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Infinity Stopmotion
Infinity Stopmotion 25 minutes ago
Ah a 90 minute video absolutely tearing into arguably the worst person on US-first, everything I wanted
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera Hour ago
I feel that my parents love, religion, and my dog saved my life from depression and any suicidal thoughts.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera Hour ago
👏👏👏 yes
J.U.S Hour ago
I really dislike Trisha but compered to her, Nick looks like a sociopath ...
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera Hour ago
US-first is run by bots and the hackers are probably US-first itself
Timo Withnail
Timo Withnail Hour ago
One: Has genuine kidney disease Other: MY VERTIGO IS KILLING ME MOM
Tomas Smith
Tomas Smith Hour ago
Honestly fuck that mindset that says "boohoo small creators shouldn't be punished for spreading lies muh punching down" People are just people. Dont be a dick to anyone, regardless of your views or theirs
NewWaveGoth Hour ago
For fellow book readers who want something that is better than 13 Reasons Why but fits the genre of Social/Problem Novels; I highly recommend Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It hasn’t been made into a show or movie thankfully and it is more heartbreaking than this show ngl
Tom Hall
Tom Hall 2 hours ago
This guy is a joke
Waffle 2 hours ago
I used to hate him in silence, due to me having been consumed by meme culture since I could access the internet, which has affected my perception to many things to the point or me still having a sour taste in my mouth when I hear the accounts name
Ellie Mac
Ellie Mac 2 hours ago
She fell for the white savior complex by adopting from China when we have THOUSANDS of children in the US that need homes but no, she had to go play the Sara McLaughlin chords because of 'oh, look at how great of a person I am for helping this underprivileged child! I am SUCH a good person.' It's virtue signalling in its purest form.
I am Ghast36
I am Ghast36 3 hours ago
If you really think about it, that $10 million house should have security all around it, no matter how rich you are that is always part of it, so wheres the tapes? And why didnt the robber take EVERYTHING in that house, everything was worth selling in there from the clothes that are expensive looking, to that diamond play button, smelt it for all i care you can sell it guaranteed(but how would i know if it's made of metal, never got one in my life. Would still take it though). If he heard that there was glass shattering and dropping, ngl if he heard that in his expensive ass house, he should've ran all the way where that sound was and started beatin whoever the f*ck went and broke his window, but no he ran back to his family and called the cops. Deadass this guy is lying. And I've never seen cops actually WANT to be filmed, ever, they usually just stand there and let the camera wash over them as they do their jobs and not interact with the camera at all. And fingerprints checking the morning after? They shouldn't even be IN the house, that place should've been cleared of all humans and covered in powder(idk what the powder was called), and the fact that they remained so calm when they knew that someone broke into their house is very amusing, no one is calm after shit has been taken that's just a fact, especially when you're sitting inside a $10 million house everyday. Pure BS and im not hating on Austin, can't i didnt even know he existed, just pointing out the bull that popped up in my head while watching this mini documentary.🤣
Riri Flamingo
Riri Flamingo 3 hours ago
bro, why is there so much f*cking drama around MUKBANG channels. it's crazy
Lead Belly
Lead Belly 3 hours ago
She absolutely has an addiction to food. I don't think she is gaining for the sake of creating controversy and thus views. Its her unhealthy means of coping with her failures, which have been compounded by criticism. I believe that she still holds onto the belief that one day she is going to prove all the haters wrong. Like most caught up in addiction, she needs help, and she cannot be expected to change on her own.
Youtube Freak
Youtube Freak 3 hours ago
I suspect that after the 2013/14 anti-Russia political propaganda push, being “Russian” and so popular made him a political “target”.
A local Trashcan
A local Trashcan 3 hours ago
But let the kids on like i
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 3 hours ago
Imagine if Yandere dev worked in a real development environment. “Hey man did you finish initializing those variables yet?” “I haven’t started, because you guys, keep sending me emails.”
Kia Roane
Kia Roane 3 hours ago
I don’t see this channel is different from any other channels that are niche. This channel should exist a long side all the other channels were people are sharing their views. You don’t have to agree or watch them. I just think it’s culturally acceptable to bash Christians. As a black American Christian, i don’t identify wit them, but I don’t hate them.
