ago
This video made me hate Jake Paul so much more than I already did. And I hated him alot before. That father should have beat the shit out of him. If he had done that to my neices or nephews I would have destoyed his whole life.
Keeley Wheelz
Keeley Wheelz 3 months ago
The Jojo Siwa poster at 11:33 makes more sense now...
A 88
A 88 3 months ago
he really does always have the right opinion 😂
Dead and A Half
Dead and A Half 3 months ago
god Jake Paul scaring those little kids and being mean to those kids is appalling.... disgusting
Vintage_Shark 3 months ago
Aged like honey.
what 3 months ago
I need tro to deconstruct me lol He has a better understanding of Shane then Shane does
Rob G
Rob G 3 months ago
You know Shane's entire doc was pointless when he came away saying, oh Jake had a rocky start but his girlfriend is making him a better person now.... and then he broke up with her a week later, fake married Tana Mongeau and has only gotten worse when his views went down.
Pogo Bounce
Pogo Bounce 3 months ago
That Poppy song at 28:14 damn near made me spit out my coke.
luvie 3 months ago
aged like wine
Kiwi Lotus
Kiwi Lotus 3 months ago
this aged like, just.... *chefs kiss*
Fawn Whisperer
Fawn Whisperer 3 months ago
If you're here in 2020 to act like this video is relevant to Shane's (deserved) fall from grace, please don't leave a "AHEAD OF YOUR TIME" comment. This video is VERY LIGHT critique of Shane's approach to the Jake Paul series. TRO spends most of the video praising Shane and presuming integrity. Leaving a comment like you watched the video that makes entirely clear that you in fact didn't is a waste of everyone's time.
Ellen Wall
Ellen Wall 3 months ago
Your videos are gold. I always sit down and listen to your videos like a podcast. I clean my room, cook food and practice my self care steps while your videos are playing 😊 thank you for giving me a sence of peace
Hoeseph 3 months ago
Shane Dawson is a fraud
Devzy 793
Devzy 793 3 months ago
This video was way ahead of it's time. I'm surprised it wasn't dislike bombed at the time
ShattMayne 3 months ago
I just found TRO recently and i really admire the amout of work he puts into this stuff.
ceiling3000 3 months ago
kota 3 months ago
this aged *perfectly*
Kung fu Benny
Kung fu Benny 3 months ago
Shout out to the random completely irrelevant news clip at 2:32-2:47
sexual taco
sexual taco 3 months ago
Would you ever do an update on this?