TenaciousD UK
TenaciousD UK 3 hours ago
Loathe content like hers, it’s unbearable. She’s a vacuous POS. I hope the damage they have done to this boy is set straight.
Bri 777
Bri 777 3 hours ago
Well Jesus I didn’t know this is what happened ;-;
Xenro 4 hours ago
glad you covered this.
Aietra 4 hours ago
I have sympathy for Meghan, but my goodness, she is SHRILL.
Reiky Perkasa Alamsyiah
I find it very hard to believe if those 2 dumbass can actually reach 3 600 trophy in clash royale back in 3 years ago, 3 000 is like 7 000 trophy now these day, they probably buy an account and rename it 8:42 But again i could be wrong, maybe they probably are extreme, idk
Alex Beck
Alex Beck 4 hours ago
I have no time or patience for people that do things for the wrong reasons, ie, adopting a 5th child just bc you have a social media platform.
just_a_boi3 4 hours ago
Nicola Marie
Nicola Marie 5 hours ago
To outsiders England seems like a wonderful place but to everyone in England its depressing and has shit weather but its home
Unrestricted Gaming
How fake they are.
Wallis_ 5 hours ago
I can't believe TRO doesn't even have 1 million subs yet. Look at all this fucking effort bro
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 5 hours ago
Doesn't twitch make money from her? The culture and the powerful people aka CEOs enable narcissists.
Unrestricted Gaming
People that go on to just cry and waddle on video... Aren't real hate to break it to people.
Justine Bourke
Justine Bourke 5 hours ago
Why people like this have ANY relevence in ANYbody's life in ANY way at all is completely beyond me 😅 I'm here out of insufferable boredom, I must go pick my nose or my toenails ie; do something more worthwhile than this 😄
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 5 hours ago
She's a classic narcissist
Archivark VII
Archivark VII 5 hours ago
Trash opinion. Honestly so many other channels spread misleading informations but why would you SPECIFICALLY target Kurtzegast?
Cenobite Cenobite
Cenobite Cenobite 5 hours ago
Honestly I respect the ruthlessness. More families would be happier if they had these attitudes towards special needs rather than resenting the child for the rest of their lives
Kylee Conrad
Kylee Conrad 6 hours ago
As a teen 'birth mother of a child (a son) I placed for adoption-- I resent the "gave away" in your title very much.
Gray Raven
Gray Raven 6 hours ago
The new smosh I don’t think it’s all bad but I like the old smash more don’t get me wrong new smosh is just a company and I felt upset about Anthony leaving
A A 6 hours ago
I know this is an ancient video, but this one kinda missed the mark for me and there were quite a few things you glossed over when you featured the critics of storytime animators :/ Like how Turkey Tom has made many other videos not necessarily about the storytime community that got him in trouble prior (at the time that this video was posted) which was probably what the odd1sout was referring to. The unfair personal accusations Daftpina made against Jaiden was also glossed over, although you did mention that he tried 'diagnosing her probable mental health issues' in the vid, it was given no weight despite being very problematic and his argument holding little to no water. Given how every single sub-community on YT seems to have a similiar 'collectivist' mindset, I would argue that this supposed problem is with internet culture as a whole rather than specifically being a problem in the storytime community. It's certainly a mindset that needs to be fixed, but it's false representation to pretend this only occurs in the storytime community. This vid just came off as strangely conspiratorial for no valid reason since no one in the community did anything horrendous like attacking or assaulting anyone. For anyone interested, Quinn Curio made a video expanding further on that topic: us-first.info/player/video/msmqfoGCqKNzjZs.html
Sevilou 6 hours ago
Oxhorn is fucking based, that's all. Paused this video at 1:12 bye.
Jimmy Butson
Jimmy Butson 6 hours ago
Why does yandere dev sound like oxhorn? Grating and condescending tone giving me ptsd
Mellissa Boomer of the Night
Oh my god this ignorant birch! I've written this 10x. Children from this background have food deprivation issues. I believe she knew this. We were taught this 20 some years ago about our similarly challenged foster boys. FFS!
Salisa R
Salisa R 6 hours ago
I feel bad for the poor child I pray he gets a home where the person is intelligent enough to know how to take care of a special needs child watch them have a child if their own with special needs but they won’t be able to send them away that’s the karma she diserves the little boy is so special she had know idea how amazing he is she only was a nitwit didn’t know what to do bec it didn’t meet her needs on how she wanted him to act when she wasn’t helping him feel loved it safe ! Disgusting trash of a another she goes to diserve anymore kids or the right to adopt
Alicia A Morgan
Alicia A Morgan 7 hours ago
I'm a doberman mom and this bitch better hope I never see her in public!! That dog needs to be removed from her. If she does this on camera,especially the spitting part, shes abusing that dog off camera. I have had many doberman and that dog is not being cared for properly at all. You cant be a lazy owner with a doberman they are high energy. That dog is going crazy shes not taking it out or exercising him. Her temperament does not mesh with that breed. That fucking pinch collar is horrendous for a puppy too
flami -
flami - 7 hours ago
was that benji lmao 8:09
CloudyShiba 7 hours ago
Storytime: Not about Logan but one of those other “wanna be friends” bots It was one of the trap town bots I forgot if I ever interacted with the comments However I know I got them After a couple weeks I had seen that somehow I was subscribed to the account? Later on I checked what devices were signed into my google account and multiple devices were signed in There was about 9 devices 4 of which that I didn’t own Luckily they hadn’t changed my password or uploaded anything So I just signed out all the devices I didn’t own and put 2 step authentication on my account (I didn’t think I needed it beforehand cause I only had around 150 subscribers)
Basic Burrito
Basic Burrito 8 hours ago
11 ads.... wtf
Caitlin Tygart
Caitlin Tygart 8 hours ago
Could you please add subtitles to this youtube video? Thank you.
Jacinta Schneider
Jacinta Schneider 8 hours ago
I think its probably a little of all the theories. I dont think they set out to adopt with the intention of giving him up when he "was no longer beneficial". I think the couple themselves fully believed they did it for all the right reasons. And thought they would be able to handle his difficulties in the beginning. Sort of falling for their own scam. I also think they wouldn't have adopted if they weren't famous, and that they did make specific choices during the adoption process for views, including who they adopted. I also think that its ok to get in over your head and admit that they couldn't handle it, which should've been done sooner. I think they are probably adequate parents for "normal" kids, but too preoccupied with a perfect family image to able to cater to the adopted sons needs. I think some of their hate was unfair and some was justified.
LettuceTM 8 hours ago
He really is just Light Yagami minus the whole death note and shinigami thing
Chronicle _Cosmic
Chronicle _Cosmic 8 hours ago
Don't like Spill at all. Now Brew, Grill, and Chill on the other hand 👌
Advertise Play
Advertise Play 9 hours ago
"דן פלדה"
Jessica Wilkinson
Jessica Wilkinson 9 hours ago
Ughhh I have an ex who is exactly as manipulative and dramatic and gross as this... Thankfully he doesn't have a US-first channel with any sort of following, I can't even imagine what emotional bullshit his partners have gone through
M 9 hours ago
Their kids are weirdly cold and stiff. I guess she is a cold mother.
Ziggy Gunz
Ziggy Gunz 9 hours ago
Are you ready? Let's go...into a commercial lol
Gehad Samir
Gehad Samir 9 hours ago
I hate the fact that people are excluding the husband from the blame! it's his family too and that was his son as he was hers.
Pumpkin Lol785
Pumpkin Lol785 9 hours ago
Did he say he killed himself when Avacodo asked fo marriage I guess thats normal?
M 9 hours ago
Gosh I hate her guts.
Anaïs TM
Anaïs TM 9 hours ago
Consider how much more disgusting it is when you know they have kids now 😓
Coolio huahua
Coolio huahua 10 hours ago
You know whats the saddest thung here nobody probably realizes? Thia guy was villified by his own comunity, a bunch of pathetic "mightier than thee" vegans, but he ended up becoming as bad as them who gave him a bad time.
Isa Schiller
Isa Schiller 10 hours ago
i watched this while giving myself a stick and poke lmao
Ihyisha Thomas
Ihyisha Thomas 10 hours ago
She should have left him were he was!!! Point blank period.....If those are tantrums im done!!! My 3 year old falls out in the floor!!! Her having prior children, no that's what children that age do!!! His medical back ground has nothing to do with tantrums. I would have tantrums if my every waking day of life was scripted. Exposed to the whole world, for other strangers to judge.
Original Character, Plz No Steal
Nikocado Avocado's voice reminds me why I'm homophobic lmao. *Before you comment, yes it's a joke, but for real his voice is really fucken annoying.*
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 10 hours ago
the way she lazily flopped into the pool after saying "imma teach yall how to swim like a real n____" LMFAOOOOO
Connecting The Dots
Connecting The Dots 10 hours ago
This bored me to deth.
Connecting The Dots
Connecting The Dots 11 hours ago
Lady Symble
Lady Symble 11 hours ago
I think users/viewers and creators can be more proactive to help the ped.. situation. WE can all Keep our eyes open for this crap and report it correctly to YT. If it’s local also report it to police. YT can’t catch them without our help. So many drama, gossip, cheating , stupid shit creators out there. If they’d Spend a couple hrs a week shutting down some Illegal cams or vids, I can bet they’d feel much better about themselves. It takes a community to protect our most valuable treasures..our children! Don’t put it off on a corporation. They have TOS and clearly are trying. Mainly supervise your own kids during computer time. Internet is not a babysitter. Children who are not of contract signing age should not be creating videos on YT. Sorry; but I truly believe that.
bittersweetVICTORY 11 hours ago
god, this reminds me of the allegations against andrew stein... eugh...
Mu Gu
Mu Gu 11 hours ago
These kids are ridiculous, annoying, contribute nothing, and pull others into their their shit. No work ethic, extremely selfish, narcissistic and attention hungry. I'm no psychologist, but these all symptoms of an underlying problem.
bittersweetVICTORY 11 hours ago
i'm now tentative to support him, bc i mainly just kinda liked his content and i turn his videos on to play in the background while i work on things, but i think i'm going to treat this like i've been treating nimious since he came forward about past failures on his twitter: let them prove that they don't uphold the values they used to and that they're a changed man. if they ever prove otherwise, it's a quick unsub and dropping them for good. granted oxhorn's response video and general responses were...not handled as well as they could have been, i can only hope he's learned from that since then.
Mu Gu
Mu Gu 11 hours ago
kinganiii is EXTREMELY fucking annoying.
Camelia Martin
Camelia Martin 12 hours ago
My take is,the husbands face says it all to me. She wanted to adopt, he did not fully. The kid drove him nuts and special needs wasn't within his capability. He probably isn't a huge kid person but does love his own. The oldest seems like a good kid, who also goes away with her other family. she isn't his full responsibility. She took on too much: homeschool, adopting and a baby.
Nerd Drinks Coffee
Nerd Drinks Coffee 12 hours ago
Original Content
Original Content 12 hours ago
Tbh im expecting him to come back with a warship and shoot down islands for practice
Gage Schroeder
Gage Schroeder 12 hours ago
#1 rule of life... Never trust a man with 2 first names...
Beth Jackson
Beth Jackson 12 hours ago
I am just blown away... I had no clue this was a real thing...US-first stars! Lawdy, lawdy lawdy.... Like "Cyberwood" No clue at all this little world existed
Xo_ SunnyPixels _oX
Xo_ SunnyPixels _oX 12 hours ago
Emma is Awkward
Emma is Awkward 12 hours ago
Don’t let a man define you, let God (a man) define you.
denny onsurez
denny onsurez 12 hours ago
How did you did an hr of content on these clowns
Hedda 13 hours ago
Her husband is as bad as her and idk why is no one talking as bad as him as we do of her, both deserve the worst karma in the world Btw are we sure that the kid is with a new family and not back in an orphanage?
Rethse N
Rethse N 13 hours ago
Maybe just maybe his communication issues might be because he understood mandarin or Cantonese and not English. When I first moved to the US as a preteen it was extremely frustrating not understanding people and people not understanding me. She was extremely insensitive to his needs otherwise she would have learned the basics of his language to communicate with him. SMH
thawhiteazn 13 hours ago
These two look like the most basic of bitches.